Abstract Drama



Abstract Drama

Child of Misfortune

Child of Misfortune

2 mins

The girl looks at me with tear-filled eyes, I am

 hungry she says, please give me money to

 buy food or else I die. I take out my wallet and 

giver a tenner, she takes it moves away to 

another man, I wait to see as she collects 

alms, from one to another, I follow her she 

stops and sitting down in a corner, she counts 

out her money, then she walks towards a food

 vendor to buy food. From there she walks 

away, from a distance I see her sharing her 

food with another child, feeding him

I walk away in shame, a girl small enough 

begging for food. Instead of studying, I know 

this will be her daily routine in life, God I asked

 where are you? Why are you not seeing, is this 

your paradise. God replied it is not my world, 

but yours you see suffering and remain silent,

 you take home the girl, adopt her, feed her, 

educate her, give her a life. She is only one girl, 

don't question me, I have many like her to care for, to save them from predators

I walk away in guilt, knowing if I wanted the

 girl to have a home, I could give her one, but

 in the world, I live in she would be treated like 

a beggar, a servant, a pariah, but not like a 

human being, who had the same blood 

coursing through her veins her body like you 

and me, for she was born, as a child of the streets a child of misfortune.

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