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Bhagirathi Mohanty

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Religious Mission

Religious Mission

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Radheshyam was hailed from a religious family whose grandfather and great grand fathers were dedicated to Srikrishna and celebrated many Srikrishna connected festivals vis Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan, Dahi Handi, Govardhan Puja, kite flying, drowning the foot prints of infant Krishna, fasting traditional sweet dishes etc.

  Janmashtami (the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu whose Janmashtami is celebrated as per the Luni solar panchanga. Rakshabandhan: It may surprise you to know that Rakhi festival is connected with Krishna janmastami. Then followed by,Dahi Handi, Govardhan Puja, Holi.

  Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day ( ashtami) day of the dark fort night of the month of Bhadrapada ( August September)

  On the day of Janmashtami, Dance, drama,Puja, night vigil and fasting is observed.

  Dahi Handi ( also known as Gopal Kala or Utlotstsavam) is an entertainment and competitive event associated with Krishna janmastami during August, September on the day after Krishna janmastami.

  Govardhan Puja also known as Annakut or Annakoot, is a Hindu festival celebrated on the first lunar day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik on the fourth day of Diwali. Devotees worship, Govardhan Hill and prepare a large variety of vegetation food and to Krishna as a mark of gratitude.

 The name of Gamha purnima refers to the celebration of Lord Balabhadra, considered the god of farming in Odisha ties rakhis to cattle on the day.

Krishna appearance day;

(Unlike us Krishna and His great devotees are born and die according to their will. Therefore,their apparent births and deaths are generally referred to as their appearance)


  Radhastami  is celebrated by only unmarried women to wedlock with the bride grooms they dream of.  

  Radheshyam and his forefathers were known as, Chaitanya Vaishnavism, which is a Hindu religious movement inspired by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in India. Gaudiya refers to the Gaura or Gauda region of Bengal with Vaishnavism meaning the worshipping of Vishnu.

   There are adherents of Gaudyiovaism in all stratas of Indian society but a tendency has been revealed Bengali Vaishnavism belong to the lower middle class ( middle class) while the upper castes and tribes in Bengal are Shakts.

 Gaudiya Vaishnavism ( also known as Chaitanya Vaishavism and Harekrishna) is a Vaishnav religious movement founded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ( 1486- 1534) in India in the 16th century. chaitnya Mahaprabhu re juvinated the culture of Krishna bhakti.

  The founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism Chaitnya born as Vishambhar Mishra,the second son of Jagannath Mishra and his wife Sachi Devi, the daughter of Nilambar Chakravarthy, were both Brahmins sylhet. Vishmber later known as Chaitanya was born in Nadia district in Bengal in 1485 CE. The Bengalis treat him as the incarnation of lord Krishna and address him Chaitanya.

  Saint Chaityan who influenced the present, Harekrishna cult was born in Nabadwip Dham in Nadia district.  

   Since the 1960s the worship of Krishna has also spread to Western world and Africa largely due to the work.

  It is predicted that the C C that the knowledge of Lord Krishna will be spread through out the and practiced throughout the world for the next ten thousand years. This movement will save this sinful world from going to hell. So seeing Krishna's temple all over the world is fulfilling this predictions

  Krishna's temples are allover India you will see our Krishna every where. In Vrindavan there are many temples which are from long time and they have lovely incidents of Krishna associated with them. But if you want to go to the modern temples of Krishna then you can go to ISKON temples. They are very beautiful and Krishna with all his Sakhas is present there.

   ISKON Mayapur, Vrindavan etc there are many temples 

   person in the world resides in every living being. It's obvious that Radha's name come first because she had earned this respect, through her highest spiritual and selfless love and devotion for Lord Krishna. Whole world is always searching for Krishna while Krishna is always searching Radhaji. Isn't that when you want something from your father,first you go to your mother and ask for it. The phrase, Radhe, Radhe, Radharani HariPriya, very dear to Krishna. If we approach Krishna through Radharani recommends that this devotees is very nice. Then Krishna immediately accepts, however food I may be because it is recommended by Radharani,Krishna accepts.

   Chaitnya who was the exponent of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Krisna worship.  

   He had 108 names viz÷ Gaurang,Ashtottra,Shat Nam Vali, Sandhya Vatara,Shitashya, Nishama Gupta, and most common among them is Nimai because he was born underneath a Neem tree.

  Lord Chaitanya is Lord Krishna in his most merciful feature. Therefore, even if one doesn't understand Lord Chaitanya's identity as the Supreme Lord but accepts as a saintly person or as a social reformer and philosopher, one can still derive the highest benefit by chanting of God.

