The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

DevaDas Menon

Drama Romance


DevaDas Menon

Drama Romance

Love Has No Definition

Love Has No Definition

10 mins

Vasanthi was a very systematic woman, working in a multinational company she had a set timetable, Get up at seven, finish all the early morning rituals by eight then prepare breakfast have it, then get dressed and start for the office. She would walk till the metro station, board the metro to reach her office.

In the evening also when she finished her work for the day, she would come by the metro. This was her daily regimen. Saturday and Sunday she would either relax in her room or go for a movie with friends. Vasanthi's parents and brother stayed in a town about six hours away from her. Her father had retired from a bank, her mother a house wife and her brother doing his MBA. Once every fortnight she visited them. In the city she was sharing a flat with her room mate Veena, Who worked in a soft ware company. Her room mate had a cab which took her to and fro to her company. The flat was on the ground floor. Every morning when she walked towards the metro station, she saw a beggar on the pavement.

He was in a bad shape, his unkempt beard covered his face. He sat in an odd position

People who walked by avoided looking at him. Vasanthi always looked at him. He would always meet her gaze . Today was no different she looked at him. This time he smiled through his beard. Vasanthi smiled back. The next day also was the same. The third day she paused near him then went up to him and told him "You are a eye sore you know why don't you work you look young and healthy". He looked at her and replied

"I am a lame person, cannot walk properly"

She was aware of the curious look of people as they passed by. "I am sorry she said. "You hungry, I got some biscuits for you she said, then

without waiting for a reply, took out a packet of biscuits from her hand bag, handed it over to him, He took the packet of biscuits. "FromTomorrow, She said I will bring you breakfast", without waiting for a reply, she said I am getting late and left, not waiting for his response. He stared at her receding back, and smiled to himself. The next day Vasanthi got up a little earlier than usual, made breakfast, after having it she packed it in a silver foil box, then following her regular routine, started for her office, he was in his regular place, she went up to him and gave him the parcel of breakfast. "Take this she said with a smile". He took it, There were tears in his eyes. "Why are you crying she asked him did I say any thing wrong"? "you are so kind hearted no body

notices me, but you not only talk to me but also give me breakfast".

"It's all right she said don't make me cry. I don't see you in the evenings she said" "I go to the shelter to sleep, They pick me up in a van. Saturdays and Sundays I sit near temples or mosques that is why you don't see me, I get good alms from these places of worship". "Ok she said don't Think I am doing you a favour. My dad told me that when you give some thing to a person It should be done with dignity". I will leave now she said then she bent and ruffled his hair and walked away. This meeting between Vasanthi and the alms taker went on for three months, but, never during this time, did they asked each other about their personal details. She had only told him her name,where she stayed, and her favourite flower. In turn he had said his name was Satish, One day as usual when she packed

his breakfast and approached his regular place she did not see him there.He was missing from his place.

The following days also it was the same. He might have found a better place to sit and beg she thought. A month later on a Sunday, around ten o clock, there was a knock on her door, she opend the door. Standing in front of her was a boy, she had seen him around doing errands for people, but what surprised her was the bouquet of roses He was holding in his hands. "Vasanthi madam he asked"? "yes she replied" "then this is for you" and he gave her the bouquet. and ran away. She took the roses inside. Veena looked at the flowers and said it's beautiful

Expecting it she asked ? "no said Vasanthi I am in fact surprised" "who gave it you she asked" ? "That small boy who does errands gave it me after asking my name". "Ok said Veena check if there is a message". Vasanti looked for the message, she found it there was a small paper with the words, "Thank You" who could it be she thought? Vasanthi put the roses in a vase.

This went on every Sunday, there was a bouquet waiting for her with the same message. One day the message was different There was a longer message. I am leaving for Ahmedabad to do a course for one

year will you wait for me till I come back ?

Send a oral reply that is yes or no through the boy. She looked at the boy and said tell him I will wait. She wanted to meet this mysterious stranger, the boy smiled and went away. She was fascinated by the whole episode who could it be. Life went on for Vasanthi, about ten months after the stranger gave her the last bouquet. Some thing happend to her body, she felt very tired she had been getting these spells of tiredness, but, ignored them,but this time she lost consciousness.

Luckily Veena was at home. She tried to wake her up. Vasanthi was not responding Then Veena called the ambulance. Once the ambulance arrived she was taken to a hospital. Veena went along with her. The Doctor on duty took Vasanthi to the ward. Veena then phoned Vasanthi's family as she had their number. After some time the Doctor came up to her and said "she has been admitted to general ward". Veena said "I am waiting for her parents". later in the evening her parents,and brother, arrived at the hospital. Veena saw them and said "come this way" and took them to the ward where Vasanthi was resting. The Doctor came up to her family and said "I have sent her samples for investigation but her present condition might be due to fatigue". "Veena told Vasanthi's family nothing is going to happen to her sir She is a strong girl" Vasanthi got up on seeing them "Mom, Dad, bhai what a surprise? Veena called all the three to their flat to stay there.Vasanthi also asked them to stay in the flat till she got better.

They agreed and five days later, the doctor called all the three in to his room. With a serious expression he said "your daughter has early stages of leukemia".

