Nitesh Satapathy

Drama Crime Thriller


Nitesh Satapathy

Drama Crime Thriller

Who Killed Me?

Who Killed Me?

10 mins

 A gunshot is heard on the city’s main road and it catches everyone’s attention. A bleeding body lying by the roadside appears to be taking its last breath. Everyone had called for ambulance but they knew they could not save him. They somehow managed to take him to a nearby hospital and there he gave up the ghost.

Inside the crowded hospital, everyone was shocked by witnessing someone get injured by a gunshot. Cops were called upon while the corpse was sent to a post-mortem room.

Reports came in and according to them, it was clear murder. They had found a piece of paper on which an address was inscribed near the victim’s body. It read: no. 36th cross, Juhahilli road, near old Bunglow road.

Cops followed the address and finally reached the house it led to. The house felt very lonely; like everything was there but still, something was missing. While searching the building, they found one diary with the inscription “Mukesh’s diary.”

The diary appeared to be partially burnt and torn but they tried to read its content.

(Story in Diary…)

To understand the whole game, we have to go to the beginning. Every game has its beginning and its end and sometimes we do not know how it will end. Because in life’s game we wrongly think we can predict all things; we also think our future is absolutely in our hands. But no matter how much we try; life will find a way to deal with us. We think we have the strength we need to protect ourselves yet very often we get victimized by circumstances.

 Untold childhood

The story tells the tale of with a small kid whose attention was dead to the reality that engulfed him. He does not care about that the fact that the folks in class habitually make fun of him. Nothing really mattered to him more than the circles he drew on paper, not even his studies.

In spite of all this, there seemed to be one person who had sympathy for him, one person who cared enough to spare him half of her lunch every lunch break because he never bothered himself about anything. He would remain silent even after someone takes his lunchbox by force.


A Killer in Town

At that time, people were all afraid of a notorious criminal who was popularly referred to as ‘Oxygen.’ Some people said the name was based on the gruesome method he employs in killing people which is, by burning them alive.

Nobody knew his origin. Even his gang members did not know how he actually looks. He never communicated by any electrical means his favourite method of communication was by use of pigeon post.

He pretended to be occupied with the running of most of the pubs, discos, and casinos in the town however, that was not the only business he engaged in. His main business was actually the marketing of drugs like marijuana throughout the city. He killed all his competitors to dominate the illegal business.


A  Cop

 Like every other cop in town, Shiva’s dream was to be the one to catch Oxygen. He was so determined to bring the violence Oxygen was spreading in town to an end he could hardly think of anything else in during that time. He joined the police force not too long and as such was filled with enthusiasm for his work.

However, one thing made him constantly depressed: solitude. He lived alone in his house as the only true love he had passed on many years back. He always looked at her photo every day to keep how much he missed her in mind.


A Priest

There was a certain priest who lived close to the town. A Sage who visited temples at specific times in the month. He did not really like to show off before people so nobody had any idea about where he came from or what he did for a living. 

Meanwhile, inside the lonely house where the cops discovered the diary, no one could guess why most of the pages were missing from the diary. In their place was left a mark from burning. It seemed that someone had deliberately burnt the remaining part that was now missing. 

This made it difficult for the cops to know the whole story about what the diary contained. They searched and gathered every available evidence they could find. They interrogated some of the people around and learnt about a certain gardener.

They decided to go to his house for further investigation. His house was a typical poor man’s house. A hut with one light bulb in which asides the gardener, a boy was reading something while an old woman busied herself with cooking.

The gardener became anxious upon seeing the cops approaching his house but at the same time, he was not totally surprised because he had confidence in his master.

 After a little sigh, a cop asked, “How is everything going?

Gardener: Good Sir.

Cop: You know why we are here?

 Gardener: Yes Sir.

Cop: Can you tell me what you know about ‘Surya’?

Gardener: Yes Sir. Actually, he is a writer who earns money from working for people.

Cop: Okay…?

Cop (shows him the torn diary): Do you know about how this got torn, or who has the remaining part of it?

Gardener: It happened when I and a strange guy who wanted to burn it completely fought over it. On that day, this white-haired strange guy suddenly entered the house I was working in and began searching the house until he came upon the diary and tried to burn it. .and when he went for a ary and tried to burn it. I tried to stop him and in the process of struggling with him, the diary got torn. I only managed to save a part of it.

Cop: Interesting! Can we have a look at that part with you?

Gardener: Definitely.

They went into his house with him where he went to a drawer and took out the remaining part of the diary.

