Vikram Bourne

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Vikram Bourne

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Curse of Sins

The Curse of Sins

13 mins

Working late at night, the blue light from the desktop screen was burning his eyes. The city was still buzzing with people and the cop cars were going on rounds. Keeping his system on he dozed off a bit he had a weird dream where he was standing in a dark dense forest alone as the wind blew he heard a whisper "your times up". He woke up and found himself all sweating. He soon found out that the power was cut off. Suddenly he heard sound of footsteps, like a pin dropped in a silent room the sound of footsteps were so loud. "Surprise" said his girlfriend with a cake in her hand with candles on it. The lights came on and he saw his girlfriend with a cake with candles shaped like two and another one seven. It was written Happy Birthday Vinay. His girlfriend asked him," did I scare you baby ?" With a smile. Vinay just smiled and said, "love you aakshu ". She just smiled and called others who were her crime partners who helped her execute her suprise for vinay. They were Vinay's office mates.

Everyone was singing the usual happy Birthday song and Vinay blew off the candles. As Vinay finished cutting the cake, aakshu said the suprise isn't over yet. She had set up a party at the rooftop of his office building. As everyone reached the top, DJ was set up everyone was so hyped food and drinks were offered,Vinay was like awe seeing the surprise Aakshara planned for him. Everyone was partying enjoying themselves. Vinay after all the booze that he had to gulp up cause of his friends insistence, he was bit unsteady as he sat on a chair, he saw a girl wearing a rugged cloak,she was staring at him. As Vinay was drunk he couldn't clearly see who she was but her eyes conveyed sadness and agony first and as he kept on staring at her her eyes gleamed with the anger and rage.

Vinay was curious about her so he got up and started walking towards her slowly, he felt like she was moving away and away from him. He just smirked and said to himself "the booze is really wonderful". Suddenly he lost sight of her and he thought," maybe I took too much"and he turned back to return to his seat. That's when he realised he was floating in air and the building was far away from him. As he looked down he could see the streets the cops and people beneath him. He was completely flustered and the next moment he was falling, he screamed his lungs out as he was falling, as he thought it was over I am dead, he fell into a pool of water instead of the road and he gasped for air and got back up.

He was lying on the floor on the rooftop with people surrounding him and his face wet. Aakshara asked Vinay" are you all right?, Don't worry I am here". Slowly two of his friends picked him up and took him to the parking below and made him lie in the back seat of his car. That's when Vinay realised that he had collapsed and Aakshara poured water on my face to wake me up. Aakshara got into the car and asked Vinay " are you all right?, Or should we go to a hospital?" Vinay replied" no, let's go home". Aakshara drove to their home, both were living together nearby Vinay's office. As they reached home aakshara took him from the car to the bedroom and made him lie on the bed. Vinay was sleepy, he was just looking at the walls which had paintings hanging on it and he dozed off.

Next day morning as sun was peeping into his bedroom, Vinay woke up and found Aakshara beside him still sleeping. He was bit angry with himself that he collapsed on the rooftop. Seeing Aakshara sleep he slowly kissed her in the forehead and said" love you". As Vinay brushing, he was thinking about taking his relationship with Aakshara to the next level. He planned to take her to his parents and his sister who were living in Kerala. So he called his sister right away and told her that he would be coming with a good news in a week. As soon as Aakshara woke up he wanted to surprise her with this news and breakfast as well. So he made the most easiest breakfast bread omlet and glass of milk. He went into the bedroom and woke up Aakshara, she was too sleepy, he somehow managed to get her up and told her," let's take our relationship to the next level".she was dumbstruck with joy,she hugged him. Vinay told about his plan of taking her to his parents and Aakshara was all smiles.

