Swaraj Manchanda

Comedy Drama


Swaraj Manchanda

Comedy Drama

The Envelope...

The Envelope...

5 mins

It was the wedding of Sanya, the charm of the Aggarwal house. The house was decorated like a palace and the bride was literally looking a princess. All were excited and in haste. Ram, her brother asked Shashi their cousin to pick the white envelope to be given to the groom from the family at the time of gettogether at the time the family photo on stage. 

He opened the drawer and saw two envelopes both white and nothing mentioned on them. Then someone called Shashi from upstairs. He handed over one of the envelopes to Ram without opening them. Ram and Shashi had to rush to the venue to see arrangements at the pandal. Ram also hurriedly taped it up with a gift parcel assuming Shashi must have opened and seen the envelope once.  Then he shouted "Shashi, Shashi, come bro. We are already late. Just come faster... "Thankfully, Aggarwals' made it

The wedding ceremony was an awesome function. All were looking extremely beautiful, arrangements were dazzling and amazing. Groom's family was impressed with the food, decorations, people, liquor arrangements for VIP guests of the groom's side, and everything especially gifts, car, and others. 

2 days later after getting done with wedding arrangements, Ram decided to post the other white envelope kept in the drawer to pay his admission fees of a renowned MBA college. A cheque was already there in the envelope hence he did not open it and just put the address and sent it via courier. He was already a bit late in posting the envelope as the last date for admission and fees payment was approaching. 

He was very happy as he had got admission to one of the most renowned institutes in the entire Asian region. People dreamt of going there and he was going to live that dream in a few days. His efforts and good marks made it possible. He was ready to go to Mumbai, tickets duly booked for the next day after admission stands over and he started dreaming of the post-graduation and job after that. London, Paris will be the place of work and no more just dreams. 2-3 days later he decided to check whether the fees were received or not. No message. Might be courier has not reached yet. Ok, wait for 1-2 more days. As that will be the max time for a courier from Delhi to Mumbai. 

After 2 further days, he called up the courier service to ask whether the envelope had reached the place. They said yes, it was delivered. Bank message also turned up stating that 456,666 stands debited. Hence he was relaxed.  He also wanted to ensure receipt of fees took place at the college end. Hence he called up their helpline but it was busy. After 3 hours still busy. 

Then the next day was the last day for admissions. He again called but no reply from college authorities. He decided that tomorrow they will show the list of candidates and he will see his name there only as the fee has reached so might be he is just doubtful. Father also said the same and assured him not to worry so much. He had worked hard and all is done...

The next day Ram opened up the website of the college and searched the admission list. It was uploaded. It was a 3-page list. He searched his name and roll no. But could not find any. He called up the admission helpline. Thankfully this time they picked. He told his problem and the officer asked him to wait. 

Then he said, "why are you lying Mr. Ram? You have not paid the fees hence your application stood rejected. You sent only Rs. 5,000 cash but admission fees is Rs. 4,56,666 to be sent online or cheque." Ram was shocked. He said this cannot happen. He had sent the cheque of the same amount and the amount is already debited from his account.  He was terribly shocked. Money was gone, admission was gone, how? Why? He called up bank helpline but none responded. He cried the whole day and locked him inside his room. The family was shocked and bewildered. What had happened was unimaginable! How did the cheque of 4,56,666 become 5,000 cash?

The next day the groom' s father Mr. Goel called up Mr. Mohan Aggarwal i.e. Ram' and Sanya's father and thanked him for such awesome arrangements. He told all the family members and relatives really appreciated the arrangements. Also, he said that giving cheque in place of cash looked a bit absurd and different initially but since the amount was literally huge and such a typically mathematical or astrological figure so cheque only could have sufficed hence he accepted and withdrawn a few days later. 

He asked him, "I believe you have deep faith in astrology that's why you chose such a figure right?"

Mr. Mohan was confused. Large and typical figure and that too cheque! They had planned for cash and that too nominal one as they had already gifted car with a lavish wedding arrangement and tons of wine flowing...

He was surprised as cheque was never involved in gifts. He asked Shashi that whether any cheque was to be given by anyone? Shashi said, "he did not know". 

Then he asked Ram the same question and he said, "no dad only cash was to be given. But, no, wait, Dad, can you please ask Mr. Goel the amount of cheque?"

"How is this possible? It will look embarrassing yaar." 

"Dad, please ask him else let me ask. "

"Ok, ok, wait I will ask. "

"Mr. Goel, thanks for your compliments but cheque of huge amount, I can't get this one. I hope you are not playing with me. Still, if it's true then can you please explain as I can't remember any cheque..."

"Mr. Mohan, now your modesty. I am not playing sir. Ah, such a nice soul you are. You gave such a huge and astrological figure and you forgot that. What big value you have really!  I literally feel blessed to have a relative like you. Salute sir. Your daughter is a true image of yours sir. 

Sir, amount is Rs.4,56,666 dot. Thank you, sir, we will use it for Sanya and Rajeev's honeymoon or any function of their child in the future, after all, it's all astrology. Even you could also suggest if you wish. Please tell me what can we do with this?"

Silence prevailed then...

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