Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

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It was the day of convocation Sandeep sat along with his other batchmates. At the back sat his mother and Reena, he was feeling proud of the momentous occasion.

He turned back to see if he could spot his mother and Reena, but they were a lot of people present, all proud parents. There was silence in the auditorium

as the Vice-Chancellor came on to the podium. The ceremony started, after some time he heard his name being called out. He went up to the VC to receive his certificate. Then turning towards the people seated he wished them and then stepped down from the podium. Later much later after the ceremony, he was relaxing at home.

His mother had made sweets which he and Reena had gorged upon. Sandeep had finished his post-graduation in commerce.

His next step to go to states as was every body's dream. Reena was staring at him "what are you thinking about she asked"? "About you," he said. His mother entered the room

"It's late she said  it's past bedtime. Let's call it a day Tomorrow you can talk as much as you want".They wished each other goodnight

and went into their respective bedroom. That night Sandeep dreamt of a life in the USA.The next day morning Reena and Sandeep were having breakfast. Sandeep asked, "Reena you got one more year of your Graduation Then what are your plans"?Reena said "Find a job.  "you will not pursue further studies he asked her in surprise"?"Off course she will sandeep's mother said.Reena went and sat next to Sandeep's mother holding her hand she said: "already you both have done enough for me."Now You 

tell your mother how much is enough, a mother does not the meaning of enough. Sandeep's mother said" "Now go back and have your breakfast".Reena had met Sandeep in the school, they were studying together in a co-educational school. She was an adopted child her foster parents had admitted her In a good school. Their journey had started from there. She was two years younger to him so too in classes it was the same when he had passed out of tenth class he had joined intermediate.Two years later she passed her tenth class When he finished his inter. they  were always together. It was when she was in her inter when tragedy struck, her parents coming back to the city in their car met with an accident and both lost their lives. Even now she would wake up in the night thinking about those days. Everything was in a blur. It was Sandeep who stood by her like a rock and walked her through the tragedy. But there was more shocking news

Her foster father had huge debts so the house and everything in it went to the creditors.

Sandeep had told her to pack her things and he had brought her home. His mother was like an angel nursing her through those trying times. Sandeep's father was a businessman who had invested wisely before his money was not a problem

His father's property was now fetching enough rent for them to lead comfortable lives,That is how Reena was now a part of Sandeep's family. Sandeep promised Leena that until she finished her graduation he would be with her. A year later Reena had finished her graduation his mother was the happiest person. Sandeep was discussing her future "you should write the entrance exam for IIM Sandeep said" you are not joking are you" she asked ? "why should I joke about your Future". "You know about the fees they charge"  Reena said ."Don't you worry about all these things. You will join coaching classes for a year then you will write the entrance" and thas is final. She stared at him then bent down to touch his feet "what are you doing he asked, touching my feet,that would make me your guru,which I am not  I am your brother. That year she joined coaching classes the fees were paid by Sandeep. But a great tragedy occurred during the year, he lost his mother to cardiac arrest. He was inconsolable. Reena took over the reins of the house. consoling and comforting him. She finished her coaching classes and also got through the IIM entrance. Sandeep was very happy told her "Reena now you Will be joining one of the finest institutions. I will make arrangements for your fees and hostel accommodation. After which I will be leaving for the states."How are you going to arrange the money"? "I am selling my house and property. Already I have sent feelers. We shall each take half of whatever amount we get from the sale that house reminds me of mom  lot It was her desire" that we share the money.Seeing her tears he said don't cry and talk philosophy".Reena laughed through her tears. The house, the property, was sold the proceeds were divided equally between them he transferred her share of the money to her bank account. Finally, the day arrived when he was to depart to the states. She was sitting next to him."There is one more thing he said you will not contact me", what, Why she asked in surprise? "because I don't want you to live in my shadow, when I am not here, your will think you are obliged to me for a life time which will not allow you to grow. I might come back to India or settle down in states, but you have to forget about me for the next ten years Promise me you will only think of your growth". "Yes she said I promise" "If I come back if destiny so desires then I will meet you. Take this he said it's a chain my mother told me to give it you, she wanted you to have it wear it always it will bring you luck". "I will she said taking the chain and wearing it around her neck, then continued I too have something for you give me your hand this is a sacred thread from the Hanuman mandir let me tie it around your wrist It will keep you always safe after tying  Reena hugged him then dropped Sandeep at the airport.

