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Nandita Kochar



Nandita Kochar


Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -6

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -6

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He had tied her hands to the bed. Her legs were widely parted and were also tied to the bed. But then she saw something that nearly knocked her off her senses. She had only her panties on to shield her modesty along with a skimpy bra that barely managed to cover the fullness of her youth. She tried to draw her limbs to cover herself but could not do so as her hands and legs were tied.

“Welcome back,” A man came forward whose face was covered with a mask exposing only his hazel eyes and lips, “It was a pleasure stripping you.”

She recognized him as the one who has kidnapped her on her way back home by his voice.

“No please don’t do this to me,” She cried as she desperately struggled with the ropes to free herself so that she could shield her almost naked body from his lecherous gaze.

“Don’t worry,” He said as he sat beside her and ran a hand over her, “you are still a virgin. I was just waiting for you to wake up. It won’t be much fun without your active participation.”

Ashna’s body stiffened by his touch on her pristine flesh and her heart raced almost choking her.

“No, you are mistaken.” Ashna said furiously staring at him, “I am not that kind of girl.”

“Then I will turn you into one.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Ashna’s eyes bathed him in the lava of hatred, “Never, ever!”


He pulled opened the drawer by the side of the bed and picked up two small bottles which contained clear liquid and placed them on the table

“This one,” he said pointing towards one of the bottles, “will make you sleep for hours and I can relish you as many times as I wish. But this one will turn you into what I want you to become.”

“No,” Ashna begged as she saw him fill the liquid in a syringe, “please let me go.”

He untied her left arm and pinned it to bed before thrusting the needle into her vein. Ashna screamed and cried in protest for a few minutes but then the drug took his toll on her. Her eyes drooped and her screams were reduced to mere moans. He untied her limbs and sat by her side.

“Open your eyes baby,” he said patting on her cheeks as he saw her drifting to sleep.

“Hmm…?” Ashna looked hazily around.

He pulled her up and made her sit on his lap. He put her arms around her and cuddled her svelte frame within his colossal one. Ashna’s head slid on his shoulder and he patted her again. “Hey!”

Ashna moaned as she opened her abysmal dark eyes to him.

“What is your name?” He asked as his hands caressed her without her knowledge.


“You are a beautiful young girl.” He said as he twisted his little finger in the pit of her navel.

“Thank you.” The drug has made her oblivious of everything.

“Are you studying?”


“Which college?”

“Not college silly,” Ashna said sitting relaxed on his lap as he kissed her neck, “School. I am a class XI student.”

“How old are you?” He said as he cupped her face.


“Oh,” he smiled, “you are just a kid.”

“Who told you so?” Ashna widened her inebriated eyes, "my Mom says that I am a grown-up girl."

“Of course you are,” He said as he slowly unbuckled the straps of her bra and pulled it off. He fondled her bare breasts as they came bouncing into his hands and felt their softness.

“Let’s make love,” He said as he flung her on the bed and watched her breasts dance as she fell down upon the bed.

“What does that mean?” Ashna asked innocently as he bent upon her.

"You claim to be a grown-up girl and don't even know how to make love." He said as he tapped on her gorged nipples.

“I have vaguely heard some of my friends say so,” Ashna said thoughtfully, absolutely unaware of his hands sliding all over her, “but they also don’t know anything for sure.”

Ashna burst out laughing as she thought of her friends while he pulled her panties down.

“I will teach you,” He said as he pressed her lips on hers in a long voracious kiss.

Ashna was absolutely ignorant of what he was doing to her and what she was losing to him. She slept drugged in his arms like a mere puppet.

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