    The devotees of Krishna dance raising their heads up. It's Sankirtan which is a form of song or chanting that praises God and is performed in a public setting. The term comes from the Sanskrit root Kirtan which means "praising","celebrating" or " glorifying" San comes from Samak which means "complete".

  Chanting and dancing in glorification of the Lord called nama Sankirtan.

   Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifested the most heart melting,pastimes ever witnessed in a human history. His mood,his demeaur,his pastimes struck a positive chord,even with the sinful atheists and was instrumental in transferring their hardened hearts.

   Thousands of men and women abandoned their homes,raised their arms and joined Mahaprabhu in his ecstatic Sankirtan ( congregational chanting of the holy names of the Supreme Lord).


  All of them were surcharged with deep ecstatic feelings. Being Completely Surrendering, they sang and danced. Simply by catching of glimpse of His divine Lotus feet, people would get infected with the disease of intese love for the Supreme these men in turn would infect others. In this way villages, towns, and entire cities would become surcharged with the devotion mood of spontaneous loving service un to Supreme Lord. An ocean of love would flood the people of divine ecstasy. Observing Lord Gaurahari's smile forget their miseries. Only a fortunate person attain this most treasured fruit of pure love for God. The most merciful Lord chanting how ever, distributed the sacred fruit to one and all without making any discrimination, Chaitanya Chandramrata composed by prabodhanada Sarasvati.

  Bhakti Poets or teachers such as Manavala, Mamunigal,Namdev,Ramananda, Sankardev, Surdas, Tulsidas Nagaraja, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and many others influenced the expansion of Vaishnavism.  

   Radheshyam's family ancestraly in possession large stretches of farm land since the British rule and entitled the Zamindars, collecting tax from the farmers by whipping, disinterested whether the tenants had the paying ability. After British Raj abolished tax collection couldn't be made compulsory. In course of time people who cultivated the land encroached those.  

   It's said that inorder to exhibit that they were pious people they setup temples in their jurisdiction, built Krishna temples in the villages and started Krishna worship.

  Sitaram, ( Radheshyam's father and forefathers) encourage deties of Krisna for Jagarana. It is generally performed for the generation of Hindu goddesses major deities such as Shiva and Krishna as well as various folk deities like Khandoba and Devnarayan. Devotees worship the deity throughout the night by singing Bhajanas.

  During the Krishna worships the Zamindars invite veteran scholars for PRABACHAN.

   In modern times, Nimbark acharya, Ramanuja, Swami Narayan,Jagadguru Sri Kripalu,Swami Haridas, Sri Hariram Vyas etc.

   Now a day the very approach to religion is technically changed in a flash phase. The saint and his musical staff entrenched. The orchestra assists the saint to deliver his sermon at the behest of the coordinators to make it a musical show more than a sermon where the discussion of the Lord Krishna is set aside. The character of the is mismatched with what he professed. There is a pay off box in which the devotees donate according to their ability. The collection amount at the end of the Sermon goes to the pockets of the coordinators. Gradually Sitaram couldn't cope up with the expenditure and began to sell the portion of property every year. His successor Radhesham became a person good for nothing. He preferred to attending the sermons than going to school or to any educational institutions. His father's late realisation that Radhesham has neglected his studies was of no use. By the time, pupils completed secondary education he started his primary classes. He became a laughing stock. He was double the age of his class mates and couldn't be so smart like them. Most of the times he remained unmindful.  

  Sometimes he rose and asked," Sir who is Chaitnya Mahaprabhu?. "

  "Ask your father who knows more about the great soul. Listen to what I teach. The question you asked is out of syllabus. "

   Radheshyam witnessed the outer world was quite different from the teachings of the saints. It is full of ragging, lie, cheating, theft and misconduct. At his 19th half when he was in the middle of secondery class his mind ran after beautiful colleens. It was not impractical.

  When child marriage was in prevalent, the Bollywood actresses who got married at an early age were: Dimple Kapadia,Divya Bharati, Neetu Kapoor, Bhagyashree,Sairabanu, Aditi Rao Hydari.

  Actor Shah Rukh Khan,the King khan of Bollywood married to Gauri much before he earned stardom. Shahrukh had even not settled in Mumbai when the couple eloped and got hitched 'He was just 25 years then. From that time till date this marriage has survived all ups and downs and have made us believe in true love over and over again.

Ayushmann Khurana may not have started his journey as an actor but surely one of the most successful actors in B- town, married to his highschool sweetheart,Tahira Kashayap at 26. Tahira is now battling breast cancer but her hubby showed immense support to her.

