DevaDas Menon

Crime Drama


DevaDas Menon

Crime Drama

Divine Justice

Divine Justice

10 mins

Raman Nair was a hardcore communist from the age of fifteen he used to go for meetings with his father, now he was aged forty years, five years back he had lost his father in an accident, since then he had involved himself more in party activities.

He missed his father very much for he was very close to him. He lived alone in the house, where he felt his fathers presence. A portion of the house he had given for rent which was source of income for him, he lived a frugal life. His day started with going to the party office, where the day's programe would be discussed. His party secretary Achuthan was already at the office when he reached. And as the day progressed the agenda was set. Raman Nair would then direct the others and send them on various chores. By evening he would leave for home by bus. Though he had a bike he used the bus most of the time, on reaching home, he would spend his time by reading books or watching TV. He had learnt cooking from his father, he made his own dinner. Tomorrow he had to go to the police station, where his comrade Ravindran was being held on suspicion of murder charges. after dinner he was resting when In the night he recieved a call from the secretary, Ravindran had escaped from lock up, I have just recieved the news from the police station.

The police had let him out to eat his dinner, seeing the oppurtunity he escaped. The police might come to your house searching for him, you better leave or else they might hold you on suspicion of hiding him. Raman said "comrade leaving now will send the wrong Signal. I will be very much at my home. Be careful, Comrade, the secretary said and cut off his call. He was not tense at the news of Ravindran's escape he wen to sleep. some time in the night he heard his cell ringing, he picked it up and saw the time on the home screen it was eleven forty. Yes he answered, it was from Achuthan, Come urgently to the party office, What happend, Raman asked, "Ravindran has been shot by the police near the partam bridge". he was trying to escape . Raman was shocked in to silence. The secretary asked, are you there.

Yes Raman said, I have called other comrades too, they will be comming to the party office. Raman locked his house, and, started his bike, his mind was agitated, he could not think straight, so many questions, in his mind, he collected himself and reached the party office In twenty minutes. There were other comrades who had arrived. All waited for the party secretary to come. He arrived and came to the point straight away and said let us gothe police station.

All the party workers arrived at the police station. The secretary asked his party workers to stand outside. But he asked Raman to come with him . They entered the police station. The scene inside was tense, The Sub Inspector got up on seeing the secretary. What happend the secretary asked the SI, After all of them sat down. The SI Started speaking. "Ravindran was let out of his lock up for his dinner, which we had ordered. He asked that he be excused, to go to the washroom. Trusting him I allowed him to go with an escort as the wash room was outside the station. But to our shock, he, pushed the escort and escaped. The secretary asked "then what happened? We started searching all his known places. but we could not find him. Then late in the night at,about twelve a patrolling party, Informed us that he was sighted near partam bridge. We knew that his friend Shekran lived there. We went there went to Shekran's house. We knocked on the door. There was no answer. Sudenly we heard someone running from the back door. We rushed to the back and saw Ravindran running. We called out to him to surrender.

But instead he turned around , and fired at us, we were shocked, and returned the fire He took a bullet and died. The SI paused. Raman looked at SI and said"you expect us to believe this nonsense. he continued where is Shekran". In the confusion he escaped. What kind of gun did Ravindran have? The SI replied "Its a country made one, probably Shekran might have loaned it to Ravindran"The secretary got up and along with him Raman also got up, the body, the secretary asked "We sent it for post mortem". You have got a big problem on your hands, the comrades are all worked up they will lynch you. The secretary asked the SI when will the body be released after PostMortem. The SI said by tomorrow afternoon. The secretary looked at Raman and said "go and tell the comrades what happend, and, also inform his wife about her husband's death". Raman nodded and went out.

The secretary told the SI "you better leave saying, you are going to the hospital or else, the comrades will not let you get away"Come with me, he said they both went outside The secretary spoke to his party workers The SI is going to the hospital so let him go. The crowd parted as the inspector made his way to his Jeep. Raman said "Comrade I am going to inform Ravindran's

Wife "I am taking comrade Sharda with me, it's better to have a female comrade on such occassion. The secretary told Raman tell her to come here. We need her presence. Raman nodded and left the place.

The Party met the next day to call for a strike To highlight police atrocities. Ravindran's wife Radhika arrived she refused to take the body. Saying her husband has been murderd. She was sitting near the police station on dharna. All the comrades Were also sitting in support. Raman asked the secretary what about the SI where is he. The secretary Said I don't know. Raman

Said I will go home, comrade. Raman did not believe in a god for his party believed there was no god. But every time he passed the temple of Bagwathi [DurgaMaa]on his way home he had a strange feeling. In his life time he had not stepped in to a temple. After freshening up. He slept for some time. His cell started ringing he was informed that Ravindran's body has come after post mortem.

