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Gautam Prakash

Abstract Drama


Gautam Prakash

Abstract Drama

Karma- The Black Mask

Karma- The Black Mask

16 mins 429 16 mins 429

It was a bad day for humanity. She was abused physically and emotionally. She was the representative and the fire behind the newly founded organisation called “Hope for Women”. Targeted by the men she was acquainted with, they started to watch her movements and her daily schedule. One day on her way home she was touched by five men. Her boyfriend who accompanied her jumped right in to save her. Five people were too much to handle for a single guy however strong he is. She knew that fight would not end well. She took out her umbrella and started to fight alongside him. She received a series of punches so hard that her vision began to blur and fell to the ground. He continued the fight despite blood dripping from his forehead. There is only little damage a human body can sustain until it gives up. She pleaded to her boyfriend to leave her and save himself. Little did she know her boyfriend already decided to give his life in order to save her. He tried everything could but was beaten down in front of her until he could not move. His face was badly injured to such an extent that he could not open his eyes. “Dhiiing”; she heard this sound and turned back as her boyfriend got struck with an iron pipe.

He stopped responding to the attacks after it. Her heart started to feel heavier. She was in great agony and the sight of her dead boyfriend started to torment her. Being an orphan, the only person she loves in this entire world is dead and she witnessed it. She decided not to live in a world where he does not exist. She snatched a knife from one of the attacker’s pocket and tried to slit her own throat with it. One centimetre into the skin, the attackers swiftly pulled the knife from her hand. She fell to the ground with small bleeding in her neck. She soon became unconscious. The attackers proceeded to touch her. They dumped her body along with her boyfriend’s in a garbage bin and lit the bodies on fire.

The story of the girl and her boyfriend came to light soon and it started to spread like wildfire. People all over the country were gloomy and crestfallen. Strikes and call out all over the country to seek justice for the couple. Unfortunately, there was none.

Humans have a tendency to forget things. They have a very little attentive span. One exciting gossip about celebrities life or other devastating news elsewhere is enough to forget about the current news. The incident will only be remembered again on their death anniversary. Candles will be lit, they will be mourned for a day or two and forgotten till the next anniversary. So where is the justice for the couple? We live in a world where innocent people are easily locked up in jail cells but the criminals are let out freely. What happens after the law catches the rapists? They are imprisoned for seven to twenty years depending on the degree of criminal charges. Inside the prison the criminal gets food, shelter and clothing for years while all the victim gets is blame for the clothes she wore and a lifetime of sympathetic and judgemental looks, embarrassing situations, agony, despondency and dolour. For some extreme cases where the issue has spread globally, the criminal gets hanged. Why do some criminals get 2-20 years in prison while others get hanged? Why can’t everyone who falls under this criminal offence get hanged? Is getting hanged the right punishment?

Why should the victim suffer for the rest of her life while the attacker enjoys a sudden death?

These were the thoughts lingering inside the mind of a certain individual who read the news the following day.

On a road filled with dust particles and police siren lights, laid there was a note in the form of an antique scroll paper. A police officer reads the note.

We live in a world where humans with cruel intentions walk by. People say that God will punish who commit sins. However, the people who commit those sins are walking freely and the innocents get stamped on day after day. Humans who hurt others for fun should never be forgiven. Giving the death penalty is not going to be enough. They should be punished with the same crime they did to others. They should feel the pain and suffering they caused to others. There is only one way to eradicate crimes and return justice back to this world; by borrowing the power of God. By God’s power, I will inflict fear to those people who even think of doing a crime. Fear is the solution to put a halt to all evil things in this world. This fear has a name. It is called KARMA.

The killer called himself “Karma”. One of the attackers was caught by police last week and was convicted of rape and murder charges. He was sent to imprisonment for 20 years in jail and compensation to the victim or to his/her family in this case. Unfortunately, the attacker was released from jail two days back by using a proxy to take the blame for him. The attacker paid heaps of money to the proxy and his family to wash the blood off his hands. Karma caught him a day after he got released and killed him.

The note also explained why the murder was taken place and how the victim died.

Karma pierced the victim’s back through two hooks and hung him in the air. The victim’s penis and balls were chopped off and the victim was forced to chew his own balls. The victim died of excessive bleeding.

The other four attackers escaped from the city and kept a low profile after hearing the news. Karma soon became a buzz around people and an instant hit among the youth. He did things which a normal human being can’t do because of the law. Karma gave people belief and hope among people who wanted justice. The internet flooded with spooky advertisement campaigns of Karma. It was published in the newspaper, social media, internet ads, youtube ads, commercial websites etc. The advertisement consisted of a black mask and a sword indicating that Karma is on the lookout. The words in the advertisement read

He who escapes at the hands of KARMA, is just living life on borrowed time

Karma shared his email address to the public for the people who wanted justice and kept an untraceable bug to make sure he does not get caught by the authority. He rose to the law’s hitlist soon by torturing and killing rapist across cities. Karma, as the name suggests, does the same thing what a person does to others. In other words, what goes around, comes around. Karma captures people the rapist who escaped from the law and gives cruel punishments to them. The punishments were so cruel that the rapist wished that they were dead instead.

