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The Fear

The Fear

19 mins

The intersection was more than two kilometers from Fear College. Road used to bridge this distance. Excellent road of coal tar Everyone was on the road, trees, birds, milestones, and telephone poles too. But there were no men. The road was deserted and for this reason, Professor Ravi was afraid that if the boys behind started somewhere ...

Well, everything was going well. When he left for college this morning, he was as happy and calm as ever. He remembers that on the way, he had found a student pressing the pulpit of books - "Sir, my exams are over, he was coming home to give your books back."

Ravi Babu did not expect thanks from him nor did he thank Had given.

He listened to the student in a mental state free from Harsha and Vishada and had taken the weight of his hand in his hands. Smilingly walked to press the bundle of ten-fifteen books next to the college. He used to go to books every day like this. Colleges used to open their rooms, put books in the register and keep them in the cupboard, and then search their rooms of duty. Even today, he had duty in all three shifts. And this was often the case.

Today many subjects were being tested. Hundreds of students were gathered on the college campus. Accepting the salutations of the students, asking for skill, they reached their room and then thinking about something, hand-slammed the books and locked them, and headed towards the examination office. Similarly, fellow professors say that they have given too much exemption to the students. And they are spoiling their habits. Today, if a professor has seen the pulpit of books, then he will stop.

Ravi Babu does not believe that there is a needy poor student, after adding books to his account and giving it to himself, and when he came back, he went to college himself. What kind of pride has been reduced in this, on the contrary, the respect of students has increased. He is suspicious that no one came to know that dozens of college students are sitting with some cash from Ravi Babu at the time of need. If the professors in the college also got a clue of it, then the deafening will be sitting. Ravi Babu does not find it wrong to give help to the boys of the village, sometimes, and not too big a favor.

She gets married to very few teachers. Sometimes they think that from the boast of their knowledge and specialization, no one should ask these professors, what is it your brother, Irate, what are the other things? Other things aside, you also do your work. How many periods have you taught to children in a year? If asked, they will continue to sigh. Such people are very kind to Ravi Babu, he remembers only one word for them - Bichare!

There is a deep conviction in Ravi Babu that his students have always passed with good numbers, all his students are in high jobs today. Ravi Babu has a lot of authority on his subject! All his time is safe for students only. Even when the boys come and ask them about things related to the course. They also do not consider themselves different from these students, that is why they have also taken up the work of the National Service Scheme in college. Despite being very serious, all the boys have been extremely intimate with them. It is a matter of course that he also suffers its brunt. Last time in the library

When physical verification of books was done, many books issued in their names were not received and they had to pay the price of books - with the librarian. Where will there be bay books? Why would you have kept any of the boys with other boys deliberately, may have inadvertently been lost somewhere, they believe the same even today.

The room number was his third duty in the evening. It was a coincidence that this year he has done more invigilations in this room. Professor Singh was his fellow investigator today. Then half an hour had passed, when the examination started, he saw that the student sitting in the corner was leisurely cheating. They came out of him coughing two or three times, but the boy looked so shameless, so shameless and so devastated that he did not even cover his eyes. When Ravi Babu looked here and there from the earrings, he found that all the boys around him are staring at him. As they are challenging, mind-to-mind, "What can you do Guruji of this boy?" See! "

Ravi Babu is not even irritated to see a student in the eyes of some students with a sense of challenge and attack that student with a quickness. Standing in a corner, he considered the situation seriously. When he made up his mind to talk to Professor Singh, he came to know where he had gone. Ravi Babu did not catch a single copy this year - in fact, he does not remain impatient to the extent of becoming obsessed to catch a copy. But it also does not mean that students start thinking of them as stupid. What does this student want to show by keeping a slip of open copy, perhaps his own strength or weakness of the professor?

They have never been weak. But to show manhood in ruining a student's year is not a kind of cowardice, nor in the new examination act, the professor has got the power to arrest the copywriters. But generally, no one uses these rights. Wherever boys do healing while filling the form. They know that this episode is going to be the final decision in the university, now they will settle it, thinking that they quietly sign it! Later they also settle. Calling the peon, Ravi Babu drank two glasses of water, and at one glance dodai all over the room, then started circling the room. Tarupai was cooking in the test period. Strange expressions were present on the faces of the students - some were drowned in their undercurrents, while some were trying to remember their old rote with a blind eye. Someone's eyes were glued to the furs, So someone was inspecting the ceiling of the room, the skylights, and the fortnights. But when the boy sitting in the corner was being leisurely mimicked, Ravi Babu got a little tensed as soon as he remembered this. Fellows around that boy

Three or four boys started whispering, buzzing in the classroom. On the other hand, the principal was having time to come to the round. Ravi Babu thought decisively for a moment, like lightning. Threatened on the student's head.

