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Forgiveness Repentance Love

Forgiveness Repentance Love

7 mins

The homeless man was like a landmark, Sheena Joseph thought He was always sitting in the same place. Whenever she saw him while driving to work, she wondered what it was in the pink-colored plastic bag that he clutched to his chest. he had this Iron implement that he held in his hands. Sheena regularly took the route to her place of work, She owned a beauty parlor, She had good business. She was doing very well financially. She felt she had to do something for the homeless man.

She had to take him off the streets and admit him to the home for the destitute and the poor. She had to talk to Father Matthew Kurian. She reached her destination "Sheena's beauty parlor".She immersed herself in her work. Finally, when her last client left, it was evening. She phoned Father Matthew who lifted the phone "Yes Sheena he answered what can I can do for you" Father she said "I want to talk to you". "Sure he said whenever you feel like it". "I am starting now Father I will be there in thirty minutes". "Sure he said I will be waiting for you". Sheena asked her assistants' to close the shop. Wishing them goodbye. She got into her car and drove to Father Matthew's. Father Matthew was the pastor at the St Mary's Church. A great human being, his services were always well attended. He was in his forties, always had a smiling face to greet his congregation. Sheena attended her Sunday services there. One day after services Father Matthew told the congregation. "This parish has been been given a piece of land with an old building near Ganganagar by a good human being,I have decided to convert that building into a home for the poor,I need all your help". Sheena and her friend Melinda immediately took the lead. Father Matthew further said "it will not be called a shelter, it will be called a home. For those who come to stay there will be our own brothers, not strangers".

Within a short span of one year, Sheena, and Melinda, led a young brigade of volunteers calling themselves Christ's samaritans, went on a collection drive from the churchgoers to fulfill Father Matthew's Dream. As there were many Rich people in the father's parish their task was made easier. John, a retired civil engineer took the lead in planning. He Supervised the demolition of the old building and the construction of a new One. There were about Twenty-five beds, donated by various well-wishers in the initial stages. The open piece of land was converted into a park. In the following years, the bed strength had been increased. A chapel of our lady had been built, the volunteers known as Christ's samaritan worked in the new home. It was called FEED Food, Enlightenment, Education, Development. Today Sheena was proud that She was a part of this project. She reached the church,parking her car, she went into The residence of the Father. The Father was waiting for her,on seeing Sheena he wished her "Praise the lord".She also repeated Praise the lord. "Father, there is something I have to tell you",."I am listening Father Matthew said". She started talking, "every day, on my way, I see a homeless man sitting on the roadside,He is a permanent

Fixture there.Unwashed, with a beard, starving, perhaps,I want to bring him home Father". Father Matthew looked at her kindly And said "do you have to ask me He is also a son of God,take one of our volunteers and go now,

and bring him home where he belongs". Sheena called Melinda her good friend, to come to the church urgently she said "We have somewhere to go and do the lord's work". "Sure, she said, I will be there", Ah few hours later, when Melinda reached Sheena, she explained everything about the homeless man."Yes said Melinda everything is Ok, but,will he come with us ? He will Sheena Said, I will convince him. Father Matthew said "I will ask the mini ambulance to follow you". "but no siren Sheena said it will frighten him" Ok, The father said. Sheena got into the car.

Sheena was looking nervous. Melinda looked at Sheena and said "don't be tensed we will bring him home, have faith in Christ our Lord. By the time they reached the homeless man,The traffic had reduced. She parked the car and along with Melinda crossed the street. She made a call to make sure the ambulance was nearby waiting on call.She received confirmation. Finally, both reached the man. She and Melinda sat on either side of him. He looked at both curiously. "I have come to take you to a better place sheena said in Hindi". He smiled a vacant smile, He was smelling, but that did not deter them. Melinda then said "come with us,speaking in

Hindi" "English he whispered I know". Melinda and Sheena looked at each in surprise, then they both got up and asked him to get up. They both helped him get up It was so easy he was so light. "Phone the Ambulance, Sheena said. Ok, Melinda replied,she phoned for the ambulance. Sheena then extended her hand at the homeless man asking for the bag and the implement. He looked at her in fear and held on to both more tightly. "Ok she said I am sorry". The mini ambulance arrived. All three crossed the street towards the ambulance. Sheena told Melinda, "you bring the car home,I will sit with the Man in the ambulance". Melinda nodded her head and after taking the keys of the car from sheena went towards the car.I will reach home at the same time as you.

The man got into the ambulance along with Sheena.Sheena saw that people were staring at them as it were some spectacle she did not care. She closed the ambulance door. It was late evening when they reached home. Throughout the trip the man had been silent. Sheena too kept her silence.

The ambulance stopped,volunteers came and gently helped the man to get down. He got down. Melinda too reached there. The man looked at Sheena and Melinda, then, started to weep, he was blabbering something, which they did not understand, then he stopped his crying and handed over his bag and the implement to Sheena. The volunteers took him inside. Sheena phoned Father Matthew and told him "The homeless man has found a home". Father Matthew was happy and said "Praise the Lord".Sheena was tempted to look inside the bag. But resisted.

She and Melinda went inside and kept the bag and the implement in a safe place.The man was first taken to the barber.where he got a shave and a haircut. Then he was taken to the bathroom where he was given a bath.Then he was dressed in a T-shirt and pajamas.When he was brought to his bed.

Sheena and Melinda stared at him,his change was complete. He sat down one of the beds, the volunteer came and told them, he did not eat, he does not want any food, he is not hungry he says. He will be examined by the Doctor, we will then plan his diet. After the volunteer left them. The man looked at them shyly,my bag he said in English. Sheena called the volunteer and said get him his bag. After some time had elapsed the volunteer brought the bag of the homeless man which was given to him. The man opened the bag and took out a sheaf of papers,handed it over to sheena.

They both looked at the paper, Xerox copies of certificates of his graduation. "What happened they asked You did not get a job"? yes "he said had a good job,but,I lost everything my job, My home, my money, to womanizing, gambling, and drinking, I had all vices, so I became homeless, and wandered around looking for a place,till,I saw this space and settled down".No family they asked? no he replied I did not marry. "What about parents"? "He said I was brought up as an orphan" but a NGO paid for my education".Why carry these copies they asked? He said with tears in his eyes, to remind me what I could have become, and what I became, and the implement they asked? for what purpose? that he said, I use it as a stick in the nights,to keep away the dogs,while scrounging for food in the dust bins,."Thank you both he said For giving me a second chance" .They said together Forgiveness, Repentance, and love, You have asked for God's Forgiveness,for you have repented, for your deeds,because of which he will shower you with his love. That is it Forgiveness, Repentance, and love, this is the true Religion.

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