Ten years later Sandeep was back in India he had married a lovely girl had earned enough money to lead a comfortable life, He had purchased his own flat. occupying it after a house warming ceremony he also had visited his old house it was in some dilapidated condition. Perhaps the purchasers had not yet demolished it Memories came flooding back.He became nostalgic and wondered about Reena and her life. What was she doing now? Settling down comfortably he opened the newspaper. The news was the same on every page, it was on the business page,that he saw a news item that  made him happy. It read as follows with a photograph of a smiling woman Reena Viswanathan CEO of one the most valuable company with a net worth of millions of dollars is awarded the entrepreneur of the year award by the chairman of business India limited, at the grand hotel in the evening all well wishers are invited to attend the function. Sandeep sat there for some time, she had made it he thought he felt proud of her. He called out his wife "Swetha come here for a moment. She came and asked him what is it ? remember,  you once asked me who tied this thread around my wrist."Yes she replied" "what did I tell you when the right time comes, I will tell you, well the right time has come, he showed her the newspaper you see this woman, she is the one who tied it on my wrist.She is my sister he said proudly, Swetha looked at him and said I cannot believe it, for you never spoke about a sister to me,yes. but One day I will tell you her story, right now we are going to the function in the evening.  That evening he went to the Grand to attend the award ceremony, there were not many people there. He occupied a seat with Swetha, as the evening progressed the who's who of the city started arriving, the function started,  finally the moment arrived. Reena came upon the stage. She was the looked the same he thought,  time had not changed her much. There was silence in the hall as  they were waited for her speech. She paused then started to speak, "Ladies and Gentlemen it's a great privilege to be standing on this stage to address you all,  my journey has been immensely satisfying. The encouragement by the banks, and to also those who backed me, I am grateful to them, I feel  happy and proud  for not letting  my investors,  so a big thank you to all for attending this event. But there is also one thing I would like to talk and share about my journey,  all this would not have been possible without the help and love shown by two strangers to a girl who lost her parents at a crucial stage of her life who helped me  when it mattered most My mother and brother, they  helped me to complete my  education right up to IIM.When my brother said that whilehe was leaving for states ten years back that there should not be any communication between us so I don't carry any emotional baggage which might hinder my journey and my growth.There were tears in her eyes this occassion would have been more memorable if my brother was here to share my success she said. I dedicate this award to those two people who made all the difference in my life, Sandeep got from his seatand started  walking up to the stage as everybody looked at him in surprise.  Reena stared at him as he came upon the stage, Reena he said  I am Sandeep, Your brother came back from the states recently, saw the article in news paperabout your achievment came to wish you. To day I am proud of you. My God she said in disbelief Is it really you? Look he said showing his wrist where she had tied the sacred thread. They hugged each other. Then Reena turned towards the guests seated in the hall and said "this my brother I was talking about, miracles do happen she looked heavenwards.The guests all stood up and gave both of them a standing ovation. Later much later they were in the suite where Reena was staying, Sandeep introduced Reena To Swetha. Sandeep you never asked me anything, but I have purchased the house where we stayed that was the first thing I did with my first earning to remember  mom and all those shared memories.  I want you both to stay there once again, don't refuse, off course I wii he said once I get it in to shape, you did not get married Sandeep asked Reena  no she said but I am in a live-in relationship

With a woman who is also my partner in business. now I want to get officially married to her.I Was waiting for you to come back from the states and as an elder brother will you do the honours of my kanyadan. Sandeep looked at her fondly off course he said

I will give you away as bride, when is the marriage fixed for, Reena you were always different and that is what I love about you. "Your choice of a woman as your companion for life is there any reason behind it"? "Yes, she said I knew that I would not get a husband like you. I also became  attracted to women because I found them to be much softer and loving, then I thought it's a matter of sharing your life so whether it's a male or female it's the companionship that counts. Then I found my life partner decided  that we will share our lives together. "Well Sandeep said whatever your choice of a companion for life, love is all you need to lead a happy life.

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