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Drama Tragedy Crime



Drama Tragedy Crime

The E-mail

The E-mail

10 mins 83 10 mins 83

"Nobody loves me, yes it's true, nobody loves me. Why am I living this life? No girl will ever like me. I am just a waste. Waste of life"

This was going on inside the head of Derek. He was an average guy, 5 feet 2 inches in height, wheatish brownish complexion, hairy legs but soon to be a bald head, no talents of sport, academics, nothing. He could not talk to girls as he was not what they wanted....he was not tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, genius. He was just existing. His friend John was calling him but he was so demotivated that he did not reply. 

Well, John his only dearest friend in town knew everything about him and he had promised that one day he will soon have a girlfriend and John will help him with it. But nothing had started yet. All just words. 

One fine day, he opened up his laptop and his mail to check the status of his job application that he had sent on a portal a few days back. But he saw a strange mail in the name of Ms. Riyana. The subject was: Open it when you are alone. 

He opened the mail. In it this was written: 

I know you. You are an average guy, a peaceless soul, a dumped cake. You want love, you need warmth and I too want that. I can fulfill your thirst as you can do for me. I can be your friend, your soulmate, your baby, your darling, your everything and so you can be for me. If you seriously want some good in your life and become an adult, Call me on this no. 98xxxxxx89. 

Yours truly

Riyana S.

Derek was amazed. He was anxious, surprised, thrilled, and flowing with multiple emotions. The adrenaline was shooting high in his body along with testosterone. He called Riyana. What he heard after that was a melodious voice, a cuckoo bird singing on phone, a nightingale decorating his life with her musical enchantments. He was just lost in her speech. She asked his name first and he told it asap. Then she asked his hometown and he replied instantly. Later after a few minutes, she asked "Can we meet Derek maybe tomorrow at 6 pm near Waydon street? I suppose you will come as I want to meet you eagerly."

Derek was not willing to meet her. He thought once she would see him, he is bound to get heartbroken. So before he starts falling for her its better that he himself told her all the truth about himself. 

Thus, He told her that he is just 5 feet 2 inches, an average looking guy, nothing special, nothing too much there for her to admire. So, she should not meet him. He asked her that if she loves looks and external features then there is nothing he could give her. But if she wants pure and selfless love, then he is ready to even give his life for her. 

Riyana said that she too wants the same and asked him to see her tomorrow. 

Derek said "Ok then, I will come to Riyana. I love you. Will see you tomorrow my lady."

But something was hidden. How suddenly a girl comes and shows interest in an average boy, surprising. Derek also thought the same. But then as people say you need to take the risk, you need to expose yourself and interact with people. All his life till the date he had been shy, introverted, facing inferiority complex, lack of confidence. And now a girl has come herself to befriend him, give him love. She needs some love too. Maybe she is also dejected by the worldly demons as he was. So he decided to get up and meet her near Waydon street. But why Waydon street? It's an isolated area. Well whatever, he will see it tomorrow and ask her the reason. 

The next day at 6 pm he left his house. He told his mother that he will come back late at night might be by 11 pm. Mother asked him the reason and he lied that he was going for a group study at his friend John's place. Mother agreed and then he ran towards Waydon street. 

He took a cab and reached there. 

Then he saw a girl in a black skirt, white top, so beautiful, so gorgeous, having long hair, and a highly fair complexion. And surprisingly she was 4'9. Wow. She was smaller than Derek. Now, with excitement, He called "Riyana, is that you?" 

"Derek is that you", she asked to which he nodded. Then to his surprise, she hugged and kissed her. Wow. That was fast. At first meet she kissed him. He was on the seventh sky by now. They walked along the street and talked. They were lost in each other. It was 7:30 now. She asked him if he was feeling hungry to which Derek agreed. Then she told him that he called him near the street as she lives here only. She asked him to come to his home and meet his father. Derek was hesitant. Derek asked her " firstly tell how do u know me? I am seriously surprised that we never met and you know me."

She said that his friend John was a mutual friend of hers on Facebook. He showed her his photos one day and after that seriously I fell in love at first sight. She also apologized as she just kissed and hugged him so quickly without asking but she said that she thinks she knows him for years. Once he gets the job she will marry him and will have kids, family, and love. 

"Oh Johnny, he spills all the beans always. But I am thankful to him this time. Ok darling lets go and meet my father in law." said Derek. 

Then they went towards a house at the corner of the street. It was looking old and shabby. But Derek did not mind. He wanted a sweet and loving girlfriend who will soon be his life partner irrespective of her status. He knocked and rang the bell after Riyana sked him so. 

After a minute, the door opened. A man 6 feet tall, muscular, and matured had opened it. He asked "Riyana, is that the young boy you were talking since last week? Hey, mister are you the smart young intelligent Derek?"

Derek was surprised. Smart, intelligent, handsome. He had forgotten that such words do exist in his life. But now they were being put for him. Was it a dream. He pinched himself. No, not at all. 

