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Drama Crime


Ankita Goswami

Drama Crime

Love After Life

Love After Life

10 mins

She was howling... No one was there to force stop her tears falling out almost all day long from her big and beautiful eyes... Her beloved was no more in this perishable earth. Her man died because of a sudden unknown illness and took away her soul forever with him. She was simply devastated seeing all her dreams to be shattered. She found herself completely lost and helpless in front of the frozen and motionless body of her lover. How beautiful were those days they had spent together gazing at each other, thinking of each other!

They were in the deepest state of love possessing a strong bonding of more than five long years. Their relationship seemed to be more powerful than those of the others in the recent times since they wholeheartedly kept faith on friendship. Yes, Shina had lost not only her would-be husband but also her closest pal, the most compassionate companion she had ever had in her life. After the untimely demise of her partner she discovered herself to be alone, totally alone. "Then, for what I'm still here, alive in this hardcore mortal world? Where lies the significance of such worthless and useless life without you honey? I feel like I'm dying, as if my heart has stopped beating and my lungs have put an end to my breathing. Am becoming stoic, petrous, all my emotions start drowning showing least interest in getting recovered. Sam, let me come to you. You just embrace me and kiss my lips and I swear I'll receive my paradise......"

That very day, Shina shut the door of her room and locked herself from inside. She was thoughtful and trying to figure out her fault for what God had been so harsh, so unkind to her. Everything was vague and she remained undone again and again. Lastly, she decided to quit not just imagining over her deeds but also bearing her life in the near future... Yes, she planned to end up her earthly body that was just like nothing but a figurine for her at that moment. Shina took a knife and was about to give a stroke to her hand's vein but all of a sudden she felt something that was generating obstacles for the completion of this work. Her body became excessively light and weightless and she realized to be in a state of floating. A cold arm was holding her waist and a chin, she felt, just placed on her shoulder. She didn't fear at all and mustered the courage to look behind and "Oh my God!! It's you... Where have you gone leaving me lonely, making my world filled with utter darkness?? Tell me Sam, tell me....." and she put her head on Sam's chest holding him tightly and repeating the same question again and again while crying like hell.

Sam waited for Shina to stop whipping and after that he started on stating about his journey towards death that has smashed Shina from within.. She paid heed to each and every word of her Sam and received a great shock. "What are you talking about Sam? It's impossible..."

"Hey Shina, do you think I came to you in this way just to bluff?"

"No, no dear.. I didn't mean that. I just tried to say that maybe you are guessing wrong.. After all, you're also a human being and like any other man you too may have mistaken..."

Sam smiled a bit and continued, "Oh my love, am not a human anymore.."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Shina, here you are witnessing not an unstable human figure but an eternal soul in me. I have appeared here just to stop you from quiting your worldly essence and revealing the truth you're unaware of my end. I don't have enough time and have to make haste to leave you again. Forgive me, I am extremely sorry..."

Entirely grief-stricken Shina wasn't ready for separation again in a new form. She demanded not to get parted but her wish couldn't be fulfilled as mentioned by her Sam.

"Well, if you wish, just go away... I won't stop you and will certainly keep your words but... but you have to show me how your life was put to an end. Unleash the whole fact. No, don't misjudge me... I have absolute trust on you but I would only like to view the brutality, the cruelty that my mother posed on you. That would aid me to make her puzzled, to fix her into a labyrinth, otherwise I won't be able to make her admit her sin. Please Sam, don't let me down... Don't fail me in attaining this... I want to see my mom behind the bars and you've to help me out with proofs..."

Sam answered positively and just like a juggler moved his palms from right to left first and then got back to the previous position with the same act. This hand movement formed a hovering cloud like thing where some incidents began to take place. It was nothing but the visibility of each minute detail before the murder of Sam, done by Shina's mother... An utterly shocking and terrible pictures were being visualised silently by those two. Shina became awestruck noticing how her dearest mom took the benefit of Sam's sickness. She portrayed the whole situation in a way that Sam suddenly felt unwell due to high fever and this weakness might lead to a hidden stroke which was ultimately responsible for snatching life of a young and bright boy.

Actually, Shina wanted Sam to visit her at her place on that particular day when her mother was all set to kill Sam. Misses Gomes was pretty confident about the way she was planning things. She chalked out everything so perfectly that even Shina couldn't help herself from keeping complete faith on her mother. She got out of the house to take some food to elevate the level of welcoming Sam, who stepped into Gomes' bungalow for the first time. In the mean time, Misses Gomes asked Sam to take rest on the bed because of his ailment and offered him a cup of coffee mixed with a strong medicine to make him senseless and without any surprise, after taking two or three sips, Sam became drowsy. His eyelids were closing and finally he got unconscious. That was the only trick Shina's mom had played to divert one and only Shina. Mrs. Gomes thereafter placed a pillow on Sam's face and pressed it properly throughout until the young man breathed his last. She finished all these before her daughter's return. 

