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Nandita Kochar



Nandita Kochar


His Revenge

His Revenge

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It was Tanvi's 18th birthday tomorrow. She was busy purchasing things she needed for the party tomorrow at a shopping mall. Her mother had died when she was an infant and her father was a rich but busy businessman. So there was no one else to take care of her needs except herself. As she purchased a new pair of shoes for herself and got out of the shop she felt as if someone was watching her from the other side of the gallery. She turned around to see who it was but there was no one. She felt as if someone who was there has hid behind the wall. She walked towards the gallery to confirm whether it was just a fancy or someone was there for real. She had took a couple of steps when her mobile rang. It was her friend. She forgot about the stalker and took the lift to the parking lot.

She was so much engaged in the call that she didn't even notice a tall and roboust man standing behind her in the lift whose face was covered with the hood of his overcoat. As she hung up and the lift landed in the parking lot, the man pulled her back and placed a cloth soaked in some sweet smelling liquid over her nose. Instead of panicking, Tanvi became alert and punched his stomach with her elbow. The man groaned with pain and Tanvi pushed the button to open the doors of the lift. Before the doors could open, the man pulled her back and placed the cloth back on her face. She struggled with all her might to break free but this time his grip was too strong and he has held her tightly pressed to himself so that not to let her move to much. As she couldn't break free, Tanvi panicked this time as she thought of the horrible crime he could do to her. She swayed her head and tried to pull his hand away from her face. But he was a tall and strong man - a thousand times stronger than her. He picked her up and she swayed her legs to get a foothold. Her svelte frame was absolutely overpowered by the roboust man. Her struggles made her breathe fast inhaling the drug along with it. He kept his grip tight around her body and held the cloth firmly on her face. Gradually, her vision became blurred and her limbs slid helplessly down. He put her down and took the cloth off her face as he realized that the girl has become unconscious. A few strands of hair have fell on her forehead. He slid his hand over her face and pushed them back.

"Your daughter is a dish." He said as he ran his fingers on her lips.

Then his hands slid down from her neck to her bosom.

"You have blossomed into a beautiful grown up girl." He said as he cupped the breasts of the unconscious girl and felt their softness. His hands slid down to her buttocks and he groped them. Thunders roared as he finally picked her up.

"It's about to rain." He said as he looked at the beautiful face of the girl lying insensible in his arms."But no worries, I have you to keep me warm the whole night. What else do a man want in a cold rainy night like this except a glass of beer and a beautiful young girl."

He lay her down on the back seat of the car and drove off.

A splash of water brought Tanvi back to her senses. As she opened her eyes, she remembered her struggles with the man in the lift and then finally slipping into unconsciousness. She had no idea how long she has remained unconscious. He had tied her hands and feet to the bed. And above all, she was surprised to see her clad in the attire of a bride.

"Who are you?" She screamed at the hooded man.

"Somebody who was betrayed by your father. But no worries, I'll marry you tonight as soon as you turn 18 and then I'll have all that I truly deserve!"

"What rubbish!" She said as she struggled with the ropes that had tied her to bed.

"It is no joke" he said as he came closer to her.

She gasped in horror as he tore open her blouse, groped her breasts and sucked her nipples. She screamed and cried as his hands and mouth brutally invaded her privacy.

He finally let go of her and looked at the clock.

"It is 10o'clock now." He said, "you can enjoy your virginity for two more hours. As soon as you turn 18, you will be my wife."

"No, please let me go." Tanvi cried.

"No sweety," he said as he caressed her bosom which was nude and openly inviting, "you won't see the world outside till I make you pregnant!"

"Let me go," Tanvi screamed horribly.

He injected sedatives to her in order to calm her down.

"Two more hours,"he said as she drifted into unconsciousness, "and then you will be mine!"

"No..." Tanvi swayed her head to keep her awake out of fear that he will outrage her during sleep. But the drugs made her drift into a deep sedation quite soon.

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