All the three looked at him with a stunned

Expression. "What! they said in unison". "I am sorry he said I double checked the results of her tests". "How is it possible her father asked in a choked voice? The Doctor looked at him and said "the symptoms might have presented themselves but she ignored it".

"How will we break the news to her they asked? "You have to tell her he said".

"He said, one more thing you have to shift her from here to a super speciality hospital, I have spoken to Dr Chandrashekar, he is a leading oncologist in Hope hospitals. You have to take her there immedietly. You talk to her meanwhile I will prepare the case papers for her discharge".

They told her about her condition, she was quiet for some time, then started to cry uncontralbly.

Her parents and Veena tried to comfort her.

That was two months back. The treatment had started first the chemo, then finding a donor for bone marrow transplant, Vasanthi's brother's tissue samples had been taken for a match and then arrangement for money the most difficult part. Two months of chemo had made her bald. She looked weak and helpless. Her eyes looked dull. Her father was trying to raise the money for the bone marrow transplant. The good news came that her brother's bone marrow tissue was a match. The cost of the operation was very high. This also added to Vasanthi's worries.

Her father had told the Doctor that money would be arranged for the operation.

There was some body knocking on Veena's door, she opend it and saw a stranger standing in front. Yes she asked? Where is Vasanthi? "you just barge in and ask where is Vasanthi Who are you" ? "I am the person who used to send her flowers". "So it was you.? "I will take you to her she is very sick,for she is suffering from leukemia . What! he said" "yes we are all devastated by the news.

She is undergoing chemo". "Oh my God he said ! Take me to her right now". Not before you tell me who you are and your relationship with Vasanthi". "Can I come in"? off course she said.

He sat down on a chair, she took another one. I will tell you, "I had a bet with my friend,

I told him there was still humanity in this world.he told me that humanity is lost. He took a bet with me told me to simply play a beggars role for three months, and see how many people notice you. Then we will talk about humanity. Well, I disguised myself as a beggar, sat on the pavement. Vasanthi noticed me, gave me love, breakfast, spoke to me, made me feel wanted she did it with selfnesses

That very moment I fell in love with her.I told my self that she was the girl for me.Who are you actually Veena asked him? "I am from a rich family my father is Vamsi Krishna the industraliast You have heard of him he asked her"? "off course she said" "Then I came out of my role as a beggar and told my friend that humanity exists. Gave him Vasanthi's Example.I then started to send her roses. Then I left a message on my last bouquet that I will come back after one year to wait for me. She promised. So here I am now at her doorstep after a year." "Vasanthi is always like that.Veena said concerned about others, always in love with humanity.

"Come with me she said I will take you to her" "I got my car Satish said". Within one hour they were in Hope hospital. Veena took Satish to Vasanthi's bedside.All the family members were there. Satish looked at her and asked? remember me, she was like a shell of her former self he thought, "Who are you she asked ? "I am The pavement beggar, for whom you offered breakfast and love. "The person who sent you roses". "Please go away she said" "He sat down next to her took her hand in his hands, holding it tightly said "dont ask me to go away. I have not come here to go away, I waited for this moment all my life". "She said I don't want you to see me like this". "Whatever way I see you,doesn't matter, what matters is to me, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, no sickness can take away that selfless kind hearted girl from me".He told her emotionally.

Vasanthi's parents,her brother,Veena,they were all watching the drama unfolding in front of their eyes. Suddenly he went down on his knees, and asked her, will you marry me ?"She cried and said yes but" "he kept his fingers on her lips no buts an ifs he said". Then taking out the ring, he had purchased on the way to Vasanthi's house he took her hand slipped it on her finger. Then said "I will not find a better girl than you to share my life. Will you Vasanthi share your life with me". "She said Through this and all my rebirths. I am so happy today she said". To me "Satish said, you looked beautiful then, you look beautiful now, you will always look beautiful". He then got up and walked toward her parents. "I am Satish sir he said. I am sorry all this might be a shock to you, but every thing will be explained eventually". Regarding the Money for the operation it will not be a problem sir, since she is my wife now I will take care of all her financial responsibilities". "Her father was relieved then said Miracles do happen" Her brother, mother, and Veena, were openly crying and nodding their heads in confirmation to what Vasanthi's, father was saying.

Satish walked towards Vasanthi,then sitting next to her told all of them "to me a girl like her she is the real miracle". And I am sure she will come out of this sickness successfully.The transplant was sucessful. Eighteen months later, Satish and Vasanthi were sitting on the lawns of their house. His parents had also accepted her. There was a simple marriage ceremony for their friends and relatives.She had undergone All post operative tests, they had all come back normal, The Doctor had told her she could now get on with her life she was completely cured. "Satish she was saying, I am the luckiest girl in the world, for who would like to marry a girl waiting to die. You really cannot define love she said". Satish said you know what love has no borders and no definitions" "One more thing she said, Satish while you were playing your role as a alms taker nobody knew about it.especially your parents, Nobody knew about my project because my parents had gone out on world tour for six months.

I chose that time.And secondly do you think anyone

from my world, would go anywhere near a beggar.You are a good actor, a master of disguise, and a wonderful human being she said ."Really he said and you talk too much saying so he carried her inside the house.

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