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Shubuni - Part 7

Shubuni - Part 7

6 mins

Barrister Sahib car passed through a crowded street, where people in black coats and dhoti could be seen.

As Sahib's car parked in the alley all passersby stood in their

way and started greeted him.

"Namaste Sahib " and all saluted him.

Barrister Sahib a big name in society, stepped out and enertered the court, where his clients were waiting.

At last, their day of their judgement had come.

After an hour, Sahib came out with his clients congratulating him. The press and the rest of lawyers were applauding Barrister Sahib on his great speech.

But behind Barrister Sahib's mind, he was thinking about Shubhuni " what made Shubhuni left the school?"

As he was about to sit in his car, a reporter came towards him.

"Sir, give me a minute of your precious time and I can help you out, I am Vijay " the reporter said.

Barrister sahib indicated with his hand to him to sit in the car.

Vijay hurried inside and greeted him and without delay handed him a leaf of old newspaper .

Barrister Sahib checked the date it was of a decade back. When the newspapers have just started publishing and at the corner of the paper a news was written. ..

JANN LOK TEACHER, imply dirty punishments on their female students.

Barrister Sahib, with his eyebrows raised looked at Vijay and asked "why are you showing me this. "

Vijay "Sir, i am investigating on this school and when you today entered the school i spied on you and when when I got my answer, I thought of sharing this newspaper heading with you.

Barrister Sahib "but why were you investigating ?"

Vijay with a hesitation "sir, my sister also studied in this school and about ten years back, she left without any reason. She had been suffering from mental illnesses from then. "

Barrister Sahib in a soft voice "well, what is your sister's age. "

Vijay " Sir, she is 19"

Barrister Sahib lighting his cigar " and why didn't you investigated all these years ?"

Vijay "Sir, I am younger to Dumpki, and first I tried but, my parents requested me to keep quiet and they send me to England. But last year when I came back I saw something weird. "

"What ? Exactly what was that thing which you found weird " Barrister Sahib asked in a deep intense voice?

Barrister Sahib asked the chauffeur to take them to the particular address given to him by the headmaster.

Vijay said "when I came back my house had every thing that was required but there were no books !"

At first I didn't surprised me as there was no student around. But one day when I asked Dumpki to try and read something in a jovial manner she first acted weird and then fainted. My parents scolded me and threw my books away. "

" Then again one day I tried helping her out by asking different questions and when I asked her maths problems like tables. ..then again she fainted. "

"This became my cause of concern that somewhere the cause of my sister's illnesses is related to the school where she studied and therefore for past one month I had been investigating and today you came, therefore I stopped you."

Barrister Sahib with a long pause. ......"two girls with a same mental illness and had left school at the same time. "

A sudden break and the car stopped.

"Sahib we our at the given address " chauffeur said to Barrister Sahib.

"Hmmm..and did anything weird happened after that in that school ?"Barrister Sahib asked Vijay.

"No, sir " Vijay said

" Chalo, let's go in hear and meet this fellow master " Barrister Sahib stepped out of his car.

A big haveli covered with green mold stood in front of them. Some window pane glass were broken and some were frosted with dirt.

A rustic name board was on the main gate with named Mr. Bumpkin Chakravarti.

Barrister Sahib and Vijay opened the haveli gate. They passed through a narrow lane between the wet garden.

They rang the bell and no one answered and then Vijay said

"There might be a load shedding " so he knocked the gate and to their surprise the door was open and in front of them a man in his seventies sat on a rocking chair.

Vijay " Namaskar are you Mr. Bumpkin, I am Vijay and this is Barrister Das. "

"Yes, how can i help you " Mr. Bumpkin said

"Sir, we have come to know that a long time back, about ten years back you teached in a school " Vijay gave a chair to Barrister Sahib to sit and himself sat on a stool " the school name was...a...a "

Barrister Sahib in a deep voice

"Jann Lok school "

"Well. ...yes but iiiiiiii taught as a substitute teacher for a few days " Mr. Bumpkin hessitately answered.

"May I know sir why, for a few days " Vijay asked

"Well...the teacher came back so I left the school. Any other question do you want to ask. "

" Mr Bumpkin said I a tensed voice

"And you were a maths teacher " Barrister sahib asked

"Oh! yes I am a maths tutor " Mr Bumpkin said

:ok, and after leaving that school what Did you do?"

Vijay asked

"What's your problem, why are you asking me such personal questions " Mr Bumpkin spoke in an unreasonably loud voice.

Barrister Sahib stood up and said "just unveiling the past of 9x9 "

Mr Bumpkin skin became pale and he started sweating.

"I am not answerable to you, please leave my house "

anger was running Mr Bumpkin 's face, as he stood up on his shaking knees

Barrister Sahib called his chauffeur and said

"get Shsbuni from the Bari Haveli "and Barrister sahib lot his cigar.

The name Shubuni was itself sufficient for Mr. Bumpkin.

He sat on the floor with his hand on his forehead,

"I am sorry " and tears rolled down his eyes. My past deeds have come in front of me, and I am in a stage that I cannot defend myself. "

and Mr. Bumpkin moved to flashback and unveiled the history "Shabhuni and Dumpki were brilliant girls and best friends " hearing his sisters name Vijay got goosebumps. I was young and strict teacher of my time. "

At that time chauffeur escorted Shubuni inn....where she saw Barrister Sahib, Vijay and Mr Bumpkin sobbing.

Mr Bumpkin, without taking into Shubuni's presence said "One day these two girls were playing mischief in the school corridor and I got annoyed at them as they were disturbing me.

i gave them a punishment of stay back and after school i. ......Shubuni cried aloud ,but Mr Bumpkin kept on speaking Shubuni escaped from my dirty hands, by jumping from the schools window but Dumpki. .."

Vijay stood up in anger and said "you...

Mr Bumkin started hitting his chest and all of a sudden he got a severe chest pain and he collapsed on the floor.

He was immediately taken to the hospital, but he was declared dead.

. ............................................................................

Shubuni or Mrs. Das soon became well known personality of the city. Barrister Sahib educated her with his two sons and they enjoyed a happy married life.

Where as Dumpki was sent to psychiatric and with a few sessions she revived.

But the secret of what happened in Jann Lok school to these girls was erased from the minds of these girls by  HYPNOSIS


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