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Rilsina Pegado

Abstract Horror Thriller


Rilsina Pegado

Abstract Horror Thriller

She Visits Us Every Night

She Visits Us Every Night

5 mins 391 5 mins 391

Dim lit roads or no road light is very normal for anyone who stays in Pegaspur. Pegaspur a scenic place where beauty meets simplicity, a place that modernization has not destroyed and heaven for trek lovers.

I was super excited that this was going to be my first ever trek and that too Pegaspur,  the land of mountains, waterfalls, and simple living. It was the evening of 23 November when we reached there. Pegaspur situated in the east of India, it was already dark when we reached there at 6 PM. We had booked a homestay, owned by an elderly couple. It was a magnificent bungalow with big windows, that overlooked the mountain range. I ran to the bed near the window, sleeping near the window and watching the night sky was my favorite.

"Want to go out now?", Vaishali shouted.

Definitely Yes, was my prompt reply.

"Go have fun, but do not go too far, you can take my bicycle and this torch", saying this, granny handed over the torch and keys to me.

We set out on our journey, towards the hilly regions we went, there at the end of the road was a house, seemed like it was deserted while the construction was in progress.

"Spooky house on the haunted hill", said Vaishali.

"Come on, its a beautiful and calm place and we have a torch and bicycle, no ghost is going to catch us." I was confident enough for ghost stories did not freak me out, but every horror story made Vaishali cry and for her sake we left to return back to the homestay.

It was well after 10:30 PM that we go to bed and I was so tired with all the travel that I slept.

Tinkk tinkkk, sounded like someone was ringing the bicycle bell. I am a light sleeper so I got up and the noise stopped.

I lay down again and closed my eyes, the cool air from the window seemed to touch my face, I tried to sleep but all I could remember was the house by the hills, I opened my eyes and it passed by.

That figure of a human walking towards my bed, that calm breeze whispering something,was I dreaming, was it real, was that person walking towards me. 

tinkkk tinkkkk, the bell went again , I looked out of the window and back, and the figure was not there any more, the bell did not stop ringing. Did I just witness a paranormal activity or was it all because of the haunted house thoughts in my head? and more over why is Vaishali sleeping when the Bicycle bell is ringing so loudly.

Mornings was early in the east, we got up but the thought of the night did not leave me. I decided to visit that house again but this time all alone, I walked towards the hills. From far away I saw the house, in the balcony stood a man, he was playing with his kids, they seemed to me like a happy family.Near the door was an old rusted Bicycle, I did not go further.

That evening I thought to myself, ghosts don't come in bright day light, there lives a family in the house and there is nothing paranormal. I purposely parked the bicycle of granny near the window that day and kept a torch near me while i went to bed.

Tinkkk Tinkk, the bell started ringing, I was up again and looked straight at the bell now, there was no body and the bell was not moving but the sound was still on, this time i was woke up Vaishali.

"Do you hear the bell?" 

"What bell, just go to sleep"

What do you mean by what bell, the bicycle bell , there is no one there. I moved the torch towards the bicycle and there was at the foot of the bicycle a Snake. I blinked to verify and I could see that same man I saw in the house, he was alone now. The children from no where came running. The snake entangled in the tyres, the wind got strong, I was shivering, the torch fell down, the man, the kids they were looking at me or maybe they were looking at some one behind me, I turned back.

The bicycle fell down, the noise stopped and there was no one now. Some one tapped my back, I looked and there was no one, the torch that was fallen was out of no where on the bed now. It was all Silent , someone had picked up the fallen bicycle too. I hugged Vaishali and shut my eyes hard and waited for the day to come.

"Did you go to the house on the hills?", the granny asked us, when I told her all that I felt last night.

"She visits us every night, 3 years ago, my daughter and her husband started constructing the house near the hills. We all lived here, Us, her two kids and her husband. She used to go on her bicycle to check the construction daily. One night we all got worried when she did not return, we all went in search of her. We found her at the door of the house, a Snake had come under her bicycle and to save himself he bit her leg. We lost her that day and her husband decided to move away from this place with his kids, from that day she visits daily to see her family, not to all but to someone whom she feels would understand, she tries to narrate her story".


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