Karma walks among the common citizens yet no one has seen him. The black mask with three diagonal yellow lines implies marks formed by claws of a monster which would strikes fear into the enemy’s heart. The claw marks also represent the filthy reminiscence of bad deeds orchestrated by humans. The enemy of karma is the person who hurts others in a physical, emotional or sexual manner.

Karma soon began rolling out justice for murder charges as well. People stopped relying on police and started to contact Karma on his email. The punishments varied for each charge and he carried it out under his own will. A guy’s entire arm was cut off for molesting a girl. His arm was then hung from the bridge for others to see and beware of the precautions of his dirty deeds. Robbers and smugglers who kill people and steal their money were punished by chopping off their fingers except for the middle finger to remind them of how they are fucked because of their sins. Karma ensured that the people whom he did not kill would end up with a long-suffering. He believed in giving the suffering back to the people who caused it. The only set of people he does not inflict pain are minors. Minors who have caused any sin are left untouched by Karma since he believes that it is the path taken by minor which is bad and not the minor himself. Hence, he ensures that those minors are taken to a psychiatrist and is treated.

After a couple of months, Karma caught all the other four rapists from the incident and tied them to a chair in a garage facing each other. Karma took time and tortured the four guys one by one. He ensured the guys watched each other getting tortured. The first guy was made to bend over and his lower body was stripped down. Karma then took out large-size dildos and inserted into his anus one by one. At one point the guy’s anus had five dildos and blood was dripping from his anus. He lied on the ground screaming in pain and died later due to excessive bleeding. The second guy was again stripped down by Karma and he inserted a beer bottle into his anus. Karma then gave a devastating punch to his stomach. The pressure made the bottle to break inside his anus. The second guy died after screaming for several hours. After stripping the third guy, Karma came with a steel bowl and covered his penis with the bowl. This steel bowl had a rope on either end and was tied to his body from his waist till back which prevents it from falling down. Karma then brought two small size rat and kept it inside the bow. He then started to heat the steel vessel from outside. The rat inside the bowl could not take the heat in it and started to chew his penis from inside to get out of the bowl. The rat chewed and tore his entire penis into bits. After the third guy died, Karma stripped the fourth guy and took a can of honey and poured the honey onto his penis. He then took a plastic zip-lock bag full of honey bees and its larvae. Karma locked the rapist’s penis in the zip-lock bag full of honey and sat on the chair opposite to him. The fourth guy almost died thinking of the after-effects of bees near his penis. Karma waited for the bees to consume the honey. The honey bees and its larvae consumed all of the honey and were started to look for more meal inside the plastic pouch. Karma looked into the fourth person’s eye as he knew his life came to an end. The bees started to fly aggressively around the penis. Karma’s hand came close to the pouch and flicked the pouch hard using the fingers. The bees started stinging in unison and the guy started to scream at the top of his voice. He went through unbearable pain and agony. Within minutes his penis started to boat and liquid started coming out of it. Karma pushed the guy into the ground and stomped his penis and squished it. The guy died out of shock and pain.

The police, after receiving pressure from the authority, had staged murder to capture Karma An inspector was disguised as the murderer. Karma tracked down the murderer in a market and chased him. The disguised police as planned lured Karma to an abandoned place. As soon as Karma entered the abandoned place, the entire police army pounced on him and caught him. The inspector pulled off the mask and recognised Karma as Purohith, a well known criminal in the area who is known for his murder activities. His face had many bruises and cuts. He took a scroll from his pocket and gave it to the inspector and fell to the ground and died of poison in his body.

After reading the scroll the police came to an understanding that Karma caught Purohith a few days back and was physically abused in his custody. Purohith reached a breaking point and pleaded Karma to spare his life. Karma came to a deal with Purohith to spare his life in return that Purohith should dress like Karma and run towards a person wearing his mask. Karma injected a slow poison into his body before releasing him.

Karma’s era of judgement went on for a few years before he was finally caught. It was also noticed by police that during several chases the police found out that Karma is not one person; it is a group. Police confirmed this with the security footages from many places. This is how Karma was able to hack the systems, flee from police, catch the accused and give punishment. It was impossible for a single man to accomplish these tasks back to back at various places.

The day of the court hearing created a huge buzz in the city. Each and every industry, sector, shops, vehicles went on a strike. Every citizen was in favour of Karma and marched to the court wearing Karma’s black mask. They came with boards that said I am also Karma. Arrest me too. The audience inside the courtroom also wore Karma’s attire to show their support. All the people in favour of Karma was confessing that the murder was executed by them. Karma changed people’s heart and gave this hope to live without any fear. People were able to sleep and roam in cities at night peacefully after Karma came into action.

