Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Rilsina Pegado



Rilsina Pegado


I See Her - Part 2

I See Her - Part 2

3 mins

Now that I had thrown the flowers in the dustbin, I was relieved but somewhere I still wondered where the vase was, so I launched a search, with my parents help I searched the entire house, every corner but there was no sign of the vase. The fear was now coming back, I was about to tell my mom to cancel their trip and stay home with me today when suddenly my dad called out.

" Here it is, the vase was under your bed"

Now I was sure that I did not want to stay home alone, so I told my parents to stay, I decided that I will sleep in my room only and my parents would be outside to save me in case of any trouble, I kept the vase on the beside table and as always I went to sleep at 10.

That night nothing happened, the next night with a little more confidence I slept in my room and my parents in their room and again nothing happened.

Everything became normal and I decided that the flowers were the cause of trouble, I was so happy, it was festival time and we were all together cleaning the house, I picked up all the trash and went towards the dustbin. As I emptied the trash, I noticed them, even after a month and dustbin being emptied everyday, how was it possible that they are still here as fresh as they were last month?

" What are you looking at? Come on let me empty the dustbin."

The municipality worker was here to clean the dustbin, he threw all the trash but the flowers seem to have stuck to the bin now I felt better knowing how they ended up back in the dustbin"

"Uncle, take them along"

" What Dear?, I have taken all the trash"

" Uncle, the red flowers, don't you see them?"

"No dear".

He left and I was shocked, so I called my parents and asked them.

" Do you see anything in the dustbin"?


That no made me realise, when I had bought the flowers, no one seemed to have noticed them, the wet red cloth.. turned white when I tried to show it to my mom. I called my friend Althea and asked her to meet me at the barren land.

" Althea, simple straight question, do you see any flowers or plants in this land"?

" Nope"

That no was all I needed to conclude that something was wrong with me, I could see a beautiful plant with red flowers on a barren land, I could pluck them, I could take them home, it gave me nightmare and I still see them in my dustbin.

I decided it was time to visit a psychologist.

I told my entire story to the doctor, who asked me to call down, close my eyes and listen to her.

" Calm down, go back in your mind, remember the day you had the nightmare, feel it happen again, don't be afraid, go back further to your childhood. Now imagine you are on the stairs, the way to your past life, you are walking down.. tell me what do you see?"

I see a beautiful lake, it is calm it is beautiful.

Are you alone?

Yes, I am a child dancing around the lake happily.

Now go back further, walk down the stairs now what do you see?

I am feeling restless, I can see blood, all around me, I can't breathe , I can't breathe, call me back, I can't breathe, I am dying, her eyes are so bloody, she hit me, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, call me back.

Relax and come back.

I was now back, I looked at the doctor and said" it was the same ground, that barren land, around me was all blood, in front of me a lady with eyes full of rage. I need to find out what happened on that land in the past and I will.

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