Bhagirathi Mohanty

Romance Tragedy Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Romance Tragedy Thriller



14 mins

It was after twenty five years that Rahul was released from central jail, Faisalabad. His eyes were in exploration of Reshma his lover twenty five years ago. Her phone number was saved in his cellular phone which was taken away from him when he was in disguise of a fisherman and caught beyond water border lines of Pakistan. Reshma chalked out her plan which went accordingly.  It was a fraction of minute before Rahul skipped to a Pakistani boat, he was arrested by a marine police. Reshma Who was on  the Arabian Sea, splurged when a police van was eliminating him  out of her sight.

   Time was so biblical for him to snatch away all worthy of him during his imprisonment

   After an agonising dark hours in the detention cell he came out to breath of a fresh air.

 He was bursting with joy not caring the sizzling sun of May, he had been standing on the same spot and peering at the passers by but not any one of them was Reshma.

  Someone pushed him and said, "Oh, You the Old man, why are you creating traffic problems? Where is your destination?"

Rahul stroked the hair of his head moustache and began to feel the sharpness of the stranger's comment.  He was twenty five when he was arrested, plus twenty five; it indicates that he was fifty. During the long time he had not once seen his face in the mirror. He asked to himself,"is a man of fifty considered old?"

 Atleast, in Hollywood a seventy-year -old man, casting couch ! He walked with steady steps and sat on the bench of a closed shop. His thoughts were running restlessly behind him. He drew the picture of Reshma in his mind's eye. It was young and beautiful Reshma reflected there. Wouldn't she have been an old-dame?

 He remembered the days when she along with her dancer and singer friends: visited India for stage shows in different metros. Reshma was the highest paid dancer maid. In the course of time,  Rahul and Reshma confederated to each other. In leisurely days, he traveled with Reshma to New Delhi,famous for Asia's largest wholesale spice market disposing of all kinds of spices known to man. Delhiites always bustling with people and market is jam packed with plethora of shops.

   After traveling New Delhi they arrived at Bengaluru famous as the"Silicon valley of India. "

It's also the (IT)capital of India, the nation's information technology (IT) exporter.

   Goa is widely traveled by the tourists to enjoy it's sandy beaches and sunny weather.  The two romantic companions trekked on the long beach and stayed a night there in Baywatch resort.

  It were as if a never ending journey. Next they reached Udaipur. It was the city of lakes, Udaipur is located around Azura water of lakes and is hemmed in by lash green hills Aravalies. Lake Pichola was one of the most beautiful sights of Udaipur.

  They were in a hurry to make their visits shot cut. On their way  to the particular place to accomplish their parts as the choreographers  they  toured to Varanasi on the Ganges, the Hindu people believe  if they breathed their last there,they will get salvaton. Their last place of visit for a few hours was Ajanta caves one of the greatest Buddhist rock-cute architecture. The artistic tradition of Ajanta present an important specimen of art, architecture, Bank painting and socio-cultural religious and political history of contemporary society in India. It was unbelievable that during the ten-day- tour Rahul only chatted to her about the past glory of India and the veracity of Indian heros. He felt sorry for the partisan of India but not afflicted her with his behaviour. The dancers and singers performed the stage shows under the guidance of Rahul. At an appropriate time they parted from India, culturally linked to the subcontinent.

Before departure Reshma had given the whereabouts of her  snow ridden village. when she was riding the ladder to the flight Gulf Air he noticed her splashmmozing.

Since then he has not spent an illusory night without her. As of now, he can hug his glamour-puss Reshma. ( Is she still a beautiful lass !)

   Rahul looked at the sky. It was slightly darky. once in a while the thin paches of cloud accumulated and hosed down. Drizzles and solstice had no meaning for him besides his aspirations to get at Reshma. He pulled out the minaudiere a paper slip, with a map, Reshma gave to him to reach at her without asking any body.

 Zandra, her village was by the valley Ziarat in Baluchistan gets covered by snow during winter season which is usually starts in November and ends in March.  

   He faintly remembers narrating him a grief brief note of her small family and the then condition of Pakistan,during the course of travelling. She had her parents and a younger brother Ismile. Her father being a farmer tilling small patches of land, brought up cattle and never entangled in politics. With eyes full of tears.  She huffed and said, once while her father was going to market with cans of milk to sell to the tea stalls he was assaulted to a bomb blast planted by the Taliban terrorists. Thence forward,the thick clouds of sorrows hosed down to break down their financial strength. Her mother yielded to heart fail. They sold the farm land for her recuperation, but she closed her eyes for ever. Ismile, his younger brother joined terrorists camp instigated by an extremist. She closed her P. G. course in parncing She knows: it is to be must be. She offered her self to dancing, and. . . . . .

