Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller

A journey to life

A journey to life

14 mins

A journey to life 

Shreyas ran to his father waving the newspapers; Times of India, Hindustan Times, and the local news papers to delight him, he inhabited his name among the toppers and remind him which he promised him: "if you get 99% in 2 science, I will purchase for you, Hero Honda. "

   He said loudly,"Papa, keep up your promise. Today, just today buy for me a bike. Read the newspapers; my role number and name have been printed among the top boys. you will buy for me a bike, Won't you?"

  "The motif is not there," said Samir abjectly. "

  "Then. ?

 " I conditioned for 99 ,%. At first, bring me the mark sheet. If it's below 99% you will miss the boat. " 

   On the next day breathlessly, Shreyas was lifted to the college office and collected his marksheet and drifted by another boy to a side. His eyes were wandering through the transcript and he felt as though the miskick kept him upside down

   "What !" he blurted.

  Below ninety-nine!_ marks away. . . . it alludes, two steps to the summit; his legs slipped from Everest!

 With a hope that his father won't mind just 1% below and cheer him up with a Herohonda bike. in a leap's jump he snagged him from behind, held his marksheet up and said," 1 mark below of your expectation,Papa. You must buy for me the vehicle you promised me"

   Suddenly he burst into rage and said," Get lost. Do'nt talk with me. You are Not competent even for a bicycle. "

 Apparently Shreyas felt,he fell onto the earth with a crunching sound. No one except him , heard it. His father was shaking like a palm leave, until Shreyas 

 was out of his sight! 

  He has compared his mark sheet with his classmates; 98 was the highest marks,the boy secured who was on the top of the list. If he had a rough idea , about his father's rigidity to one or two percent he wouldn't have asked him for a costly presentation. one thing he coherented was his father's personality.

   On the next day, when he showed the marksheet of Mrunal's, the no. One among the twenty, his father reacted severely and said," I'm not shocked by it. The reality is that my son didn't secure the best position,(among twenty)

Second thing, boys as well as boys didn't come overwhelmingly to embrace you( especially girls ) who satirically called him dwarf and black skinned driven away to you impetuously and  bequeathed you with a loud cry," Congratulations. "

   "But Papa, 1 mark, infact is not a matter of concern. I am satisfied with what I obtained. It was due to my diligency. I am not disquiet with Herohonda. It is just a material object and can be purchased many times. It is ephemeral. If I am your son just assist me to make my dream come true. "

It was the first scene of the drama 'A journey to life. ' which is full of emotions.

  In consultation with the senier employees who were in job in B. M. W. Honda Shreyas appeared for an interview and was selected in one chance and got admitted there in B. Tech Automotive Design Engineering which provides students with knowledge of automotive and vehicle and their functioning, focusing on three core areas production ,design  and manufacturing. Owing to unceasing labour again he toppled the others and was amenable to   posting as a design engineer in another branch of in Gurgaon NCR The starting salary of a design engineer ₹ 5,50,000/yr. contaning other units; equipment, repairing,servicing and the experts different who motivated the buyers of motorcycles and the official and cars there of followed the procedures prior to handing over the vehicles was called for a testing.

   It is since long that Shrestha has not talked with his father. At the end of the month during training period he let his father knew that the month's expenditure traversed the amount he sent to him regularly. His father didn't ask him the reason for the extra money he asked for as he knew his son wouldn't spend a pie nonessentialy. He kept the vouchers ready to show them at the end of the course and sent the same in registered post. One hardly belives that he has not visited to any cinema hall though it's a distance of half kilometre from the institution; never touched alcohol, didn't talk with any girl mate. In any semesters he didn't secure less than 99 %! 

Yet he was Lilliput Shreyas , ugly looking whom the girls didn't account for! Is it true that the dwarfs, grotesques Sibaji, Shastriji , Napoleon,king Goldmar and Volmar were kobold  but were famous rulers and leaders in the world history. He was not anxious about such meaningless and disinteresting questions to count how many girls dreamt the dwarf Shreyas. On the contrary, he has witnessed how the most good looking youngsters were beaten by Chappals for offending the girls. Their getups brought to light that they might have been the sons of reach and aristocratic families. He learnt someone said,'money lost is nothing lost, health lost is something lost, character lost is everything lost'. Character is more valuable than wealth. He has seen the miserable condition of those reach youngsters after being insulted by the roadside girls. The great heros are always encircled by beautiful damsels despite having no exterior features. A spinster in the clerical section tried to speak to him when she got opportunity but he replied in short. Though of same age and the girl had charismatic beauty couldn't break his attention from work. Isha was stunned when she was followed by the staff inside and out side the clerical section and got tired of attending the calls she couldn't get a single call from Shreyas.

  In a calm evening of September Isha dashed forward to Shrestha's chamber and took a seat infront of him. Shreyas was teken aback seeing her trespass.

He got a little puzzled and asked ," Is it like a good lady entey one's chamber without seeking permission ?"

   " Sorry "

She rose from the seat and went out and shouted, "Can I enter ?"