Cop: Thank you! I will be in touch with you when we need further information.

Then cop began reading the remaining part.

It read:

After being bullied every day for his silence, that child is becoming depressed by the day. But he knows there is a kind of beauty in his silence. When returning home, he usually gazes with joy at the sky; he seems to feel connected to nature.

And at home, his mom used to wait for him every day with a smiling face. She would say, “Ahh, welcome back beta, go and clean yourself and take some rest.” The boy would clean himself and take a nap after having a stressful day.

Out on the street lay a burnt body. No one witnessed what really happened but they were certain that it was murder as well as who the killer was. People were getting closer around it when all of a sudden, they heard:

“Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare rama, hare rama. Rama rama hare …”

As expected, cops arrived at the scene but at a time when it was already too late. 

As investigation concerning the incidence proceeded it became known that he was the leader of drug peddlers’ gang.

 It was yet another sunny Monday but this did not show on everyone’s face. He only packed his bags and joined. He had no idea what would happen since he was frustrated by being taunted by school mates.

But with that darkness, he could only trust some people: his mother and his friend “Kayra”.

Kayra was the only girl his mum had accepted; the only one who seemed to understand him. They used to take breakfast together and play together.

 Once when they both were roaming in the garden after they had been beaten them for no reason; when the girl tried to oppose it, they slapped her so she fell to the ground

That hurts to that boy a lot too so when he tried to oppose it, they started beating him again and this time he not just physically hurt but psychologically traumatized too.

While reading all of this, that cop could not understand anything.

He is kept thinking about everything; why is this kid’s story is here, who is that cop who was investigating Oxygen earlier? Everything was getting messier. While thinking about all this, he turned the page.

Shiva (the cop who is in charge of Oxygen’s case) started investigating furthermore about that matter, he went through all minor details.

He tried to catch all drug dealers who had ever been related to Oxygen. His investigation only led him to learn one thing: Oxygen only communicated using pigeon hole.

The cop tried to trace all the directions from where the pigeon hole messages came from till finally, he got to know the address of Oxygen, where he stays.

Oxygen stayed at the top of a hill which is a little bit far from town. Somehow, the cop gathered some courage to go there all by himself.

His place was neat. Sunrise touches his bed through the windows, A pot is there from which he used to drink water.

Surya tried to investigate everything and, in the process, he got some photographs which gave chill in his spine.

 The cop did not know what happened next after that second part of the diary, he does not have other means to know about that part so he suddenly started recalling the old man who came to steal the diary.

He again went to the gardener and asked about the old man’s address. Fortunately, he got to know the address and he followed him to his house due to his suspicious activity.

That cop visited the old man’s house. It was situated a little bit far from town.

The cops began knocking the door. When the old man looked out to realize his guests were cops, he became a little bit tensed.

The old man’s house was looking a little bit odd It was more of a lab than a house as it was filled with chemical equipment and test tubes.

 Cop: you know him (showing victim’s photo)

Oldman: no (with obvious anxiety)

Cop: I can arrest you because you tried to clear all the available evidence)

Old man: No, please Sir, I will tell you the whole story.

I was conducting an experiment in which I made a liquid that can boost someone's internal trait, quality; if someone is good he will become better, and if someone is bad he will become worse and if someone loves to sing he will become singer, if someone is evil he will become eviler.

So, I tried to test it in someone else, so one day when I saw a boy coming from the school with a very sad face so I asked what happened? He told me everything about his life. 

 So, I thought he was a suitable person for the test. As I saw that the boy has truthfulness in his heart Ii tested it on him but it did not go well as expected so, instead of getting one dominant character, he got multiple characters.

He was hurt deep down him. So hurt that emotion gave him a sense of revenge so he became a killer, and he was greatly affected by mythological character so he became a priest. He also wanted to serve justice and became a cop.

When Surya visited Oxygen’s house, he saw his photo there, he was shocked and badly needed and answer.

After that experiment, I used to follow him at first to see the result, later, to control the situation, but one day he caught me and asked me why I was following him. I told him everything and I could see pain in his face.

He could not resist the truth by knowing that he is the person he was searching for, and he only killed his mother as she got to know about his murder in his school.

The things I could not do, his own mind did, that shock destroyed his other personalities and he became normal again, but the regret could not let him live. So, he came here and started doing freelancing business to survive.

Day by day he became depressed, and at last, e took a decision, he decided to complete his oath to kill Oxygen, he did not want to live with that sin. He took his gun and he shot himself in the middle of the street.

……………………The end…………

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