 Reshma picturises  before him the socio-economy of Pakistan is an ongoing and unending crisis and part of political unrest in Pakista .

  Rahul was surprised with Reshma having gained, Pakistan's socio- economy problem

  Rahul asked her,"What is general  view about Pakistan - India relationship?"

  While chewin gum she looked out side through the window of the bus. The drizzling rain was touching, every part of her body to get relax from humidity.

  She resumed," Key issues of conflicts: War of 1965,war of 1971, Kargil war,other territorial claims,water 

dispute, insurgency in Kashmir.. . . . .

 Here I watch cattle, especially' cows have been grazing freely without any hindrance and milk is plentily available in one's purchasing capacity. In the case of Pakistan,there is no guarantee of a cow returning home safe. "

 It was nearly evening. Mullahs and Islamic belief people were inside Mosques for Namaz.

  The proprietor of the shop had no idea about Rahul who has been sitting for hours. When he was in a hurry to enter the mosque for the prayer he asks him,"Will you not go for Namaz?

  Rahul didn't say, yes or no.

  By the way, you can't speak? I mean are you a dumb ? "

 Rahul still didn't answer.

 "Eh, you are also deaf!"

 Without a word farther, he moved to a mosque at feet's reach. Sitting alone on the bench Rahul thought as far as he knew there were approximately 428 Hindu temples in Pakistan of which only about 26 have managed to survive. They are; Shri Hinglaj Mata temple, famous Shakti peeths of Goddess Sati

- Panchmmukhi Hanuman Mandir in Karachi.

- Katas Rai Temples.

-Multan Sun Temple.

- Varun Dev Temples in Pakistan are Shri Hinglaj Mata temple (whose anual Hinglaj Yatra ls the largest Hindu Pilgrimage in Pakistan which is participated by 250, 000 pilgrims).

Shri RamDev pir temple (whose annual Ramdev pir Mela is the second largest Hindu pilgrimage in pakistan.

   In Hinduism there are many gods and goddesses whose worship is performed irregularly only in  few festive occasions,otherwise, they remain neglected throughout the year.

Vaishavism, Shaivism,Sha ktism and Smartaism favor the use of Murti(idol). These suggest, it is easier to dedicate time and focus on spirituality through anthropomorphic or non- anthropomorphic icons.  

 Christans believe in rebirth, is therefore more than a conversion and new beginning; it is the attainment of a new life and salvation by Christian. It makes Christians the first fruits of God's Creatures ( Jas 1-18: CF Ex 4. 22) and the children of God. (Jni, 12-13.

 The proprietor returned from prayer and saw Rahul rested on the bench. He was spell struck and said, "Oh Allah, you are still remain sitting here! Who are you? Where is your destination?"c

  " I am Rahul, released from Central jail Karachi this morning. after 25 long years," Said Rahul naively.

  "It is likely to be a Hindu name! Are you a Hindustani !!"

   " Yes,"

Are you a criminal or Spy like Kulbhushan Sudhir Yadav,alleged ailas Hussain Mubarak Patel ( born 16 April 1970) is an India national who have been inside jail since long years, waiting for release ?"

"Neither am I a criminal nor spy. I am a choreographer. "

  It's a story more interesting and bamboozling than Arabian nights. If you allow me an opportunity to disclose it I will tell you the unbelievable story. " Said Rahul knavishly.

 "What type of opportunity?"

  "A night's stay at your residence. " Straightforwardly he called on him.

  Subsequently, Arham ,the shop owner nodded his head postively.

  9, at night, Arham closed the shop and kick started his bike to Faisal Colony.

 Arham yelled his mother to open the door as she was hard of hearing. She opened the door and said," Do you cognizant a mediator who came with a proposal of marriage ? She is very charming. "

  She brought the full size photograph of a girl for his mention. When he didn't answer the old woman above eighty said,"This time you can't refuse. "

  Tears blubbered from her eyes. She said," I can not cook for you. " Her voice chocked her telling more. She entered the kitchen to bring ROTI and SABJI for him. Arham shouted for her, "Ammi, bring another plate for Rahul. "

  Although it is irrelevant to enter into his personal life but the tears of Ammi made him do it. Rahul asked him, "Please do get ready to marry. Have a mercy on the feeble woman. "

  "You cannot understand my problem. Do not put your head here. "

  Next morning Rahul thanked Arham and said,"It is kind of you to provide me a shelter and food to me, it is time to adieu good bye. "

   "But you can't abandon me before you acknowledge brief grief history why at the age of Forty five I am still un wedded. After all, where is your destination and whom do you want to meet?"