The Judge was not able to come to a decision fearing an outright burst of the riot from citizens. Since there was no direct facial evidence or witness of the crimes stated against Karma the judge dissolved the case. The court was adjourned and everybody was celebrating. The Judge started his car and was about to leave for home but was stuck in traffic created by the protestors. People soon started to clear the traffic themselves and went home. Among the black masks stood the real Karma. He took this commotion as an opportunity and entered the Judge’s car who was startled. Karma gestured the judge to continue driving. Karma started to confess the truth to the Judge. He requested not to punish any citizens for his deeds. He requested for a couple of days of grace period to look over the city after which he will surrender himself. Karma removed his mask and revealed that Karma is a she and not a he.

Karma is the girl who never got justice for her boyfriend and herself in the rape case. The judge was petrified and the car came to a halt. Karma revealed the whole story to the judge and how she and her boyfriend got thrown into the garbage box and was lit on fire. Her boyfriend who was struggling to keep his conscious somehow managed to throw Karma outside to prevent her from catching fire. Karma was too exhausted and injured to save her boyfriend. The garbage box soon caught on fire with Karma’s boyfriend in it. Her boyfriend managed to peek from the garbage box to take a final look at her. Karma saw her own boyfriend who risked his life to save her burn into ashes in front of her eyes. Even at the verge of his death, Karma saw guilt, tears and regret in his eyes because he could not save her from the incident.

Karma speaks,

The dreadful sight and the scream of my burning boyfriend played in my head every single minute and I hear it even now. At that point I had no reason to live. However, if I had ended my life on that day; those bastards would do the same thing to another girl. I do not want any other person to undergo what I or my boyfriend went through. I wanted to make sure that I would the last girl to be raped in this country and my boyfriend would be the last person to be murdered in this country. After a few hours of lying on the hot road with agonising pain, evaporating tears, and calculative plans; a group of youngsters found me lying on their road They took me to the hospital where I was healed. I was not sure how I was going to stop these dreadful incidents in the future. The first step was to let the world know about the incident to create awareness. I was a girl and there was only a little I could do without any political or stardom influence. Politics, stardom and media are the easiest way to spread news and awareness about any incident. I could involve myself in politics, stardom or media. However, asking a favour from big renowned people takes time and I won’t be satisfied with just awareness among people as I knew they would forget the incident after a while. So, I decided to do this the unethical way. I had no choice. Since I was all alone I had to do what I had to do. I took an oath under the fire in the memories of my boyfriend and I started my journey as Karma.

I first faked my death to create awareness among the media by bribing the hospital officials. It was disgusting to know that money had the power to do such unethical stuff. My mind was invaded by guilt as I started my hunt. I could not kill the first guy with my hands. I was too naive and kind-hearted. I thought of letting him go as I had no intention of killing him. However, my boyfriend’s scream started to invade my mind. Whenever I felt I couldn’t do this guilty justice anymore I would fire up a matchstick and look at it till it burns out and repeats the process until I get the courage. Every time I saw a fire, I felt that my boyfriend is looking at me and I would get my confidence back. I started my work alone as Karma, but as days passed many common citizens joined as Karma because they also did not want other people to feel the pain that was caused to them by the evildoers. Karma expanded from one person to a group of 20. We had people from all kind of profession and hence it was easy to execute plans. We spoke to media that we were going to kill everyone who does a crime, however, we announced like that only to inflict fear in everybody’s hearts. We only killed people whose crime was intolerable and had evil intent. Others were tortured physically and psychologically depending on their crime and were tied and dumped them near the police station before giving a call to the police.

I have come before you today to surrender. I don’t want you to punish any innocent people because of me. I ensure you that all the punishments to the accused were given by me. The other Karmas would only aid by bringing the accused to me. All the dirty deeds were done by my hands. I take full responsibility for this.

Karma got out of the vehicle and gave her address to the Judge.

I will be waiting for your judgement,” said Karma

Wait! Screamed the judge. The judge searched for something in his pocket and took out a matchbox. He struck a match and lit a fire. The judge handed over the burning matchstick to Karma and drove off.


I urge all the women to have pepper spray with you and take it everywhere you go. It can be used to repel multiple attackers at once. Minors, teenagers, women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even for ages above that. Attack any person whom you think is a threat. Do not hesitate to use it, even on your friends, relatives, acquaintances or whomsoever you think is a threat to your safety.

When I read the news nowadays I see the word RAPE a lot. The punishment for rape in our country is 7-20 years, a fine and in rarest cases; death penalty. Don’t you think all rape cases should end up in the death penalty? Don’t you think rapists deserve something worse than a sudden quick death? I also would like to request you to share this story in all social media platforms as much as possible. I want to bring a change to our law. Every person who reads and shares this story will bring in a small change which will in turn bring a major change in the law which lower the statistics of rape in the country. The true justice to all the rape victims will be brought only when the rape count reaches zero.


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