Swaraj Manchanda

Drama Fantasy


Swaraj Manchanda

Drama Fantasy

I want to be Ray M.....

I want to be Ray M.....

7 mins

The doorbell rings. Mrs. Simone opened the door. It was our girl, Sara. She shouted "Sara, where were you? I was waiting for you for so long.....No calls, no messages, nothing. I believe that since there is no Dad now, so you think you can do anything, come and leave home anytime. But I won't tolerate this. I will be worst than him if you behave like this. Tell me where were you?" 

"Mom, I was at Luci's. I was stressed out so I went there. Please leave me alone. I am going to have a nap. Talk to you later mumma."

She kissed her mom and went to her room. 

Sara was having periods. She was stressed out. She felt that men don't face any such issues. They can go anywhere, no late-coming stress, no haircut issue and no parlour visits, no dressing etiquettes, no eating and marital pressures, no pregnancy issues post-sex, no waxing, no threading. They have one way only, Live as you love. 

Seriously plus freedom to do any damn thing. We girls just think, but only men, they are allowed to do anything. 

She asked herself that Why she was a girl? Why not a boy? If god comes to her home and grants her a wish, she will surely ask him to make her a tall handsome, muscular man. Somewhere like Ray M., ya why not? Huh, Ray M, he was her favourite singer. Wow Ray M. The macho man....

He was a man who was tall, handsome, muscular, fearless, apart from being a melodious one. Yes, she must be that man who will decide when to come, when to go, a man who is loved by all, appraised by all even when he sneezes.

Next day, as usual. Mrs. Simone started shouting on the milkboy. He was as usual late. Then she started preparing breakfast and began calling Sara. Today Sara was also late as usual. She was not ready yet. But, It was her class test today. How can she be so ignorant. So Mrs. Simone started yelling her name repeatedly. She was behaving carelessly everyday.

Sara finally woke up. Slowly she went to the bathroom and began brushing her teeth. But when she went to spit and saw the mirror, she shouted loud.....

it was something unbelievable.

What was that? She had a beard, short hair, muscles, taller height, manly eyebrows, heavy voice. She was a man now...And she was Ray M. 

What? How is this possible. Did God hear her yesterday? Was the prayer taken seriously by God?? Bloody hell. How can this happen? Why did not she ask for tons of gold from God? If he was so courteous yesterday, She would have been a billionaire today! 

What the hell. She must be dreaming. Ya its an illusion. Gender transformation and that too with a prayer is bullshit. She rinsed her eyes and saw the mirror again. And yes, now she was a "he". 

Mrs. Simone yelled again. Sara was stressed now. What to do man? She went to the bathroom, took off her shirt and saw her body. She fainted. 

After a few minutes, she gained consciousness. She heard knocking on the door. Mrs. Simone was asking her to come out fast as breakfast was on the table. Phone was ringing continuously downstairs so she had to run to take it.

Sara decided to bath faster and move towards the college without being noticed by even her mom. She decided to cover her face so that no one notices her. She bathed, donned her clothes which were tight now so she wore a nicker a girlish one and just jumped off the window and ran.

She was running madly. People were staring and laughing at her. She was looking as a joke. A man wearing girls top and a nicker. 

She somehow boarded the bus for the college. After 20 minutes, Bus arrived at the college gate. She got off and moved to enter.

But the guard stopped her and asked for the identity. She said she is a student but guard refused to believe as no such student was there he could remember. He asked to remove the monkey cap she was wearing. 

She had to unwillingly put off the monkey mask as it was her compulsory test and what happened was bizarre. 

A guy shouted, "Hey, all see its Ray M. In our college in this fancy outfit. It's his concert....yesssss.....whoah....."

Students rushed towards her and gathered for pics and autograph. 

News reporters were called. It's Ray M, going live for a new concert in St. Xaviers College. What???

Sara was a damn poor singer. She was famous in her bathroom only. How come she will sing for thousands? And literally thousands???? She fainted again. 

After an hour Sara was admitted in a ward at City Hospital. And there were standing original, world's favourite and only Mr. Ray M. He was having a team of lawyers and a cop as well.

He was angry, startled, surprised all at once. It appeared as if he was seeing himself in mirror....or an imposter trying to ruin his image by being a girly Ray M. 

He wanted to beat Sara. After she opened her eyes, He asked, 

"Who are you boy. I am surprised that doctors and cheats like you have made so many advancements in Science that you can become whoever you want huh? But I am Ray M. I won't spare you. You will die worst than a dog. I will make ur life hell. You will curse yourself for being born as a man. For becoming me and you are wearing girl's top and these pink knickers. You have made me a joke. I am a man, macho. I am not this. I will kill you. "

Sara was shocked. She started crying. She was tensed. What was happening. Her favourite singer was looking like a goon, a bouncer, a ruthless landlord who was determined to throw the tenant away from home. He was not the kind Ray M., she knew. He was something else. 

Ray M was also shocked. seeing her cry. He asked her why was she crying. 

Sara decided to run away from here as she was in deep trouble. No one would believe in her now. She somehow pushed Ray back and jumped off the window. 

She ran faster towards her home. 

She took a cab and rushed. Police were following her. She rang the bell repeatedly. Mrs. Simone turned up. She saw sara in the face of Ray M. And now she fainted. 

Sara ignored her and rushed towards her room and prayed to God to please make her the same average Sara again. She cried, lamented, and just fell on the floor. She wanted her life back. She wanted her same self back. She was an average, a failure, but she was herself not a borrowed identity. She cried heavily and then laid down on the floor. She cursed herself for her prayer yesterday. She wanted to be same old cute and lean Sara not this hump of muscle without that heart. Sara in a while after crying heavily closed her eyes and went in to sleep. 

Then suddenly alarm rang up. She woke up and saw its 10 am. 

Mrs. Simone was shouting her name as usual.

She heavily and gradually moved towards the bathroom and saw the mirror again. What happened was a miracle.

 She was the same average girl, Sara. But wait how come? She was Ray M. No. What's happening? She washed her face twice thrice and yes she was back. She pinched herself to confirm. Ow, she was back. Still it's doubtful. So she decided to confirm. She remembered that media was there at the gate so if Ray M was wearing girls' top it must be viral on news and the internet.

 So, she switched on the TV and switched to the news channel to see the latest news of today. 

It was election time. Candidates were running for votes and asking celebs for their favours. 

Famous Singer and activist Ray M, was going to promote the next presidential candidate Klein Davis in a concert at St. Xaviers College tomorrow.....


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