DevaDas Menon

Abstract Tragedy


DevaDas Menon

Abstract Tragedy



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Rekha was at the market when she saw him. He was sitting on his bike near the flower shop talking to his friend. She paused for a moment.Then his friend turned and saw her. He told Sridhar the guy sitting on the bike something he also turned and saw her. The moment she saw him her blood started to boil, He got down from the bike and came towards her said" Rekha you still Angry with me, still want to take revenge he laughed loudly. You are lucky I am letting you live. Any day just like that he snapped his fingers I can kill your family and get away with it".Rekha looked at him her eyes filled with hatred then screamed and said: "come on kill me you sicko, she went on to him, come on you druggie do it now, kill me."She then caught hold of his collar "come do it, you eunuch". You think I am frightened, then you have got it wrong for  I am who is going to kill you" one of these days  Sridhar was so taken aback by her reaction that he became speechless with shock. His friend hurriedly came and took him away. Rekha felt so shaken by the incident that she sat down on a parapet, with her face down, "You all right darling a voice asked". She lifted her face and saw a familiar was aunty Neetu her neighbor."I saw the whole thing and you handled the guy with great aplomb, he will never forget this incident in his life".Come she said Let's Have some coffee then I will drop you home, I came by car.Aunty Neetu was a go-to person for most of the people in the gated community, That Rekha lived in.

Over coffee, Neetu asked "what is your panga with him"?Rekha said "He raped one of my friend Devi after promising to marry her, My friend became a mental wreck, for he used her afterward too by blackmailing her saying he would expose her through a video he had filmed.Then what happened Neetu asked"? What will happen in these kind of cases aunty, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, she was saved in the nick of time by her sister. It was then that I knew of the whole story which her sister told me when I visited the hospital. I did not rest until I made an issue of it, I took her sister to the police station and filed a complaint against the sicko. He was arrested,while he was being taken to the police station he got down from the jeep to walk towards the police station, we rushed towards him to attack the guy, police had no time to react they were taken by surprise. We attacked him kicking and hitting him brutally till the police stopped us, it was all pre planned by me and my friends we only instigated others.He was hurt badly. But we lost the case because My friend did not take the witness stand against him. But he knew that I had planned the entire thing, that is the brutal attack against him, he swore to take revenge against me,that is the whole story she said. They finished their coffee. Neetu asked Rekha to drive the car. It was late evening when they reached home. Aunty dont tell anyone in the colony about what happened, Why should I Neetu asked? Tomorrow you meet me, sure Rekha said. The next morning Rekha went to Neetu's house. Neetu lived alone, a widow, both her sons' were in the states. She also

helped out the people in the colony in whatever she could. Rekha sat down, Coffee, Neetu asked?

"Yes She said"After some time while sipping the coffee Neetu said "you have to be careful You are scared of him" yes aunty he said he will

Kill my family to take revenge. That is what he said. Well, Neetu said don't you think you will have to kill him first. Rekha looked at Neetu with a shocked expression. Seeing her expression Neetu said, look here while he is alive he is always a threat to your family. Go on Think cooly either it's your family or it even possible Rekha asked? yes said Neetu,How do I go about it Rekha asked? Well, there is a plan but before that, we will go and meet your friend Devi to know more about this fellow's psychology. After all, she was his girlfriend. Ok said, Rekha.they started immeditely Both reached Devi's house. Devi was very happy to see Rekha, So too was her sister.

This is Neetu aunty our neighbor Rekha introduced. Devi and her sister acknowledged her by a smile. The four of them sat down. Neetu said "Devi we want some information about this guy Sridhar,Whom he trusts,

Where he hangs, out whom he is frightened of. Devi said he has only has one friend. he is not frightened of anyone. And trusts no one always a loner.but if there is anything that terrorizes him it's snakes. One snake frightened of another snake Neetu said.Why all these questions Aunty Neetu?" Devi asked? we have to take him out or else he is a threat to Rekha," Neetu said. Yesterday they met in the market and he threatened to kill her family. Devi and her sister looked at each other, "then asked you mean kill him".

"Yes said Neetu, That is what I mean" "sure, we will definitely join you both" in your mission .Neetu said "The plan is this, Rekha meets this guy and apologizes, To buy some time, Devi then said, "when you apologize he will not let you go that easily he will ask you for his pound of flesh"." Rekha asked and what is that ? Devi replied "he will ask you to sleep with him". Neetu asked "you sure he will ask her to sleep with him"."I am doubly sure I know his nature and mentality". Neetu said "once you know where he is taking you inform us about the place in advance. You will make an excuse to go to the wash room from there you will call us and inform.You will know about the place in the evening when you go to apologise" Devi said "I know the place where you will be taken by him. he used to take me there" "you sure there is no other place Neetu asked? No Devi replied it's the only place. Meena said "I am a Chemistry lecturer, from my lab, I will get a combination of poison and chloroform spray, the poison cannot be detected after I inject him, he will die it will be like he had a cardiac arrest". "Devi said "adjacent to the place where he is taking Rekha there is a deep well now unused its full of snakes. After we kill him, all four of us will carry his body to the roof and throw him into the well, it will be many days before his body is discovered, if the vultures don't eat him first". Ok, they all said we meet tomorrow. "Tomorrow I will take the solution from our lab and also the chloroform Meena said "The chloroform I will give you before you go with him". "Ok so let us put the plan into motion. The same evening Rekha Searched out the fellow she saw him sitting alone, on his bike.she went up to him and said "I am very sorry for what happened in the market". He looked at her,and said "I can only pardon you on one condition, you should sleep with me".it was like she was reading from a written script. Rekha acted as if she was shocked. "That is not possible she said". "You can go you are wasting my time he said". "If you promise not to hurt my parents". I will not if you

Meet my condition. "Where do I meet you she asked"?

You come here in the evening,people will see us together and talk,I will be alone there will be no one I will make sure of that. Ok, she said and left. The next day the plan was Rekha would go with him after taking the chloform from Meena. She would carry the pepper spray and the chloroform spray in the pouch of her jeans. The other three would be waiting near the place, where Devi would lead them. Once inside Rekha would make an excuse for going to the bathroom.then spray him with pepper and chloroform, as soon as she came back from the bathroom.The next evening he was alone and waiting for her at the appointed place she followed him on foot.they walked for some time silently

It was a lonely place. "Don't worry no one will see us he said" They came to the house, they entered into it "adjacent to this house is a deep well he said.on seeing her frightend face, Don't Worry I will not throw you into it".She was frightend and praying her friends were somewhere nearby. Playing the bait, she felt was not such a good proposition. Once inside she told him I will go to the bathroom, sure he said He showed her the way to the bathroom.

She went inside the bathroom and separated the pepper and chloroform spray from the pouch in her jeans.hiding the pepper spray in right hand,she entered the room, he was already lying on the bed naked."Come he told her patting the space next to him. on the bed.She went up to him and in a sudden move sprayed the pepper on his face, and between his legs, he started screaming holding his face in his hands.running around wildly.

Then she took out the chloroform and sprayed it on his face.when He was wildly trying to clear his eyes. "You wanted revenge she said. But Devi and I we both are having our Revenge on you she screamed at him.Then with the effects of chloroform, he became unconscious. She phoned the other three. They came within ten minutes. Meena injected him with the lethal poison and they waited for him to die. Half an hour later he died Meena checked his pulse to make sure.Then they all carried his body to the terrace and they threw it down into the well. As quickly as they came they each went out separately agreeing to meet the next day. Revenge Rekha thought as somebody had said is best when served cold.

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