"Yes," said Shreyas with a laugh.

Again Isha asked "Can I sit?"

  They laughed together.

  " It was after how many days you laughed?" elegant Isha asked.

 Once he raised his head couldn't not down it.

  She blushed with smile and broke the silence , "Eh, it's for the first time you came across such a comely damsel !"

   "Who said you are comely? But I see in you love embedded with allure. "She was so satisfied with her.

   " The time you joined here I keenly studying your inferiority complex hurt you ; your hue, your dwarfness , blackishness and size of teeth made you remain far from the girls blooming in beauty , isn't it?

   As far as I know most beautiful women like not an empty vessel (a youngster without bravery, quality and persolaty) Perhaps you have not even once talked to a beautiful lass for fear of being discarded. Am I right?"

  Both of them were in a hurry and consciously parted for their pending work.

   Thereafter, Isha pushed open Shreya's chamber in recreation, talked innumerable things importantly about her child care home inside the state and motivate rich people to assist and donate for the upliftment of the orphanages.  

    Isha aroused his sense of service of the mankind. She also induced him to pay a portion of salary every month for the maintenance of the orphanages. In holidays they went from door to door to collect subscription. Philanthropist Isha donated a large sum for the organisation. Shreyas so enthusiastic to run the help homes. Members increased and the collected amount was spent for the health, education, dresses and food of the helpless. At the same time their love deepened.

    It is was a pastime of Shreyas to go to new areas which he never frequented. In a late evening,after work he had a long wolk in a bilane. Very few people were seen here and there. It was dark every where as there were no street lights. When he turned round in the docility he saw a beautiful Colleen striding speedily as if she was acquainted to the bilane. He came aside and waited for her to pass by.  

  "Who is she? Isha! No she cannot be Isha!!

Questions after questions bewildered him. Atlast she entered in to a tent house where there were several small rooms overcrowded with children aging from ten on wards warried by goons. On reaching there she canned the orphans. Shreyas was frightened he might be seized at any moment. He started running to the main road.

    So dreadful Isha was ! Who is she ? Who are are the children ? Are they among the orphans ? What does she want to do with them ?Is she not working with the kidnapper gang who supply kidney, liver and main parts of human body ? He was scared of her. But he must know who was the ring leader.

  On the next day when she came to the office she met him in the office in leisure and discussed with him the agenda of Sunday at hand.

 He talked with her as if knew nothing about her cruel treatment to the helpless and innocent children. He wished he would shoot her to death but controlled him self.

He said, "I would be on leave for my 

house craft. You must carry on the noble work. "

   Here after he wandered aimlessly and went through many slums and gathered information about their occupations. Generally women from sixteen to more than sixty, worked as domestic helps in apartments and their per head income ranged from ₹ 20,000 or more while their husbands were became involved in  residential construction and some of them collecting the gray and rust materials like tin, iron and plastic. It is said they theft during the night which they marked during the day time. Some of them were involved in homicide and under police custody. Drug selling was their big source of income. Special police squard was appointed to handle the dispute and arrested anti social elements. Yamuna a woman drug seller was arrested many times and set free without sufficient proof. Shreyas came to know that they were Bangladeshi refugees but they had voting rights as the vested interest political leaders enrolled their names in voter list.

  In the course of ambling he encountered a Colleen who was more polished and brought up under a well to do parents.

   On questioning her she said,"I am working for the abolition of child labour and their education. I am a member of Kailash Satyarthi's empowerment of women and children ( orphans)"

   "Are you an Indian ?"

 " Yes Indian. During partition we happened to fly to Pakistan but returned to India as refugee. We have been able to get voting right ; permanently settled here. At present I am appointed in a software Company. My part-time job as I said is in an N. G. O. organisation"

" Do you know Isha?"

"Oh,Isha the Rohinga ;The international drug and human parts supplier , especially the healthy pediatrics"

    " Can you vividly explain me about the Rohingyas "asked Shreyas.

  "Yes, said Bookm. The Rohingya people are stateless Indo -Aryan ethic group who predominantly follow Islam and reside in Rakhine state, Myanmar. Before the Rohingya genocide in 2017 ,when over 740,000 fled to Bangladesh,an estimated 1. 4 million Rohingyar lived in Myanmar

   They live in the different parts of the world. Banladesh, 1,300,000(,March 2018. )china 40,000. ( Sept 2017)India 40,000( Sept,2017),Japn 300 ( October 2017) Malaysia 1,50,000, Myanmar ( Rakhine states 600,000 Saudi Arabia 190,000( June 2017)

 The Rohingya were denied citizenship in 1982c by the government of Myanmar which sees them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Since then Rohingyas have regularly seen made the target of persecution by the government and' the nationalist Buddhists.

    The Rohingya,a mostly Muslim minority ethnic ground in predominantly Buddhists Mynamar are escaping what the United States has described as genocidal violence that follows the decades of persecution and human rights abuse.

  The Rohingyas are persecuted population from Myanmar and have been denied citizenship by regime there.

