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Mother the Face of God

Mother the Face of God

9 mins

Revathi waited for her children to get ready.

Shravan was insistent that they go out for dinner. He had received his first salary. Priya his sister was excited at the prospect of going out, Shravan came out into the living room where His Mother was waiting, "Ready MOM, asked Shravan"." yes said Revathi".Then Priya came out "How do I look?She asked both of them "Pretty said Shravan"." you look like an Angel, my baby said her Mother". "Are Angels beautiful Mom? Priya asked? she was their baby full of life.

"Of course, Said both Mother and Son in unison" Ok, Shravan said "first we go shopping then dinner". Shravan got into the driver's seat of their car while his mother and Priya got into the back. Revathi was a happy person, a widow, she lived a life that revolved around her two children. Shravan at twenty Five after doing his MBA had got a job at a Renowned Software company last month, and, this celebration was the result of getting his first salary. Her husband who was working in the Railways had lost his fight against cancer. She had got her present job on compassionate grounds. She would always be grateful to the railways for the job. It helped her a lot to raise her two children, by giving both of them a good education. Her husband while alive had provided them all comforts, the house, was their own, purchased by her husband,after selling his ancestral property. The car she had gifted to Shravan last month when he got his job. Financially she was well off with the settlement she got after her husband's death, it was sufficient for her to live a comfortable life with her children. Priya was the center of their life. Now at age twenty-one, she had finished her graduation was now doing her diploma course in mass communication.

They both doted on her. They reached the shopping mall, Priya and her Mom got out of the car.While Shravan said he will park the car. They entered into the Shopping Mall. After their shopping was complete. they went to a famous restaurant where they seated themselves,while seated and waiting for their order to be served, Priya, has usual was talking to the dozen. Revathi saw a lady getting up from her table and coming towards them. She reached their table. Standing near them and looking at all three she addressed them. "Your daughter, she asked Revathi.?"Yes she Replied", "May you always be like this,the lady told Priya, always happy, always smiling",.then she leaned towards Priya and planted a kiss on her cheek. All three looked on in surprise. Smiling the lady left them. What was all that about mom? Priya asked. Revathi shrugged her shoulders. I don't know. Mom, You have not forgotten about my trip to Ooty. Sure she said. A week's trip. I am allowing you to go because you are accompanied by your friend's father Revathi said. I am so happy Priya said, you both are the bestest people in the world. Best,

Shravan said there is no such word as bestest.No Said Priya bestest it is there in my dictionary.

The dinner was served they ate in silence.

Revathi now and then looked at the lady Who smiled back at her. They had their dinner. While going back Priya was sleeping resting her head on Revathi's shoulder. Reaching home, Revathi woke up Priya and together they entered into their house. The next day was Sunday. Revathi Got up early an old habit. She made tea, While Shravan and Priya came into the living room. Revathi came into the living room and offered them tea. They took their cup of tea and sipped it. Priya said, "mom today I am going to Reena's house I have to buy things for our trip, I need some money"."Some means how much asked Revathi?

"Say about five thousand she said". Sure her mom said. Being a Sunday everything was done at a slow pace. After having breakfast, Priya left for her friend's house. Revathi looked at Shravanand and "asked do you think the lady at the hotel is her mother"? "I don't know mom" Shravan replied. Revathi's mind went back to that day, Fifteen years ago her husband and Shravan Were coming back by train from a temple town. They were traveling by sleeper class Revathi was in the lower berth while the top and middle were occupied by her husband and son.

She could not sleep. It was around midnight that she heard a whimpering sound from under her berth, going down on her knees she removed the luggage and saw a shocking sight, a little girl was there.

She pulled out the girl gently. The girl hugged her tightly, she felt some connection with the girl. The girl then went to sleep on the berth,

Revathi Adjusting herself against the girl

Also went to sleep. The next day Revathi Told of the night's experience, of finding the child, to her husband and son. They decided to keep the child. That is how Priya came into their life. Growing up, they made sure she did not lack anything. Both Shravan and Priya grew up together. Now they felt threatened by the lady.

Who was she? Was she Priya's mother? Revathi was seeking answers ."Don't worry mom Priya will always remain my Sister and your daughter said Shravan". It was evening when Priya came home. She looked tired.

"Mom, I feel very tired I would like to rest"

She handed over her purchases to Her mother and went into her bedroom.

Revathi looked worried "whatever happened

To her, she asked Shravan ? "She is just tired.

