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Deepti Khanna

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Deepti Khanna

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Radha Krishna Part-2

Radha Krishna Part-2

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Next morning, Radha's mom saw her lying on the floor and when she walked her up, she said to her mom "Maa, he came and he ate the butter and took my offering of garland and he promised me that he will always wear my garland around his neck." 

Radha's mom smiled and said that she has seen a beautiful dream. But Radha asked her mom, come let's go to mandir "He has promised me, that he will wear my garland from now on ."

Radha took her mother to the mandir and there was a crowd accumulated around it. 

When her mom asked the reason for so much crowd around mandir, people said 'The idol is not accepting anyone's offering of garland and butter is smeared on its face which is not coming out ." Radha's mom was in a state of shock, she ran to see the idol of KRISHNA and was astonished as Krishna was wearing the garland which Radha has sewed for him and whoever garland was offered around its neck, fell on the floor. 

Radha's said to her mom," mom see I told you, from now on my Krishna would wear only garlands weaved from my hand and the one he is wearing would always remain his favourite."

Radha's mom narrated the whole story to the pandit of the mandir and he asked" Radha beta can you sew one more garland for your Krishna ." Radha nodded her head and immediately started making a beautiful garland. As she sews flowers in the thread she said "JAI SHRI KRISHNA. " Pandit was amazed to see her bhakti and she got over with it, she asked panditji that to come along. 


Silence engulfed the mandir as panditji, with Radha entered the Garbhagriha. All the devotees were gazing silently as Radha came and put around Krishna's neck her hand made a garland . All were surprised to see that the garland didn't fell from the idol's neck and then Radha took her napkin and wiped the smudged butter from idols face.

Radha said to Krishna " I said you to wipe your face, before leaving my house. Today at night I will wait for you with butter and garland do come."

 Years have passed, but still, the idol of the mandir accepts the garland made by Radha and every morning Krishna's face is smeared with butter.

As for devotees believe that Radha is, in reality, is the Radha of VRINDAVAN. As she makes garlands and lives a spinster's life in the mandir. Believing that Krishna is her everything. 

 As every night Radha keeps butter beside her bed before sleeping and in the morning the bowl is empty and the idol's face up there in the temple is smeared with butter and is wearing a Garland made by her hands.

He is everywhere, just keep faith in him. He listens to all our prayers, just believe in him. 

Krishna Radha, Radha Krishna. 

Krishna lives in the heart of its devotees. 

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