 Most of them have no passport and have crossed international borders without visas 21 June 2023. "

  Shreyas thought whether both of them were false!

He had to wait with patience to know the actuality.

   In the meantime he had an urgent call from his father that his sister was kidnapped while returning home from computer class.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRP ) released a fresh data on the number of women and girls that went missing in India. According to the Union ministry home affairs quoting NCRB data 3,75,058 women above 18 years of age went missing from across the country in 2021 alone Over 10 lakh women went missing across the country from 2019 above onwards.

   In 2020,79,233 girls and 3,44,422 women went missing ' Of these 2,24,043 women were recovered while the number, of girls recovered,2019 was not given. " In 2021, 90,113 girls went missing and 58,980 were recovered. 3,75,058 women went missing and 2,02,298 were recovered.

   The purpose or motive behind kidnapping includes gaining a ransom or reward; facilitating the commission of a felony terrorizing the victim or a third person under special status can include removing a child from the custody of an ex-spouse etc.

   Shreyas knew his sister walk carelessly on the way home. Attackers search forward who appear frightened, confused, distracted. They look for women who walk with their head down and their hands stuffed in their pockets, perhaps one is over burdened by packages or distracted by children.  

Shreyas thought " a girl or woman must remember that attackers do not want to bait a fight: they want an easy mark. "

  In most basic kidnapping cases, the perpetrators are motivated by ransom or concessions. They take and detain the victim, then contact their loved ones or employees to negotiate the victim's release.

  Shreyas thought whom he should contact for immediate assistance; Bookm who says she is a software engineer but she has not been appointed in any company but a lady Don innocuous to small things but spreads her fang if necessary.

 He contacted her. Immediately. she received his telephone and hailed,"Sir, how can I come to your help ?"

  Shreyas informed her," My younger sister is kidnapped. "Eh, don't get worried I will trace her out. Give me her particulars and Wait for my next call. "

  Bookm knew some dangerous gangs , Gurbaksh in Punjab, Haryana, and Rajstan. They are involved in homicide,theft, kidnapping and ransom. Moosewal Singh Beddo the notorious gangster of western Uttar Pradesh. Ranjit sevewala was killed in 1915. After this his brother Gurbaksh has been leading the gang. Jaggu Bhagwan puria gang,Punjab involved in kidnapping,recovery and dual carriage away theft. Shahabuddin and Attaur Rehman gangs were responsible,a sharp shooter for killing Krishnananda Rai. Raghabendra Yadav gang have come about to be greater crook. U. P. police has announced a prize of 25 lakh on him. There are other kidnapping gangs : Chairman Yaday, Gondar and Brother gang. The head of the gang was Vicky Gondar, killed Punjab's recognised gangster Sukha kehlwan. After killing him the killers danced infront of the police. They threatened Punjabi identical gang is similarly accused of threatening Punjabi singer Mankrat Aulakh.

  The gangsters are seen wandering in the periphery of New Delhi and Bookm concluded that her Gandar gang kidnapped Shreyas sister.

   After a day or two, Bookm called Shreyas and said, "Sir, your sister has been found but the kidnapping group leader Ms Tanu demands 20 lakh for her release. If you agree with it transfer the money to my account "

  " Ofcourse. Thanku for your timely help. "

  Shreyas could inform the police and got Bookm arrested on the spot as he was clarified that it was Bookm's gangsters , kidnapped Shradha, her younger sister. But he wanted the abolition of her group altogether. After the release of his little sister ,he joined in his duty.

   In the recess Isha entered his chamber and asked," I am so glad your little sister has been released from the terrible Bookm's gangsters. " She said candidly.

  " How did you ferret it ?"

   "Once she was my neighbour"

 Shreyas was in cobweb. Both of them belonged to terrorist groups, worked for their gang or spying for their countries! 

   Situation was getting critical. When he was in dilemma whether he would divulge the two lady dons ,Shivani a volunteer from an N. G. O. entered his room with a receipt book to rake atleast ₹10,000  for the welfare fund of the  helpless wretched oldmen and mads.

It seemed to him the girl volunteer was very simple. When she entered his chamber unlike Bookm and Isha she spoke little. Nonetheless, he waited for the opportunity to know whether she is a foreign intruder.

  Shreyas thought it to be a virtuas deed for exposing the three to the police. Nevertheless, the surgical attack started on the dead hour of the night. It was not so easy to arrest them. Both sides opened fire arms . Isha died on the spot. while Bookm trying to shoot at Shreyas, in a wink of moment Shivani stood in front of Shreyas and she was injured severely. There was a police camp around the vast stretch of ground. Most of the terrorists died ,some were arrested. The fire brigade extinguished the fire. The most wanted Bookm found dead.  

   ' A journey to life' ended there. Consequently, Shreyas's hard labour never went fruitless. Shivani though not dazzling but manifested her love was immortal whom Shreyas misunderstood as an agent to an enemy country.

  Both married in a temple where members of both families were present.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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