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Shubhuni P art - 4

Shubhuni P art - 4

3 mins

Shubhuni 's Haveli was decorated with flowers and soon the marriage rituals started. 

Shubhuni's inlaws send her expensive gifts, Banarasi, Kanjivaram and other kind of sarees of other states.

Shubhuni's bungalow was sparkling with lights and the fragrance of flowers could be smelled from miles.Food and beverages were prepared and all the near and dear ones were dancing on bengali folk music.

  But among all these nobody cared to listen to the heart of Shubhuni. Every time she tried speaking to his parents, someone could come inbetween. 

At last the big night came.Shubhuni was dressed in red banarsi saree. Her hands and feet smeared with Alta.Nose ring, gold bangles, neckpiece, she was adorned by all sorts of jewels.

Soon Barrister sahib came with baraat and soon after Shubhuni was called in the lagan mandap

The hall was filled up with guest.Some gori maam sahib dressed in gowns were staring at her and some Indian British politician's wives were their to great her. Soon all the wedding ceremonies got over and came the time of vidai.The grand weddings ended with lighting the sky with crackers.

As her palaki slowly left the premises of her house .Her heart was vacant of any feelings towards her parents.

Soon she entered Bari barri, which was a palace lightened up with lights. Happy voices and laughter was everywhere.

Everyone awaited for the Badi malkin of the house unveil her Ghunghat and show her beautiful face to them.

Mr Das maa took her new daughter in law out of the palaki and the very moment the band started playing music. As Shubhuni enertered the house with their were maids who showered rose petals on her. Soon all the rituals got over and Shubhuni was taken to her room, where her mother in law announced that she had to sleep alone that night in the room bcause of the tradition of Kaal ratri.

As her mother in law left the room. Shubhuni closed her rooms gate and sobbed. She continuously called out to Maa Durga "why on earth maa, you have punished me by getting married to an elderly widower " and she slept crying.

With the break of dawn, Shubhuni 'a new life had started she was introduced with a row of maids.

She was provided with all worldly possessions in abundance. Drapes, sandals, jewellery and a library which was filled with books!

In the middle of the library Barrister Sahib was standing. He was the same lean figure with a firm face wearing a black three piece.He greeted Shubhuni "good morning, this is the first time we would be meeting, I would like to gift you my world of books and......"

At the very moment Mr Das son's enertered the room 

"and ofcourse my sons.From now onwards it's your duty to look after our sons and particularly about their studies."

Shubhuni was speechless, as for books, studies and library was another world which she had never dared to step in

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