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Amatullah Padghawala

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Amatullah Padghawala

Tragedy Crime Thriller

The Dark Hatred!

The Dark Hatred!

10 mins


"Wake up Suzie! You are getting late for work." Yelled Daisy Lawrence, as she tried jolting Suzie awake. However, Suzie was fast asleep as she had been binge-watching her favorite movie 'Annabelle 2' and slept at 3 in the morning. Her mother, Mrs. Lawrence, is totally unaware of her late-night schedule, so husshhh! Don't let her know!

"Okay! I know how to wake you up." Said Mrs. Lawrence who then fetched a pitcher full of water and emptied it on poor Suzie who screamed as she shot up from her deep, beauty sleep.

"What do you think you are doing, Mom? Have you lost your mind? I was swimming so well in my dream."

"Well, Suzie, it's past 9 am and you need to get ready for work. If you make dreams your life then you will end up losing your reality. Freshen up and meet me in the dining room. I'll lay down your breakfast." Said Mrs. Lawrence, sternly.

With a solemn face, Mrs. Lawrence scurried down the stairs.

Suzie Lawrence, a 20-year-old damsel, was a working student. She was pursuing her final year in Bachelor of Arts and worked simultaneously as a content writer in a reputed company. However, to her serendipity, her college was currently discontinued due to summer holidays but her boss was not that noble enough to grant even a two-day vacation to his employees! Suzie occupied a joint family system consisting of her parents, her uncle and aunt that is Jake and Jane Lawrence, her cousins Dave and Sophia Lawrence, and her grandparents, Jacob and Fiona Lawrence. Suzie loved her family and would often confide wholeheartedly to Jake Lawrence, her uncle. She loved him like Cray Cray and would chat with him the whole time.

Suzie considered him to be a jolly bloke with a witty sense of humor. Jane too was nurturing and caring to Suzie as she made sure to always bake Suzie's favorite butter cookies which she named as SUZBUTTER COOKIES! Jane loved the way, Suzie devoured the cookies with her priceless facial expressions that denoted overwhelming pleasure! As far as her cousins were concerned, Suzie got along well with Sophia, as she could discuss some 'girly' matters with her. However, she couldn't establish a friendly relationship with Dave, as he repeatedly teased her. She disliked him and would often ignore his presence.

Her grandparents held a special place in her heart. Fiona Lawrence would recite interesting bedtime stories to Suzie while Jacob Lawrence played certain ancient games with Suzie thereby educating her about the same. In spite of approaching seniority, they had a childlike heart. Not everybody had a heart of gold as they did. This lured Suzie to her grandparents.

Philip Lawrence, Suzie's dad was a detective by profession and thus, changed cities frequently. Currently, her dad was in Chicago, solving a murder case.

Coming to the present, Suzie gradually moved away her blanket, steadily directed her feet to the ground, wore her pink flip flops, arose, and sleepily headed to the washroom as she wasted ten minutes staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. After almost half an hour, there came a call similar to that of a rooster. "Suuuuuuuuuuzzzzzziiiiieeeeeeeee!" Suzie was suddenly wide awake as she responded, "Yes mom, I am coming." Quickly, Suzie hurried down the stairs as she feared her mom's rage.

On the way down, Dave as usual teased Suzie, "Good morning, Lazy pig! It's almost 9:30. Good thing you awoke. I thought you are subjected to bed rest."

Suzie ignored Dave and rushed to the dining room.

She met her mom who wore a sulking expression. "Freshening up is a hard task, isn't it?"

"I am sorry Mom. It's just that I am so sleepy…"

"Stop making excuses. Settle down." Said Mrs. Lawrence strictly.

"Why isn't anybody dining with me?" asked Suzie.

Mrs. Lawrence glared. "Don't act oblivious. Look at the time. You wasted half an hour up there. All were hungry so we decided to dine without you."

Suzie hung her head sheepishly. After completing her breakfast, Suzie left for work.

