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Rilsina Pegado

Drama Inspirational


Rilsina Pegado

Drama Inspirational

The Balance

The Balance

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Charu stared at the photograph and book cover wondering if they were connected, if the universe was trying to answer her doubts through this book.

She set out on the search on the story behind this photograph, who was this lady in the photograph, the villa, the code, the map was it leading to somewhere, was it leading me to the lady, will she be alive?

Charu took a cab n drove to the hotel which was the starting point of the map, The hotel once was the glory of Fort Kochi but today was almost in ruins. She was expecting to find someone who would help her out but around the ruins there was no one. The name of the hotel was the only memory of the hotel present.

Charu was stubborn by nature and once she decided to find out something, she would never back off. She decided to just follow the map and go wherever it leads her.

She started walking, the road that might have existent years ago was today full of buildings, she still moved from one building to another with just a hope of spotting the Villa.After walking for an hour she reached her own home, she was taken aback, some how the map lead her to her own house.

Her father who had opposed her desire to study abroad and was always against her ambitions was sitting on the porch. He smiled as her saw her coming, she ignored him and sat on the swing near by. He came near to her and asked," Where did you find mom's book?", She had donated all her books to the library when you were around 12 years old, and this I remember was her last and unlaunched book".

Charu did not answer and so her father went back to the seat on the porch. She was confused as to why her father said it was her grandmother's book and why did the photograph show her house on the map. She opened the book and this time did not just skimp but read it.

The book was about a lady who gave up her responsibilities in search of her dreams. The cover had a lady with lips, nose and tears but no eyes, that is what the book wanted the readers to decide, were they happy or sad tears. She remembered her father's words, it was her last unlaunched book and Charu now searched for the writer's name. It was Sneha Verma, her grandmother. 

Charu looked at her father who was now in the kitchen.

The man who had lost his own father at a young age, never received the love and attention of his mother, lost his wife and was left with a little 12 year old daughter, his only wish in life was to have his daughter around in his old age. He did not want to stop her from reaching her dreams, but he wanted her to stay near him.

He could not say all this may be because the society would laugh at the emotional side of a male gender. All he wanted was to not see his mother's past in his daughter's future.

Charu felt the pain of her father for the first time but she was still confused and torn between his ambitions and her responsibility. While in all these thoughts, the nurse came in and called her saying her grandmother was breathing his last and wanted to talk to her.

Charu ran to her grandmother, her grandmother smiled at her, slowly moved her hand and held Charu's hand. 

Charu showed her the book and the photograph, they were both in tears. Her father also stood there besides them. Her grandmother looked at her son and said, " I hope I would have done better, but you my dear were the best son and the best father, she held the photograph that was in Charu's hand, " Years ago, this place looked like this and Hotel ABHOUSE was were my first book launch was held.

MV or FK was the question I had on my first launch, Mahir Verma or Flora Kapoor, Mahir your grandfather and Flora the person who was launching my books and being the ladder to my dreams. 02 and 09 were the points I gave them based on my selfish needs at that time. I followed my dreams, that day I had to decide to return home forever or neglect home and give my book the perfect launch.

I chose my dreams, and from that day, I kept moving towards my dreams, I never was there for my family, It was only when your mother died and I took your responsibility, that is when I realised what I had left behind in search of my ambitions.

Charu, I won't say I was wrong but I was not right either. I don't regret achieving my dreams but I have lived with the guilt that I was never there for my family. Life needs balance, a right balance of emotions and practical decisions, a right balance of ambitions and responsibilities, a balance of your dreams and your love for your family. Find your balance"

Saying so grandmother breathed her last and gave Charu the answer to her questions, Charu did not hate her home anymore. Her father placed his hand on her shoulder and she did not ignore him today, instead gave him a smile and said " Shall we together find a balance?"

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