Aamir Khan married when he was just 21 to Reena Dutta. Later he divorced her who left behind her a son and a daughter. He married to Kiron Rao,was blessed by a son.

  Emraan Hasin, Hrithik Roshan,Arjun Rampal, the handsome and tall hunk, married to former Miss India Mher Jessia.

 Mohandas katam Chand Gandhi later became Mahatma Gandhi married while a student.

  Radheshyam's maturity of age came first before his maturity in education. When ever he came across the girls mate they teased him "Baba Radhesham. "

   Therefore,most of the times he remained absent from classes. He twice failed in each class and at the age of 24 he completed 2, Humanity.

  By then the camphor of Rai Chaudhuri family had fled, only the piece of cloth existed.

  By then his father was so old to maintain the observe the Srikrishna inter connected festivals.  

 He had neither opulence nor capability to fund the gala events of Srikrishna, except a few vis ÷ Janmashtami,Jhulan and Holli. Sitaram had to sell a portion of his property each year and minimised the expenditure . The unswerving family's daily overpriced food and Don clothes were customary.  

   Radheshyam couldn't deal with any complex situation.

    When he was legally an adult his father looked for him a bride of an opulent family. But he was greatly shocked that they were disagreed as they knew Radhesham was so worthless to decide anything himself. In the case of a girl who was well-informed regarding Radhesham, derided the marriage proposal.

   A woman often looks for a man who will treat her with love, care and respect without drama. Hence if you want your crush to fall in love, show your best personality to her and please maintain consistent effort. Women don't like who can fake things.

  Sitaram had got struck seriously when brides' fathers had the courage to deny straight to tie knot with his son who were once the tenants and we're whipped to pay off tax!

 Coincidentally, his worthless friends put forward, to kidnap the lovely lass he liked and ultimately she would be compelled to tie a knot with him. He did not re consider their counsel and kidnapped Swati whom he knew since his childhood. But it was against her will.

 If there is an absence of the consent of the girl involved in an elopement such an act would be considered as a criminal offence and the boy would be punished. In such case a complaint under section 366 the Indian penal code will be filed against the boy involved in the elopment.

   It so happened in the case of Radhesham. When Swati's father returned from the party meeting he was informed that Swati had not returned from her computer class. Sushant sent for his elder sons to search for her. In the long run they failed to locate her and returned without her.

   The night passed,day came but she was not found any where else. Sushant lodged an F. I. R. as to the missing of Swati. The police, phone tracked and and searched in the location. They were surprised when it indicated to the Ray Chaudhari saheb's castle. Sitaram was taken aback when he found the police at his door. With his permission they entered nook and corner of the palace. Atlast, she was delineated in a small room legs hands tied. She was freed at the same time, Radheshyam was arrested and released in bail. The case proceeded.

   Sitaram asked his advocate the consequences of the case. He counselled him for compromise as it is getting comlicated and going in favour of Sushant.

  Sitaram Ray Chaudhari left no way out but to bow down his head before a mere tenant.

   His chanting of Radheshyam or sitaram and distribution of alms to the poor couldn't come well-timed-boost.

   The giddy Radheshyam didn't learn from his blunder and madly in search for new hunts. He was infected by Suravi the adroit and enchanting lass. She was receptive of Radheshyam and acted according. He was aware of the fact that Radhesham would pay out loosely that she wants. She bluffed that she adored him. She collected cash from him now and then.

    He is easily brain washed and manipulated to do things that are not right. He had no sense of reasoning. He is confused, seeing others being followed or heeded, is irritated. The confused Radhesham if put to any problem doesn't seek anybody's counsel and says "Radhe Radhe" and the immediate answer which he gets,adheres it. . He is indignant. For every challenge he doesn't allow his brain to think but hurriedly goes to 'Radhe' or his friends and seek professional help concerning the issues he deals with and not apply solutions he sees in QUORA.

  Sitaram was downed with sudden heart stroke for his son's madness and foolishness of selling Roychowdhury'dignity as well as his best patches of invaluable property in cheap rate. He faked his father's handwriting,being mis led by the lawyers  to entertain his lovers 

  One after another, girls were bee lined and snatched away as much as cash to their purse's content and betrothed artfully. He started going to whores, gambling and drinking alcohol of any kind. He couldn't help himself reaching home due to over drinking, and slept beside drains.

   One time, his father breathed his  last, over burdening ( cardiac arrest), parallel  to his son Radhesham's falling in to a ditch  due to over drinking and losing life .   

   The domestic helps set two pyres for Papa and Beta, hand in hand. They accomplished their predestination extraordinarily and dispersed the last pieces of land along with the palace betwixt them.



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