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Ghosts Of Her Past Part - 6

Ghosts Of Her Past Part - 6

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Ashna lay down on her bed with blood-shot, swollen eyes. Her thoughts drifted back to the idyllic days of her teenage. She smiled as she thought of her school and the madcap friends she had made there. But then her face turned dark as her thoughts wandered to that one week of her life which was written in black. She has promised herself never to think about those perilous seven days of her life. But they have always kept haunting her for the past eight years much against her wish just the way he has taken her.

8 Years Ago….

Day -1

Ashna flashed an impish smile as she walked the way back from school. The time was 3 o'clock and the streets were desolate in the suburban town as everyone has taken shelter in the cool comfort of their homes to save themselves from the fury of the fiery rays of the Sun. All her classmates of her College have left for a week-long tour. Ashna had an argument with her mother over the school tour in the morning. She wanted to go on the tour with her friends whereas her mother wanted her to be at home for the celebrations of her 19th birthday in two days from now. She has stepped out of her house with a firm determination to accompany her friends on the tour but later changed her mind as her mother’s long face and teary eyes came to her mind.

‘How happy she will be to have me back!’ a smile spread upon her face as the thought crossed her mind.

In her ecstasy, she didn’t even notice a car a parked by the side of the lonely road.

“Excuse me”

Ashna was jolted out of her reverie by a smoky baritone and turned to see a man whose face was covered with the hood of his jacket drawn over. She found it odd as she noticed apart from being dressed from head to toe he has even kept his face covered in such a scorching heat of summer. His expensive clothes and shoes told her that he was a debonair man who belonged to some affluent family. He was more than 6 feet tall and had a strong and sturdy built. The man who seemed to be in his twenties walked hurriedly up to her.

"Yes please," she said with a smile, "how may I help you, sir?"

“Can you tell me the way to this firm?” He said as he held out a visiting card to her.

She came close to him to have a better look at the card. He instantly pulled her by the waist and dragged her towards his car parked nearby. Danger signals rang in Ashna’s head and she stabbed him in the stomach with the umbrella she was holding. His grip loosened around her and she ran out of his clutches. He took out a cloth from his pocket and ran behind her. He seized her again by the waist and instantly placed the cloth on her face which was made damp with a highly potent stupefying drug. She scratched his hands with her nails like a ferocious cat but nothing seemed to affect him as he remained unperturbed by her attacks. Her heart raced as it dawned upon her that the drug that he has placed on the cloth was intended to make her faint and she should not inhale it. She swayed her head to pull herself away from the cloth. But he was much stronger than her and held the cloth tightly in position to make her breath the drug in. She screamed for help but her screams were muffled by the cloth and his hand pressed over it. Moreover, there was nobody around who could hear her screams.

He realized that he must put the girl to sleep before anyone happens to pass that way. He picked her up from the ground and bent her neck over his shoulder in order to make her breath the drug in quickly. His trick worked as a panicked Ashna gasped inhaling the drug vigorously as she swayed her feet to get a foothold.

“There is no way you could escape from me baby,” He whispered in her ears, “so just stop your stupid stunts and go to sleep.”

Those words made her even desperate and she dug her nails on his hands even intensely.

"Well, then you deserve this as a punishment." He said as he groped her breasts.

Ashna was never touched by a man until that day. She gasped as she felt an alien sensation by his touch on her full chest. She wanted to get rid of that sensation that was driving her out of her mind. She tried to push his hands away but it was too late as the drug has started taking a toll over her senses. Her vision became hazy and her limbs turned numb. The swaying of her feet stopped and her hands slid down. He kept on groping the breasts of the semiconscious girl fervently while she kept helplessly breathing in the drug. She could neither oppress the hand caressing her nor the one drugging her, both of which were about to knock her out. He brought her down to the ground and took the cloth off her face after he made sure that the girl has fainted.

"You are exactly whom I want to have beneath me on the bed." He said as he rubbed his hand on her lips before sucking her in lips in a hungry kiss.

He pulled out her clip out and let her hair cascade down on her waist.

“You look prettier that way,” He remarked as he slid a hand into her hair and felt the soft texture.

He pulled out her neck-tie which was hanging loosely over her chest and threw it among the brushes by the side of the road. Her shirt was torn during their struggle and revealed her cleavage to him. He madly showered her fair breasts peeping teasingly at him with numerous greedy kisses.

“Hmm…” Ashna moaned as her hazy eyes fell open.

He felt for the cloth that he has stuffed into his pocket and pulled it out. But before he could place it back on her face she passed out again.

“Well, it’s time to go I guess.” He said as he picked the girl up and slung her slackened body over his shoulder. Another wicked smile took form on his face as he groped her pert buttocks.

He lay her down in his car and tied her hands and feet. He lifted her skirt and ran a hand over the flesh of her long, sensuous thighs. He felt an urge to tear off her stockings and feel the touch of her skin but he had to hurry up and leave the place. He badly needed her after the foreplay and was not in a condition to wait for long. But for the time being, he satisfied himself by biting on her nipples before he turned the engine on and drove off with the gorgeous damsel waiting to become his prey tonight.

* * * *

Ashna struggled to open her eyes and looked around. Her vision was still somewhat hazy. She had no idea where she was or how many hours she has remained unconscious. She kept swinging between sleep and consciousness for some time till the action of the drug completely waned out of her body.

“Aaah….!” She let out a terrific scream as she regained absolute consciousness and had a look at herself.

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