Taking a slip in one hand, and a copy in the other hand, he ordered the student to go to the examination office, then suddenly he went to the boy, the police-constable posted outside peeped inside Seeing a student trying to scramble with Guruji, he remembered his duty, and he smiled into the room by pointing to his aide and companion standing in the verandah,

Professor Ravi and two back and forth. Caught in the grip of soldiers, the boy jumped and went through the verandah to the examination hall, when many students saw this spectacle. A sharp and sharp silence was beginning to permeate the Mahal.

When the Kendriya was busy with his formalities, Professor Ravi put his tip on the student's form, returned to the room with his signature. Professor Singh was missing from the room till now, but there was complete peace in the room. All the examinees were engrossed in their answers. Now Ravi Babu kept walking stoically.

After a long time, Prof. Singh entered the room sweating and took Ravi aside, "Dude, you too don't understand at all. Who caught the copy of Surendra? You know who he is! "After stopping for a moment, seeing the same curious curiosity on Ravi's face, he said," He is the president of the hostel nowadays. "

" So! "Ravi Babu still does not understand.

"So that now I have to face the consequences." Professor Singh came out in a loud voice and spoke in a loud voice.

When Ravi turned his eyes slowly and looked at the examinees in his room, his apprehension was correct - three boys were looking at both of them with their ears.

"Well, he will see too." Ravi started walking into his room, after chasing Singh.

Professor Singh had disappeared after causing waves by throwing pebbles at Prashant Sarovar, and Ravi Babu began to understand what he had done wrong today. Every year there are exams, every year they catch some copy, but it never happened that a professor has threatened them. He suddenly felt that some strings of Professor Singh's condolences were attached to the student Surendra and he was thinking of forcibly giving some color to this episode. Pro. Singh's disappearance from the beginning today, then after getting caught copying such an ill-tempered message and disappearing again after getting frustrated, there seemed to be a thread in all these things within.

The long bell rang, Ravi Babu started collecting copies. Now, once again, the success of Singh was seen and after handing over all the material to him, Ravi walked towards the canteen. He was feeling very desperate for tea. Today, during the whole day, he could not even get tea. "One tea!" He ordered a counter and headed towards a table.

For some days, they are seeing that the activities of the boys are becoming more extreme. Ever since the elections have started again in the college, politics has entered the college campus from the back door and along with politics, they have also come to all the necessary evils that are in harmony with them. The summer was at its peak. But Ravi Babu was looking like his eyes were burning. With his eyes closed, he flipped his eyelid on both eyelids. Red-yellow-capillary threads appeared in front of closed eyes, twisting in the balance.

Holy Professor of Philosophy often says that the raindrops in front of the eyes are dark and this thread is a reflection of the mind of man. All have different symbols. If you see darkness in front of closed eyes, then understand that the mind wants to relax, and if the light glimpses, then the mind is expected to be very pleasant. The threads of red-yellow Kesharia in front of the eyes mean that the mind is distracted -as-is-entangled in the world.

The scowling sound of a scooter without silencer distracted Ravi Babu and he was curious to see where Professor Singh was returning. When he saw from the canteen window, it came to know that the rider Singh was returning from his hostel with the compass of the hostel just opposite the college. One word in the mind of Ravi is Tunka-traitor!

Taking a cup of tea, he sipped it and the taste of the mouth deteriorated. The tea was absolutely cold. "Hey brother Jain, send hot tea, man." They shouted the cold tea to one another by giving voice to the canteen.

After drinking tea, when we saw the clock, it was found that it was seven o'clock, but one hour had passed in the canteen. On his way out of Canteen, he noticed that there was complete silence in college. The staff has been away for some time and now even the peons are closing the main door. Ravi moving towards the outer gate thought, Today it is really too late.

The township is more than two kilometers away from here and there is no problem, but

on the silence itself, the post arc itself seems wretched or not, so Ravi started filling the long leg.