When she returned home that evening the house seemed empty. Only Sophia and Dave were home. Since Suzie despised Dave, she approached Sophia.

"Where is everybody?"

"Oh! They left for the Sunday Mass and told us to remain home so as to escort you."

Suzie nodded.

However, Sophia's expressions seemed abnormal.

Suzie questioned, "What's the matter, Sophia? You seem tense. All okay?"

Sophia simply nodded and made her way to the backyard but not before stating, "I wish to spend some time alone. Please don't come about following me."

Suzie, thus having no one to speak to, decided to head to her room, and relax.


After half an hour or so, the family returned home.

 "Did you look at Bianca? What an expensive dress to have worn! That too, at a Sunday mass!" chatted Jane.

"Yes! She is the talk of the town for being the most affluent and that's probably the reason, she never fails in bragging her riches." Replied Daisy.

The elderly couple too were busy chit-chatting.

"It was such a good mass! The new Pope is indeed exemplary. How I wish Sophia, Dave, and Suzie had attended it!" Said Fiona Lawrence.

"True. We can take them along next time!" said Jacob Lawrence while rubbing his eyes.

"What's the matter? Are you sleepy already?" asked Fiona.

"Yes. Very. I can collapse on the bed this very moment." Said Jacob as he tried controlling his huge yawn!

"You have indeed entered old age." Mocked Fiona.

"Daisy! Jane! Please provide dinner to your father in law, before he hits the bed and dozes off!" joked Fiona.

"Yes, mom!" said Daisy who then held Jane's hand and ushered her into the kitchen.

(After some time)

"Dinner is ready! Please assemble in the dining room." Yelled Jane.

Hushed whispering voices approached the room. Everyone entered except Suzie. Daisy noticed it and asked for her. However, everybody denied seeing her.

"Probably she is fast asleep in her room." Assumed Jane.

Daisy then made her way to Suzie's room. Yes! She was lying on the bed with the blanket covering her face.

"Suzie! Wake up, darling! It's time for dinner."

The figure on the bed didn't stir. Daisy reached to the side of the bed and shook Suzie. However, there was no response. Daisy, then lifted the blanket, only to reveal a pocket knife thrust in her belly. Suzie was stabbed. Daisy screamed. The others promptly appeared. Everybody was shocked.

"How could this happen?" questioned Jane.

 "Jesus! Who could have done this? This is certainly murder." Deduced Jake.

All were busy questioning the terrible murder that transpired, while Daisy was gobsmacked. She was frozen and kept staring at her beloved daughter in terror. It was hard for her to believe the demise of her only beautiful daughter. Jane was smart enough to notice this and quickly went to her side thereby, consoling her.

The cops arrived and after hours of interrogation, arrested Dave because they weren't on good terms with one another. As per the questioning, Dave had entered Suzie's room which aroused intense suspicion. Dave kept yelling that he wasn't responsible for the murder but even his parents were forced to believe this because of the intense hatred that brewed between them. Dave was convicted.


Daisy had phoned her husband Philip to arrive at the earliest and now, Philip was investigating on the case.

"Who all were home that evening?" asked Philip.

"Sophia, Dave, The Gardener, and the maid." Said Daisy.

"Do you suspect anybody?"

"No, I don't think anybody of them can murder my daughter. Sophia and Suzie were on good terms. She hated Dave and so did he. The gardener always admired Suzie and the maid will never have any enmity with my baby!" sobbed Daisy.

"Okay! Did you happen to find any evidence in that room?"

"No! I was so flabbergasted that I never thought of looking that up."

"Okay! I am done with you, Daisy. I will make sure that our daughter gets justice." Said Philip as he hugged Daisy.

Next, Philip decided to question the gardener. The gardener seemed scared. "I am not the culprit, sir. I haven't done anything."

"That will be decided when you answer my questions. So tell me, where were you when the murder transpired?"

"I wasn't anywhere near Suzie ma'am. I was resting in my room, watching my favorite talk show sir. I came to know about the murder along with the others. It surprised me a lot."