  " I don't know my haven, but I have to mecturate. After twenty five years of long punishment unguiltlingly I am now as free as a bird. "

  " It's clear to me that you are an Indian, though not know for what kind of fault you had been imprisoned.

Until you get at your goal, work with me to develop my business. Go with samples of my products,( different kind of spices and mixtures ) to meet your daily needs.. Pakistan is not a safe place for a foreigner. Don't take any kind of steps to draw the attention of the terrorist groups. Ask me before you take a venture. "

   "I am amazed gentle man like you still there in Pakistan. But one thing I would like to know from you the reason of remaining un married even  after forty. "

  Aham smiled and said,"Okay."

  Rahul lived in a rented single room in the same colony nearer to Arham's residence. Every morning by 8 o'clock, he opens the shop and begins to sell the commodities. Perhaps it is the first shop opens so earlier. Arham comes late and take charges from him. He was very much satisfied with his punctuality.  

  By way of selling the goods Rahul asks the buyers if they have acquainted with the valley of Ziarat and Zandra but they couldn't help him in this connection. Nevertheless, he could let them know that, he wanted to see Reshma once before he left Pakistan for whom he lived a life of as miserable as a beast in different prisons of Pakistan. It would have been easier to him if he stated Aham of his desperateness and systemize his meeting with Reshma. In any case, he doesn't know how to present his helplessness.

  Arham made it easy, at the same time, mashed his dream to pieces when in the beginning of his love life by emitting 'Reshma',which was sonorous. He was breathing nervously,head reeling, body shaking, heart rendering; felt cracking of a bomb. . . . .

  Ahan asked confusingly," Do you listen to me!"

  His frustration turned into sweats, "Yes" he said loudly. Birds on the branches started fluttering with the noise. He grinned and waited what was the next.

   "Reshma was a good dancer. I was a good singer. This combination was rare. She used to attend the stage shows. I assisted her. We two good rare pair, earned name, fame and money. I was so mad after her that I asked for her hand.

 She said, " It will take time. "

   " I can wait for you as long as you speak up your mind. "

  It was our last meeting since long. By and by she averted me. It was a great shock to me. I couldn't tolerate her relationship with others. I wanted to kill her. "

   "No, you cannot kill her. "

 "What! Are you a desperate beloved like me?" 

" No it's illegal. "

Said Rahul in a fit of nerve wrecking. "

   " Listen patiently. "

  " I changed my mind with a hope that due to her busyness she has not telephoned me. I was wrong. She eluded me. I targeted on her new lover; fired at him from close range. He escaped every time. since then I have been trying and trying in the disguise of a Taliban or a soldier. "

  Rahul thought, he must take advantage of it to create an opportunity to meet Reshma once and open up his mind how he had been imprisoned by her love to endure the sadistic treatment in different jails for twenty five years.

  He said to Arham,"If you have no objection, let's move to Reshma's village at Ziarat valley. "

  Arhan asked" What do you exactly want to say?"

 "It is not for my sake, it's for our love,I mean your immortal love for her, we should go to her. I know nothing would have been left with her to take pride of; neither glance nor Celebrity but why won't you avail an opportunity to express your true love to her?"

 Arham considered it wise to go to his place to test the absoluteness of her love.

  They were obliged to God to get her at her village. She was informed that two anxious guys were at her door to have some words with her.

 No sooner did she come out she was puzzled to glimpse Ahan and Rahul together. Before she presumed the probability Rahul cried out at her,"oh Reshma ,this Arham  is  a Taliban. Don't belive him 

  " Yes, You are right. e is a Taliban, an outcaste. He forced upon his love to me. "

  Arham lost his temper and said," Yes, your love made me imbalanced,to get you at any cost, I became a Taliban but you are an ungrateful bitch. "In the wink of an eye he shot at her .The bullet just touched her left ear and drilled on the wall back to her.   Frenzily, Arham he aimed at Rahul and the bullet pricked his chest to lay him down to breath his last. Without dealy s Reshma entered straight in to Aham's head. Within  some minutes the situation turned in to a melancholic end.

    Reshma stood speech less as if an idol.

She had the latest knowledge about Rahul and Arham. She master planned everything.  

The police came in time and arrested Reshma.

People Said "She was a whore of many beds. "

.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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