So even the meters did not move that he suddenly felt as if some boys are coming after him. The memory of the day's incident was silent and hence he became unknowingly alert. Attempted to increase the catchment area of ​​the ear. When he tried to look at the back ends of the eye with his ball, the restlessness increased. Suddenly, for a moment, the feeling of fear came through the brain like a whimpering wave ... So ... So today I became a target too! Realizing that while thinking this, his whole body was bathed in a single sweat. is. I felt that the veins of the feet were becoming numb like a sciatic patient. The mind is moving a bit. He never imagined that in life, the AC situation would have to be two to four. The talk of others is different… but they… they are Ravi sir (ie, the favorite professor of boys) and no one can ever think against him. Didn't even think of myself, they are deep sympathies to the students, They have friends… and today against them too… not even against them but to this extent…. His legs slowed down, due to internal stress.

If there is an accident with them today, tomorrow they will have a name on every tongue in the town. It will not take long to reach the newspapers too. Where does it take a while to make a mole of til (especially in the cases related to college)? And then there is no mole in it. It is a distant thing to be beaten up here, even if the boys touch them, Ravi Babu's AC will be infamous that he will not be able to lift his head. When the fellow teachers of the college listen, the calf will blossom. "It was good! The boys roamed around as advocates. Now I have a good time. ”He's sitting in the staff club will be difficult. When this news reaches home, his wife Kshipra will also be very angry. Annoyed, what will come in the war posture itself - "Where I used to believe, I saw the result of friendship with boys! How much did I refuse to catch the copy, but where were you listening to my fire. Now my nose is cut,

The being will talk to the relatives, friends of the town will talk to acquaintances, and they will be hulked by giving them upside down. If you report to the police, then you will get upset while doing the work in the court. If you do not report, then you will get caught in double problems, one is that the boys and professor mustache will roam around, the other, whoever will listen will say that someone of Ravi Babu There will be a mistake, only then did not report to the police.

Actually, if there is a fight today, then there is no fear of his injuries, rather,

what he will have to suffer after today will be more painful.

While thinking, there was a fever of fear in his body. His body started to become loose again. But the mind was becoming more active moment by moment.

It has been ten years since he was studying in this college, but he never came to such a place. He thought that by becoming a part of fear, an eagerness in his mind turned. See if there are boys with cones who can attack them. If you could not turn back when you wanted to turn back, then your mind imagined the faces of those possible boys. In a few seconds, the faces of all the Sararati boys in college and especially hostels turned around ... Arun Singh, Shiv Pratap, Zahid, Jaspal, Bhola are the only ones and there is not a single person who can change their face in front of them. . It was thought that there was some courage in the mind. When the courage emerged, a question arose whether he should really be afraid! Neither ... nor did he do any wrong and inappropriate work today. In the last ten years, he may have caught dozens of imitations, but no boy has ever turned up like this. He was also amazed as to why these boys are following him today. A tilanga of fear in his mind,

It is certain that all these will be Surendra's companions. Surendra's anger will also be there for Surendra to be caught, the fact is that Surendra had scrambled, only then a police case was made. If he would have walked quietly and signed his form, there was no problem.

Ravi Babu began to slow down with the sound of playing in the thoughts when the voices started coming to him due to the footsteps of the boys who were coming back and the chatter of mutual conversation. Unwittingly alert, Ravi Babu's speed increased and the boys started lagging behind. Ravi Babu felt the crisis on his head some distance away. They were thinking that the students coming back would not come unarmed, everyone would have something in their hands - shinny, chain, sariya and maybe knives and kattas, remembering this once again sweating. They took a shower. The gallop stepped almost in a twisted manner, the dragon of fear had wrapped them badly, and for this reason, they started hurling.

Then, in the evening, his eyes were suddenly widened by the headlight of a small vehicle that hit Surmai Adhera. He darted his eyes. There was difficulty in seeing in front, due to this, the eyes were glued to the road and kept moving. Come on, there is also a third fair person present nearby, after realizing that the mind came to know that she was a jeep. The yellow jeep was found above the official jeep and it was written in brass letters in front of it - S. D. O.P. They became more confident. Suddenly he tried to stop the jeep and found his throat blocked. They panicked. What is this new disaster! By taking a couple of long breaths, he corrected the sore throat ... and by then ... by then she had gone out of his side and headed towards the Jeep College. Ravi Babu felt very innocent The blind folk of fear had fallen again.

