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Amatullah Padghawala

Drama Inspirational


Amatullah Padghawala

Drama Inspirational

The Journey Of A Soul...

The Journey Of A Soul...

8 mins

"All the fairies seem to be busy at work. Where should I be going? Whom should I ask?" muttered Brian, who had recently entered heaven. He tried walking when he suddenly realized that his legs had vanished! He was floating in the air like other fairies. "OH! I keep forgetting that I am no longer a human." Saying so, Brian quickened his pace and went up to one of the fairies busily flapping to and fro. The fairy was indeed beautiful with blonde hair, almond-shaped face, and piercing blue eyes. "Hello, I have recently entered heaven and have been told to reach the court of the almighty. Could you kindly guide me?" questioned Brian, while trying to sound courteous. The fairy halted, stared at Brian for a couple of moments as if he was speaking Chinese. "Lokma hasu damera." Muttered the fairy as she again resumed her task. Brian was confused and didn't know what to do next. However, after some time, Gabriel approached Brian and offered to direct him to the court. "Thank you very much!" Exclaimed Brian.

Brian reached the court. The door seemed locked. However, the intricate gold patterning on the door grabbed Brian's attention. The door was loaded with gold and pearls. "It is so unusual for a designer door like this to float on the clouds." Fancied Brian. Meanwhile, Gabriel put his face to the door and mumbled some weird words. A key appeared beneath the door. Gabriel unbolted the door and crept in. After a few moments, Gabriel beckoned to Brian. Gabriel however, walked away and Brian was left in solitude. This petrified him. However, leaving aside his anxiety, he steadily walked the huge courtyard that led him to the throne. He felt excited to finally meet the divine entity he worshipped all his life.

After walking for quite a long time, the throne appeared. However, nobody occupied it. He observed that a staircase of approximately 50 steps led to the throne. These stairs were made of clouds. He scurried up the stairs in excitement and neared the throne. Before he could think of anything else, he saw an angel holding the throne. The throne was so pretty that Brian couldn't help but scrutinize it. The throne had picturesque flowery intricate patterns that were carefully carved of gold and diamonds. Gold chains hung on its sides. Real Diamonds were engraved in the armrests. A comfortable white pillow rested on the throne. Every inch of the throne was gold which made it quite heavy. "I wonder how that poor angel is holding this amazing piece of art." Thought Brian.

"Hi, why are you holding the throne? It seems quite heavy." Asked Brian. 

The angel responded, "Lord has created every angel for a purpose and thus, it is my duty to carry out the task without hesitation." Said the angel.

 "Okay, but who carved this magnificent throne?" 

"One of the angels named Michael carved it." 

"It looks so beautiful. But doesn't the metal prick when one tries sitting on it?"

 "This is the Lord's throne and he is not a human." 

The angel refused to speak any further.

Later, from a distance, Brian could see a sharp, but pleasant light approaching him. "Maybe, this is Lord." Assumed Brian. Brian could observe rose petals on the trail of the approaching light. Though it didn't have either arms or legs, Brian could notice the royalty in each step of the light. The light gradually became clearer and blinded Brian's sight. It made its way to the throne. 

"So you are Brian right?" a voice as soothing as the lashing sea waves spoke to Brian. 

"Yes, I am Brian." Saying so, Brian bowed in salutation to the Lord.

 "You have been good all your life. Thus, you ended up in heaven. You shall now remain here and stay as a fairy in my command. However, before that, I have a couple of questions regarding your life." 

Saying so, God inquired all that Brian had committed in his life to which he provided satisfactory answers. 

God was pleased and said, "You shall now remain in heaven forever. Let me convert you to a fairy." 

In a flash, Brian could feel the change in himself. His wings were sprouting and his attire transformed into a white gown. He was handed magical powers that would help him fulfill all the commands of the lord.

"Thank you so much, your highness. I bow to you. I feel so special." Said Brian. 