After Shina came, she found her boyfriend lying on the bed of her room as peacefully as she could ever imagine. She fell in love again with the same charming and charismatic persona. She began to praise in mind the divinity and purity reflected through sleeping Sam's visage. She didn't think of making him awake as for her it became the most beautiful environment where she could stare at Sam without any dilemma, without any barrier. No one was there to disturb them. She just knew Sam was sick and taking a nap to get well but when after two hours she tried to wake him up, she discovered him dead. Her whole universe got ruined just in a minute and she had been blaming herself for neglecting her partner's sickness. "If I took proper steps and tried to speak to him, then.... Then maybe...." And she couldn't continue lamenting over everything she had faced. The policeman, investigating the death, concealed the entire fact because of the bribe accepted by him. This total incident paralysed the mental state of Shina.

But that day after meeting the holy soul of Sam, she came to know all the unknown. Then, she had only two options left with her, either she had to kill herself or she had to expose her mother and Shina chose the second path for the first. Being a single mother, Misses Gomes was highly attached to Shina but nothing could justify the crime she had done, the pain that the lovers had undergone. 

Shina was determined to unleash the secrets of her mother and for this, at the very beginning she had to create the exactly similar situation once again. She made her mother believe that she had overcome the past and was ready to get hitched with Miky, son of her late father's friend. She requested her mom to call on that boy so that they could know each other before getting hooked up and her mom agreed to do so gladly.

The day when Miky reached their bungalow, Shina told her mother to bring some piquant readymade dishes from the nearby food joint. After half an hour, when Mrs. Gomes arrived she was a bit shocked and nervous since she realized that Miky was sleeping just in a way Sam slept his last. Her sweaty face was a proof of her tension. She hurriedly came near Miky to break his sleep but her daughter caught her hand and requested her not to wake him up as he was feeling sick.

"He needs rest mom. Let him sleep."


"No but... Let him just have a sound sleep."

Thus Shina stopped her mother and came again to wake Miky up after almost two hours... But he didn't respond at all. Mrs. Gomes was highly surprised as she saw everything resembling the day's happenings when she did the dreadful deed. 

"Miky.... Wake up please. You can't do this..."

"What has he done mom? He has done nothing. All that is occurring just for me..."

"You fool!!! What are you talking about?"

"Oh my dearest nearest mother.. I have murdered him..(smile horribly)"


Mrs. Gomes became speechless...

"Yes, I've given it a fruitful result since I was inspired by you..."


"Yes, mom... I just followed your footsteps for killing..."

"All rubbish! Don't befool me and now speak to Miky."

"Mom, he isn't in the state of speaking anymore.. Don't you see there's no movement?"

"Why?? Why have you done this?"

"Since you did it to me.. You tried to murder me mom.. You killed me...."

"What? I didn't murder you my love... I've killed only Sam not you......" And she shut her mouth in no moment after telling such unwanted truth...

"Right mom, absolutely right.. You killed my soul, my love of life. You have stolen my purpose of staying in this earth mom..."

" No, no... Baby, it was a slip of tongue.."

"Mom, you've just told you're the murderer of my Sam and such type of statement can never be uttered mistakenly... Why are you still pretending to be innocent that you're not at all? Miky isn't dead. He is just senseless. I can never do such henious thing even to my foe what you've done to my Sam."

Shina started screaming and the police entered the room to arrest Mrs. Gomes. This was quite obvious that Shina had used this trap against her mother along with the honest cops. Mrs. Gomes had been being interrogated where she was bound to utter each and every single truth.....

Two days after the incident happened in the Gomes' house, a dead body was found from the same. No one but Shina died by suicide. She was affirmed to kill herself after giving her mother a strong punishment with imprisonment. Mrs. Gomes was highly concerned about her prestige and hence, she was not fond of her daughter's relationship with a middle-class man like Sam. Shina better knew that capturing by the police would certainly be an insult to such false honour and reputation and that would definitely be the greatest ever punishment her mom could have in lifetime. Besides, her suicide would be there to break her mother down completely as she knew how deep her mother was in love with her.... She just gifted her mother an isolated life within a small and shadowy chamber......

Thus, she fulfilled all those she promised to her own self and went to her love to live in heaven forever.. Their love thus got immortalized.

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