The sound of brake braking sounded that the same jeep stopped about fifty steps ahead, then it was coming towards them moving to vomit and looked back a bit. The jeep had reached their footsteps and stopped on the other side of the road. A young man was getting punished in the jeep of the police officer from the jeep. In the evening, even after seeing the nine soldiers, the same name was suddenly flashed in Ravi Babu's brain - Kunal Verma! Of course, it was Kunal.

While crossing the distance of twenty feet, Kunal reached Ravi, knowing what Ravi had thought. Kunal has also been a student of this college and it is also an allegation that Kunal was caught in the BA final with copy slips near the table. Then Kunal would have fallen in his feet and said, "Sir, it did not bring in the reports." I have not asked anyone. I do not know who threw it to me. Please, sir, leave me, my one year will be ruined. "With

absolute sense, Ravi then said this much-" I want that even if one year is ruined, life is not ruined. Let me tell you one thing, Kunal, life is very long and one year is not important in the success of life. "

Although there was no such record of Kunal before that incident in college, what was the evidence to direct? However, after that day Kunal became more serious and more diligent towards studies. His case with the university was settled without any restriction, the next year Kunal again took the exam and passed with good numbers.

He soon left due to his father being transferred. Later it was heard that he was DSP. Has been selected for.

Today, the same Kunal was in front of him after five years. Suddenly, within the Ravi Babu, the horoscope of the fear of sitting in the horoscope spread again - the same Kunal also saw the opportunity and revenge for that day…

. The absurd answer came out of his mouth - Hello! "

Kunal probably felt something unusual when he saw Ravi's face and gave a flying look to the boys who were fifty feet away from Ravi. After asking for a minute's delay from Ravi, he jumped towards those boys, and the driver and soldier standing near the jeep also followed Kunal from Mustadi, Ravi's forehead was stunned. They started staring out of trouble there. A strange sadness began to seep from their eyes like smoke and smoke. Later they saw Kunal standing in the middle of the boys talking to them and they nodded their heads in agreement, all their apprehensions disappearing together when the eight boys turned back and returned to the defeated hostel. The policemen also walked back and Kunal was walking towards Ravi Babu - knocking his police boots in the listened environment. Ravi Babu tried to remember that he was a boy-kon-kon.

"Those people have returned, sir!" Kunal's liquidated voice sounded like consciousness.

Yes ... yes ... yes ... gone Then suddenly he remembered, he started asking Kunal - you… you… how are you here? It was found out that you were DS. P. ho, but suddenly ... "

" Sir, I have come here these days. I have just joined yesterday. "In the voice of Kunal I was stirring-" Come, sir, let me leave you home. "

" No ... Don't let it be. I will leave you. ”Ravi walked slowly while saying.

Kunal then interrupted them from behind and said- “Sir, you seem very upset. You be sure Now those boys do not have the courage to talk to you. But… Kunal had left his words incomplete.

Ravi's eyes woke up to Kunal's face with eagerness and anxiousness. He was guessing that he could get rid of the word 'but'. Kunal will complete the sentence in this way "But I will say this to you, sir, if you do not have such problems, I will be fine." He focused all his consciousness in his ears. Waiting for Kunal to complete the conversation.

And they got blown away. Kunal was saying to destroy his guess. " Sorry sir, I am often repeating the same thing that even though the truth is not safe everywhere in the world, it is broken, but the truth is never completely eliminated from the world. Someone or other keeps it safe. Sir, I have revered you the most in my life so that is why I want to tell you my heart more openly.

Looking at the eyes of Ravi sir deeply, Kunal again said - "I want Sir, that even in such situations, you alone keep safeguarding the truth, so many people like me are bent on the steps of truth. Inspired to stay, and...

He could not complete his talk, and he bowed down with the eyes of Ravi Babu. A drop of Ausu from Kunal fell on his feet gave great pleasure to Ravi Babu. His heart woke up. He stroked Kunal's head with a hole and held him upright.

Kunal Muda and the jeep of his jeep increased with the eyes. Ravi Babu, after getting out of the fog of hope and fear, was filled with the snoring air of love and went to Dhar at his natural pace.

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The Fear

The Fear

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