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Nandita Kochar

Crime Drama


Nandita Kochar

Crime Drama

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -2

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -2

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“Good morning sir”

The staff members of Rathore Group of Industries stood up from their chairs as they saw their Boss marching up to his cabin. The eyes of both men and women filled with admiration by the mere sight of the handsomely chiseled face and the tall and sturdy frame of Veerendra Singh Rathore as he walked in with a confident stride. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth as an heir to the affluent royal family of Rathores. Though he was born in India, he has spent most of his life in London. He has returned to India only a year ago as per his mother Her Highness Samyukta Devi's wish to take charge of their family-owned business establishments in Delhi after his father's death. The man in his early thirties was the apple of the eye of the ladies of his society as he topped the list of the rich and handsome bachelors in the town.

Some of his female employees even gasped and skipped a beat if he ever cared to flash a mischievous dimpled smile as he passed by them. He nodded politely to all of his employees while talking over the phone as he made his way to his cabin. As he turned around the corridor, his eyes fell on his secretary Ashna whose desk was right outside his cabin. She was busy tapping on her laptop and didn’t notice her Boss approaching. His eyes twinkled as they fell on her gorgeous face surrounded by a cloud of soft, dark hair.

‘The girl is such a workaholic!’ he thought and smilingly shook his head as he saw her sitting lost in a world of her own absolutely oblivious of the surroundings.

He walked straight to her and tapped on her desk with his long slender fingers.

“Good morning, busy bee!” He flashed an amused smile.

Ashna abruptly jumped up from her chair as she saw her Boss towering over her desk.

“Oh….. I am…….. so sorry sir,” Ashna stammered and flashed a sheepish smile, “A very good morning sir.”

“In my cabin within a minute with the schedule for the day,” He ordered, “along with two cups of coffee.”

He winked at her as he turned to push open the door of his cabin. She couldn't take her eyes off him till he vanished behind the doors of his cabin. She flashed a sheepish smile as a tinge of guilt flushed her cheeks on catching herself checking her Boss out. She poured coffee in two cups and placed them on the tray which she carried into his cabin. She shifted the tray to one of her hands and pushed the door open with the other. As the tray was heavy it became difficult for her to hold it in a single hand and it began to tremble.

“Let me help you with that,” Veer said as he jumped up from his chair and ran to help her out.

“No sir, it’s okay.” Ashna hesitated.

“I know it is not.” Veer said taking the tray from her.

Veer placed the tray on the table and picked a cup from it.

"Let's discuss work along with a cup of coffee." Veer said as he waved a hand towards the empty chair opposite to him and signaled her to sit down.

She was overwhelmed by Veer’s modesty and down – to- earth attitude. He was rich and was a scion of a royal family but was a suave, benevolent and polite human being. He was not proud and arrogant like those rich spoilt brats who claimed to be his friends.

“How is your mother now?” Veer asked with a concerned face as he took a sip from his cup.

“She is much better,” Ashna smiled as if expressing gratitude in return of his concern, “The doctors say that she needs to be on chemotherapy for a few more months and then she will be absolutely okay.”

“All thanks to the early detection, isn’t it?”

Ashna smiled as his compassion made her feel that she is not alone and aided in boosting her strength to face the adversities.

“This is your schedule for the day sir,” Ashna said as she had her coffee and got up from her chair to leave.

“Thank you so much,” Veer said with a genuine smile, “You manage everything so perfectly. I don’t how I could have handled all this without you.”

"Thank you, sir," She nodded and turned to leave.

“Ashna, what are you doing tomorrow evening?” Veer asked.

“Nothing so far,” Ashna shrugged.

“I have planned a surprise party for a friend tomorrow. So be there at the Grand Ian hotel by sharp 8 pm.”

“Count me in,” She flashed a beautiful smile and walked out of the door.

* * * *

Twilight was being painted darker and darker with each passing moment into the shades of night. A girl was walking back to her home as the sound of crickets filled the air on a cloudy, moonless night. The beautiful face of the insouciant teenager glowed with a smile and her heart brimmed with the joy of idyllic days of youth. She trod upon the muddy road bubbling with exuberance, completely unaware of the horror which was waiting to ambush her. She never did notice that a dark shadow was lurking behind her all throughout the way. As she stepped into a dark desolate street, the shadow grabbed her by the waist and before she could understand anything, it gagged her mouth with his gigantic dark hand. As she struggled to break free, she became aware that she was being ravished by a man who as strong as he was tall. The man covered her with the long overcoat he was wearing and choked her. The darkness inside it seemed to enter her eyes and her struggles weakened gradually. She was no longer able to offer any protest and he flashed his filthy teeth as he now had her completely at his mercy. He picked her up and walked away with the hapless girl lying insensible in his arms.

When she woke up, she found her hands and feet tied to a bed. Her heart raced as she saw the demon approach her from a dark corner wearing a mask. She screamed desperately for the help that was not destined to come here way.

“No, please don’t.…!” She implored as she pulled on the ropes that bound her to the bed in an attempt to escape from his mighty clutches.

But he has become mad owing to the fire of desire that was roaring inside him and lent a deaf ear to her pleas. He mercilessly tore off her shirt and pulled out every single piece of cloth that shielded her.

“No!” She burst out crying and pressed her eyes tightly closed as the inhumane torture almost broke her.

“You are quite a dish!” He smiled as his gaze fell on the luscious, round eminences that lay invitingly open on her bare chest.

She opened her eyes to find him staring hard at her naked breasts. She instantly attempted to cover her chest as much as she could with her bound

hands. But he pulled her hands apart and pinned them down on the bed exposing the succulent gobbet of young flesh again to his dirty gaze. The mere sight of him ogling her nudity gave her goosebumps and she almost drifted to the verge of losing her senses as fright, shame and helplessness overpowered her. A huge drop of saliva dribbled down his mouth as his lips made their way to capture her breasts within them.

“Don’t do this to me!” she swayed her head and kept moaning in an almost unconscious stupor as he cupped her breasts and sucked on them with a savage passion.

Before bending down on her again, he took off his shirt. Her horror-filled eyes saw a tattoo made of two lions facing each other on his right arm. She felt a sharp stabbing pain the next moment and then there was darkness again.

“The tattoo!”

Ashna woke up screaming. She placed a hand on her mouth as she became aware of her mother who was sleeping by her side. Her breaths were loud and noisy as she took deep inhalations from her nostrils. She buried her pallid face within her hands as she caught her breath.

‘These nightmares will never let me live in peace.’ She thought as she burst out into silent sobs. ‘They will keep haunting me all throughout my life.’

She slid down on the bed, gagged her mouth with her pillow and let the pain and bitterness she had been harboring within her for years flow out in the form of silent tears. But she knew it was not going to relieve her of her pain. She will have those nightmares yet again tomorrow and over the days to come.

‘Unless,’ she thought as she wiped off the last drop of tear that slid down her eyes, ‘I find him out and punish him for what he has done to me.’

“But how?” she muttered under her breath, “I haven’t seen his face. The drugs have kept me hazy all the time. All I could remember is his hazel eyes and the tattoo on his right arm.”

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