Mom" In the night at around eleven o clock

Revathi went into Priya's bedroom to ask her to have some dinner. She switched on the light and looked at Priya, She was sleeping. Revathi tried to wake her up. But Priya seemed to be fast asleep not waking up, she panicked. She went running into Shravan's room. and woke him up.

"Shravan asked what happened? Priya is not waking up, what! Shravan said. And together then entered into her room, They tried to wake

her up, she opened her eyes but could not get up, Shravan immediately called the ambulance of a corporate hospital.

The ambulance arrived, The paramedics carried Priya into the ambulance. Revathi Sat with Priya in the Ambulance, while Shravan followed in the car after locking their house, the same night Priya was admitted to the hospital. They stayed with her while the duty doctor checked her. Throughout the night they stayed with her. In the morning the Doctor arrived a neurologist He did a lot of tests and scans

after looking at the reports of these tests

he called both of themin to his room and told Revathi, "Your daughter is having a tumor in her brain, it has to be operated upon". Revathi felt the ground slipping from under her feet. "Tumour! she asked in shock"?Shravan held her, "Doctor he asked how are the chances of this operation being a success". "Good, the Doctor said because the tumour is in its early stages,We have to put her on medication for a week, after that the neurosurgeon will operate on her he said"."But this condition of her sleepiness they asked? "that will pass it is a symptom of her tumour the Doctor continued now you can go and see her." Priya was sitting up when they entered her room "what happened Mom, Am I going to die? Revathi hugged her tightly and saidPriya doesn't talk nonsense. If any thing happend to you then I will also


Shravan sat next to Priya sis "he said you will have a small operation"."operation, she asked,? Shravan said yes"." I am a brave girl she said"We both know that. Shravan said, I will fulfill the formalitie he told them and went to the billing unit. He need not worry about his sister's bill she was covered by insurance by his company. The nurse came to check The patient. Revathi came out when she saw the same lady. Revathi approached her and "asked who are you? Come,the lady said let's sit down, "I will tell you everything she started narrating twenty years ago, I and my husband eloped and got married. I was pregnant at that time. We were happy for five years when suddenly he died in an accident. Life became a miserable experience. I was from a rich family. They had one condition leave your daughter if you want to come back to us. I had no other option. I took an auto and went to the

Railway station. Saw this train on platform number one, I gave her something to sleep, so she would not cry, then I pushed her under the berth, knowing that she would be protected by the luggage. Then Looked at the berth number. I went out of the train looked at the chart. Saw it was you and your family traveling on a pass.

I waited for the train to leave. Saw you board the train and left".Revathi got up her eyes blazing with anger and slapped the woman, "you shameless bitch she said, You found out my address and started stalking me.Now you want your child after you left the small girl to die. You will have to step over my dead body.

The woman silently left without saying anything. Shravan came upon His mother, he'd witnessed the scene along with others. she was shaking, Holding her, he took her to a chair and made her sit down. What happened, Revathi angrily told him, "that bitch followed me here and told me a story of how she had to abandon Priya, she is a Selfish woman" "Its ok mom let's go to Priya. And Mom don't tell her about the incident" The lady was not seen anywhere after the incident. The operation was successful.

Shravan went into the ward where Priya was resting after the operation. Only one person was allowed. Revathi went out of Priya's room. She was happy. When she saw the lady once again she was standing near Priya's room. She came towards Revathi, "I just came to say I am leaving. I will not trouble you anymore". "Revathi said I am sorry for what happened, I lost control of myself". "Not at all, your reaction showed how much you love and care for her.She will not get a better mother than you" "She is fine the operation was a success now she will recover fast. Revathi said".They stood in silence for some time. Then Revathi said "thanks for giving birth to her she is our life" "No she said you brought her up gave her a life full of love, you are like yashoda" you "are like Devki, Revathi said", "but unlike Devki who wanted to save her child, I left my child to die. So your comparison is not correct. They all remember Yashoda". Saying so she bent down and touched Revathi's feet."Thanks once again for saving my child. I am just her mother who gave birth. While you will be her real mother her face of God. Go she said go and see your child". Saying thus the woman left. Revathi waited for some time then she saw Shravan Coming out of Priya's room. She then entered in to the Room where Priya was lying.With a shaved and bandaged head. She sat next to her and held her hand. She would have died if anything happened to her daughter, her baby, her life but she survived for her mothers' sake. For Shravan's sake

So it was a kind of rebirth for Revathi also.

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