"Since your room is near the entrance, did you happen to see anybody enter the mansion before the murder commenced?"

"No sir. I didn't see anybody enter the mansion because I myself bolted the gate before retreating to my room."

"Okay then! Are you sure that you didn't observe anything suspicious around the mansion?"

"No sir. Not at all."

"Fine then. I am done with you." Saying so, Philip now decided to approach the maid.

"I am here to ask you a couple of questions regarding the murder of my daughter."

"Yes sir. Please go on." The maid looked confident.

"Fine. What were you doing when the……" without allowing Philip to complete his question, the maid cut him off.

"Sir, I was busy cleaning my room. There were stacks of clothes around, thus, making my room a mess. I had also spilled some juice on the ground. I was cleaning that up as well and……"

"Okay! Since your room is on the same floor as Suzie's, did you happen to see anybody approaching the room?" interrupted Philip.

"Yes sir. Suzie ma'am had invited her friends over.

"Okay! Did you happen to see anything else?"

"No, sir. As I told you, I was busy in my own affairs."

"Did anybody else enter the room apart from her friends?"

"Yes sir. Dave sir and Sophia ma'am too made rounds in her room."

"Didn't you hear anything mysterious from Suzie's room? Crying or most probably someone yelling."

 "No sir, nothing."

"Do you suspect anybody?"

"No, sir."

"Why did Dave enter her room?"

"He had a book in his hand which maybe, he wished to return her."

"And why did Sophia enter?"

"I don't know sir." 

"Well then, I thank you for your time."

The next day, Philip decided to approach Sophia.

"Sophia, baby I need you to answer a couple of questions."

"Yes, uncle."

"What were you doing at the time of murder?"

"I went to the backyard. Suzie had returned home from work then. I told her that I be left alone for some time. After fifteen minutes of isolation, I decided to watch some television in my room. "

"So that means, you were in your room which is quite close to that of Suzie's?"


Did you happen to see or hear anything strange?"

"I don't quite remember. But yes, I have a shred of important evidence with me that would surely help you, uncle."

Philip's eyes widened as he stared at Sophia with interest. "Show me the evidence, dear."

Sophia then unfolded a bottle of sleeping pills which she claimed to have discovered under Suzie's bed.

"This means, Suzie was given these pills so that she wouldn't be in her senses to scream when she is stabbed. This was a pre-planned murder."

"Yes, uncle."


After some days, Philip asked for all to assemble in the living room as he had caught hold of the murderer.

"The murderer is none other than our very own maid."

Daisy was shocked. All were paralyzed with terror.

"The first evidence is the maid claiming that she was busy in her room but yet managed to know who all entered Suzie's room. Isn't it ironic? The second proof is that when I went interrogating Sophia, I could see a shadow from the corner of my eye, outside the room trying to eavesdrop on our conversation. Nobody was home. The gardener was on leave. Suzie is dead. Who remains? Of course the maid. I checked the maid's room and found an identical bottle of sleeping pills stashed away in one of her drawers. The last evidence is the maid's attempt to destroy the evidence. Just to let you know Laura. That bottle was purposely exposed so that you would fall into the trap. The conversation between me and Sophia, wherein we discussed the whereabouts of the bottle, was meant to lure the guilty. And you fell for it. Now tell us honestly, as to why you murdered Suzie?"

Laura broke into tears. She knelt to Philip and Daisy and sobbed heavily.

"I did it because Suzie ma'am always admonished me. I hated her for that. I didn't know when my emotions took a toll on me and my intellect wished for her murder."

"I can't believe this Laura. How could you do this to my daughter? I trusted you so much." Cried, Daisy.

"I am sorry, ma'am."

"Philip, we need to get her arrested for the heinous crime she has committed and free poor Dave."

"Yes. I'll phone the cops."

The cops arrived and after listening to the amazing investigation of Philip, agreed to bail Dave and arrest Laura. Laura was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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