"You need not thank me. Your own deeds are making you feel special today. Remember to remain obedient to my commands or else you shall be sentenced to grave punishment." Cautioned the Lord. 

Saying so, God disappeared in the blink of an eye leaving Brian all by himself.

Brian left the court and decided to explore his new permanent residence! He visited the lush gardens that were full of trees laden with fruits. He watched as the fairies plucked the fruits and enjoyed relishing them. He walked up to the fountain which had the sweetest water. The river flowed silently and peacefully. The birds that were chirping away looked extremely merry as one of them landed on Brian. "Seems like a canary." Assumed Brian. He looked in awe at the cute benches that were occupied by the angels in the garden. He realized that there existed angels of varied sizes. Some were as small as a bumblebee while some as gigantic as a mountain. Some were prettier than the others. Some had colorful wings while some had plain white wings. No matter what the size or shape of the angels, their wings incessantly flapped as they worked with diligence.

As he walked deeper and deeper into the gardens, he caught sight of a familiar face. He decided to approach the angel. As he came closer, he realized that it was his mother! 

Brian's eyes streamed as he managed to speak, "Mother, Oh mother, this is your son Brian." 

The angel turned, however, didn't react as she failed to recognize her son.

 "Mother, I am Brian, your son. You left me when I was just 8 years old." 

The angel could now identify her son. The angel sobbed and hugged her son. 

"I am so overjoyed to meet you, Brian. I never wished to leave your side so early. It was God's wish. But I am glad that you have joined me in heaven." 

Brian and his mother shared an emotional moment. "I shall now always remain with you, son." Promised the angel.

However, everything changed after Brian started receiving commands of the Lord. Brian began taking the pleasures of heaven for granted. He hated to work and just wished to laze around and enjoy the pleasant gardens. His mother would often warn him of the consequences but he would ignore her comments. He neglected many commands of the Lord. Lord was furious with Brian and called for him. Brian reached the court along with Gabriel once more.

"Brian, I had alerted you of grave punishment if you do not comply with my commands. You are not here to goof off. The burden of your tasks is transferred to other angels who find it difficult to juggle with an extra task." Said, the Lord.

Brian's manner of communication with the Lord too had changed. He didn't seem as polite as before. "I am drained. Your monotonous tasks drive me crazy. I worked extremely hard when I was a human. Can't I for once enjoy the pleasures of heaven without having to work?"

Lord was infuriated. "This overconfidence and pride of yours will land you in trouble. Are you even aware of what all can occur if you don't abide by me?"

"Do as you please. I am not working." Said Brian while rolling his eyes.

"Fine then. Let me dust off your arrogance. Souls that enter heaven remain here till they are obedient to me. Since you no longer exhibit a respectful attitude towards me and my tasks, I shall have to punish you. If I can provide the luxuries of heaven then I even have the authority to push a disobedient soul like you to the fires of hell."

Brian's attitude busted like a balloon as he begged for an apology. But Alas! It was too late. God wasn't willing to listen to Brian any longer. Two angels caught Brian by his arms and led him out of heaven. The big gates of heaven were permanently closed for Brian. The angels guarding the gates held him roughly and punched his back thus, tilting him. Brian screamed as he fell to the bottom, hitting every cloud as he reached hell. An evil and crooked featured angel dragged him in.

Hell had nothing similar to heaven. Fire adorned the place. Souls screamed in agonizing pain as they were dipped into the ferocious fire. Unlike heaven, there seemed no peace in hell. The trees had ugly fruits with thorns on them. River of lava flowed down the mountains. Volcanoes erupted frequently in hell. Unlike the pretty angels of heaven, here existed creepy and dragon-like angels who punished each and every soul. Brian put his hands to his ears as the noise freaked him out. "I am so sorry god. You were right. My overconfidence has indeed landed me in trouble. Please pardon me." Cried Brian regretfully.

However, it was too late. Lord couldn't give up on his word and Brian suffered immense pain due to his overconfidence.

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