"Hey, are you Derek? You look shocked and confused. What happened? I am Steve, Riyana's old Dad."

"No, nothing happened sir. It's just I am really happy to see you and Riyana. She is truly loving like you. Really, honored to meet you sir, and thanks for compliments."

Steve welcomed him and asked him to come inside. Derek now saw the house. It was better inside. He sat on the table. Riyana said" Father please bring your classic tomato soup. Derek, I suppose you will surely love that. My father makes the best tomato soup in town. Seriously. 

Derek though hated tomatoes but now it was love that made him love everything. Still, he agreed.

Steve brought the soup in a few minutes. He exclaimed that he was making it already as he knew he would be seeing a handsome guy for his girl today. 

They were having it and Steve asked Derek about his hobbies, his present status, and future plans. Derek was telling all that but suddenly Derek was feeling dizzy. Derek said " Sir I think I am not feeling good. Can u please bring a glass of water, a glass of"....and he fainted. What happened. He was all well. 

The next morning Derek woke up. He was lying on a bed in a filthy room. He was surprised who brought him here. He was having soup on the table in the drawing-room. Yes, he was having soup. Wait where are Riyana and Steve?

He shouted" Riyana, uncle Steve, where are you? Riyana, darling where are you?" 

No replies. He got off the bed and wait. His abdomen was paining badly. He was having extreme pain at his left side of the abdomen. What's happening. He was all well yesterday. But now this pain is sucking him off.

He took off his phone. He saw 30 missed calls from his mother. He called her back and said he feel asleep at john's place while studying. He will come back in an hour so she could relax. Mom agreed and asked him to come faster. Breakfast is ready.

But the pain was still there. He disconnected the call and now He was feeling horrible. He somehow reached the drawing-room and again shouted " Riyana, Uncle Steve, where are...Ahhh the pain....." 

He thought something is definitely odd. They are not there, the house is vacant like anything. Then suddenly he heard a voice coming from an almirah. He knocked on the door of the same. Then a knocking was heard from inside. He realized somebody is in. Wait, in almirah!

He was shocked. But that somebody needs help. He took a hockey stick lying nearby and broke the door off. An old man came out. He was looking weak as if he was there in the almirah for days. He was wrapped with a cloth on his mouth. He was looking worn and torn.

Derek took the cloth off his mouth. He thanked Derek. 

The old man was Robert, a 65-year-old man living in this house for the last 40 years. He was retired and living alone there.

Derek asked " Who did this with you, Robert? Who had trapped you? And where is Riyana? Where is Steve? Are they your knowns? 

Robert replied that he does not know anyone called Riyana or Steve. He just knows that a tall muscular man with a young girl had done this to him. They had come 2-3 days back asking for help as their car had broken. He let them in but then the guy made him hostage in his own home. 

The girl was around 4-5 feet and the guy was 6 feet muscular and healthy.

Derek exclaimed in shock" Riyana and her Dad. This cant be true. Ah, the pain....."

He fell on the ground. Robert tried to help him out and asked what is this pain. Derek told me that he had been having this since morning. Derek asked him to call a doctor.

The doctor arrived after half an hour. Doctor asked Mr. Robert how was he and Robert told him the whole story. The doctor was surprised. " Humanity is going where? I believe Earth is heading towards hell. What can we say?" He gave medicines to Robert and asked him to rest. Then he went to see Derek as he was shouting in pain. 

The doctor then saw Derek and asked him to take off the shirt. Derek did the same and then what happened was shocking for the Doc.

The doctor saw his abdomen. The doctor was surprised, shocked, and then realized what had happened in just a few hours.

Doctor asked him what he was doing since last night like what had he eaten, what was he doing here, is this his home? 

Derek told him that he was here since last night with his so-called GF Riyana and her father Steve. Then he told him he had soup last night and after that, he does not remember anything.

Today when he woke up, he was there on the bed upstairs and had terrible pain out there. 

Then he asked" Why did you ask this Doctor? What's the matter? What is it to have with last night. I was well and well last night? The pain started in the morning.

The doctor told him to come to the hospital and bring 300,000 dollars if he wishes to remove the pain in entirety as the case is serious. 

Derek was puzzled and shocked. 3,00,000 dollars. Is it a joke. Though pain is terrible but still. Is the doctor gone mad? He asked the doctor "Why are you nuts. Are you going to do surgery or something? I believe medicines can do the work."

To which doctor said, Yes, Derek, your maybe your so-called GF and her father are running a kidney racket pal. They must have taken out your left kidney, last night by doing an operation. See stitches are quite fresh. 

Most probably it was taken out of your body by giving you anesthesia in the soup and that's why you don't remember anything after that moment. So, Romeo if you want to recover we need to do a kidney transplant, and you need to come to the hospital with that much money. Else live with just one as one will also suffice for the human body. The choice is your boy. 

Derek fainted again.......

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