The secretary convinced Radhika to accept the body. The funeral was well attended. It was late night after the party meeting that the comrades' all dispersed, Raman was still skeptical about the encounter. Where was Shekran, why was he hiding. Raman was on his way home, It started raining. He stopped his bike near the temple. He got down and went to a shelter inside the temple It was late in the night. He looked towards the temple, He knew the Idol of the godess was made of gold and had antique value. He heard voices from inside the temple. Surprised, he ventured inside and to his shock, he saw a robbery in progress. Two people one had opend the sanctoum, and, was inside holding the idol while the other was Standing guard. Raman knew it was none of his business. but he could not stand mutely. He went out looking for a weapon. Then he saw a walking stick forgotten or left there by some old man. Taking the stick he went inside the temple behind the one standing outside. He was looking at his companion.

Inside the sanctoum

His back was to Raman raising the walking stick he hit the man on the back of his head with all his strength . The man had no chance he went down. The other person inside was so shocked that when Raman swung the walking stick at his face it caught him on his jaw he too fell down. Raman stepped over him and retrieved the idol. As he held it, he felt a kind of vibration within him .He looked at image of the godess, she seemed to be smiling at him. He phoned the secretary and informed him about the theft. After some time, the secretary arrived Raman handed over the Idol and pointed towards the two men. I will take care of this you look tired you should go and take rest. Raman arrived at his home . After he had settled down he heard a knock, he opend the door, It was the Sub Inspector,Raman looked at him angrily and said what is it. Sir, I want to talk. Come in Raman said. Sir,

I will tell you what happend that night,around eight o clock I recieved a phone call on my station's landline. It was a very authorative voice which told me, you will let Ravindran escape or else you will lose your family. Then he said give the phone to Ravindran. I brought him out of his cell. and gave him the landline.

Ravindran spoke to the person on the phone, then said I will leave now and walked out of the police station. The other police personel looked at me, I told them about the phone call and my family being threatend. They all kept quiet. After some time I recieved another phone call,Ravindran will be near partam bridge at his friend shekar's house, go there, at twelve o clock and shoot him down make it like an encounter. The SI paused, Raman looked at him in disbelief. After shooting Ravindran down, I Took his cell phone and there was a country gun with which he was to shoot us .I took that too I want to show you something on Ravindran's cell phone.He took out ,Ravindran's cell phone and said look at this, he clicked the video recorder , There were four people in the frame one Ravindran, his wife, the secretary, The secretary's hand was around Ravindran's wife shoulder's, showing they had some thing going on, that too in front of her husband, the fourth man was a stranger.

The conversation was about the idol, the stranger was offering a huge sum to the three of them. In a flash, Raman understood every thing They had conspired to steal the idol and sell it. The secretary was having an affair with Ravindran's wife. But who had taken the video. Ravindran might have been blackmailing the secretary with the video.He took out his cell phone, the secretary's

Call was logged at eleven forty. But the encounter took place at twelve o clock.The secretary had phoned him before the encounter.So every thing had

Been preplanned.

It was enough evidence. He told the SI about the theft of the idol and how he gave it to the secretary. He asked the SI if the gun that was found on Ravindran

Have you got it .

The SI nodded his head, is it loaded yes he said , Where is it, In my Bag. you are carrying it around, I found it on Ravindran and took it from him . I checked, it was loaded. Ok I said give it me. You know how to use it . Yes I said, I learnt how to use it. The SI opend his bag and taking out the country made gun handed it over to Raman. Raman then phoned the secretary, the phone was picked up,Comrade,he asked what about the Idol. The secretary said It's with me, I will personally hand it over to the temple authorities. Comrade, where are you ,I am at home. Can I meet you. I want to talk to you.Of course

You know my house. Raman reached the secretary's house. The secretary told him to come in. Radhika Ravindran's wife was there, She came to meet me for some help. Where is the Idol, Raman asked,oh that, it's there, He said pointing towards a card board box.

The SI met me and handed over the cell phone of Ravindran. He had taken it from Ravindran after his death.Raman said ,I will show you the video. The secretary and Radhika looked at each other. You had him killed, I said. You called the police station threatening the SI's family,to leave Ravindran.then you give me a call at eleven forty and say that he was shot in an encounter. When in fact he was killed at twelve o clock ,Then you also fooled me with the Idol. This cell contains all the evidence against you. I am sorry Raman said,for what I am about to do, you not only fooled me but all those comrades who trusted you. He took out the country gun, and , shot them at point blank range. like Ravindran was shot.He then took the gun and carefully hid it in the bag, that he had brought for the purpose. The gun he would hand over to the SI, he would know what to do with it. Then taking out his handkerchief he wrapped it around his hand to make sure that there would be no fingerprints,then picked up the Idol from the card board box and kept it standing, to make it look like as if Godess Bhagwathi was looking smilingly at their dead bodies and saying, You cannot escape Divine Justice.

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