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Gautam Prakash

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The Cursed Roads

The Cursed Roads

3 mins

It was early in the morning and fog started to cover the road which made it more difficult to see. The married couple, Jagath and Jamuna were travelling to see their parents by car located at a hill station. Jamuna finally got a college seat at one of the top universities in Canada last week after trying for the past few years and Jagath got transferred to the desired location. To prevent himself from falling asleep while driving, Jagath asked Jamuna to pinch him every five minutes. Loud music was played from the car radio for extra measure. The typical U-shaped hill station roads covered with fog is a formula for disaster. Though Jagath signalled his horn on every corner before taking a turn, the car hit someone on the way. The couple heard the sound of a cycle bell after the collision. The couple saw a little girl lying down on the ground unconscious with a cycle next to her. There was a pool of blood next to her head. Jamuna quickly went to check her pulse and knew right away that she was no more. Jagath tried to pick up the girl but Jamuna stopped him.

“Wait, wait, wait wait!”, shouted Jamuna

“What? What?”, replied Jagath with a surprised look on his face.

“Let’s think this through Jaga!”

“Janu what are you telling? What is there to think?”

“Jaga… Jaga…please listen to me when I say this. The girl is already dead. See, she does not have a pulse. If we take her to the hospital then your career and mine will be gone and both of us would be in jail”.

“What the hell Janu? How can you be so sure? We are not doctors to tell death. Let’s take her to the hospital. She might still be alive”. 

Jamuna blocked his path and demanded to let her go.

“No way. Jaga, please think about it. We are going to Canada tomorrow. If the girl does not survive we will go to jail, our visa will be cancelled, we cannot go to any foreign lands again and we would be branded as murderers throughout our life. Think about the things we have planned after going to Canada. Our lives will change because of the salary package they are offering. How many years are we going to live a middle-class life? Do you know how many years I wanted to get a seat in that college? Please don’t ruin it”.

Dilemma on what to choose Jagath kept the girl’s body back on the road and the couple drove away. The case was open for a few years but the police could not find the culprits. 

A few years later in Canada, Jagath and Jamuna were teaching their girl child on how to ride a bicycle when both of them felt sad, guilty and miserable when they remembered the unfortunate accident. Little did they know their girl child was similar in looks to the girl who died in the accident. 

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