After one week, both packed their bags and put it in the car and started to hit the hay early morning. It was a fun filled ride from Bangalore to Palakkad in Kerala. Vinay's family was living in the interiors of Kerala away from the city. As they entered into the interiors of Kerala it was all green with trees and plants on either side of the road. Aakshara was really loving it there as she was a girl who grew up in the city, it was really a wonderful sight for her. Vinay took Aakshara to his sister's home first. As they reached his sister's home they were waiting to receive them. Vinay's sister was married and had two girls, they were twins. Vinay introduced Aakshara as his girlfriend and future wife to his sister, she was all smiling and said," so this is the good news you wanted to show me ah... well, good for you she looks pretty" in Malayalam. Aakshara was smiling with a pink blush on her cheeks, thought she couldn't understand the whole thing she understood that Vinay's sister complimented her. As they got settled down, Vinay asked about mom and dad, his sisters sighed and said" well you know them they usual act weird now become more weirder they told me to not visit them ". Vinay's face turned bit worrying. His sister suddenly told him" don't worry. ..! go meet them, but first you go tell them everything and then take Aakshara with you and go the second time". He also felt it was the right thing to do, so he told Aakshara and left her there and went to meet his parents.

That evening he took the car and went to his parents house. That drive from his sister's house to his parents was one of the longest ride he ever took as memories kept on flooding his eyes, how he was treated as some untouchable at his home and how his mom and dad feared him and always put him in a school away from home and how his holidays were bitter and how much he hated coming home. He could never find out why his parents treated him like that and feared him. As all these thoughts were hitting him like the tides of the sea. He reached this parents house. 

As he got down from the car and started moving towards the door his father was coming out of the house. As his father saw vinay, he had a horror face. By the looks of his dad Vinay realised he wasn't happy seeing him. As Vinay came closer, his father shouted,"stop there, and asked why are you here?". Vinay in a low voice said," i am here to see you both and tell you something important". His father's face turned red and he shouted again" go away from here, I don't want to see you, your not my son you're a devil who has come to kill all of us". Vinay remembered the exact words he heard from his father earlier when he finally left home. Vinay wanted to know why they were saying like that, but couldn't man up to ask his father who was still shouting "go away".

Clenching his teeth he returned silently back to his sister's home. As he reached there, he heard everyone shouting"Where are you chinnu ?". Chinnu was one of his sister's daughter, it was dark already. As he rushed into the house everyone was searching for chinnu and his sister crying. He asked Aakshara what happened, she told that," chinnu has gone missing and we are searching for her for 2 hours now". He too joined in the searching. They kept on searching whole night in roads nearby areas and filed a complaint of man missing in the police station. His sister and her other child was left alone at home that night. As Aakshara, Vinay and his sister's husband were busy searching for Chinnu.

The next day morning as they reached home, they found stain of blood all over the floor. In the bedroom they found his sister unconscious. As they searched for Minnu their other daughter they couldn't find her. Vinay told his brother in law to take his sister to hospital and assured that he will find Minnu. As his brother in law left, they went on searching for Minnu, and in the backyard she was found dead. Looking at that Aakshara screamed and lost her conscious. Vinay was in agony, he couldn't really understand what was happening. He called and ambulance and the police. They all rushed up to the scene. Enquiry was done by the police and the body was cleared. He informed the incident to his brother in law and he was dumbstruck hearing that.

That day evening he booked a train ticket and bid farewell to Aakshara. He thought it was better that she is away from all this. Then he went to the hospital where his sister was admitted. As he was about to enter the room, his brother in law came out of the room filled with tears. Vinay asked "what happened?". His brother in law told him that," Vandana has lost her senses,she is screaming at anyone who comes near her. She's become mentally unstable" he cried. Hearing his Vinay's eyes overflowed with tears. Both men were broken and in tears in the hospital, the whole hospital was feeling sad for both of them. Vinay wanted to inform what happened here to his parents.

 So next day morning he took the car and went to his parents house. Knocked the door very hard, his father opened up the door. Vinay was in tears looking at his dad but his father face turned pale like it saw a ghost. Vinay was trying to convey the incident to his father, but before he could start talking his father shouted at him," go away.. why are you here..? do you wanna kill me now?"Hearing those words Vinay got furious and shouted at his father and told what happened at his sister's house and about her condition in hospital. His mother also heard all this and brust into tears. His father blamed all this on Vinay as he said" it is your fault, it's because you came here everything has happened, now because of you we all will die". Vinay turned red and slammed the front door and went out with tears running down his cheeks. 

As Vinay's father closed the door and said to his wife "our end is near ". She asked herself "why us ?". She immediately went into the pooja room and started praying to God,she started asking God," why did you make that devil be born from me ?", Why should we suffer for his sins ?". She prayed the whole day without any food and slept in the pooja room.As the sun has disappeared and the moon glistening in the sky she woke up hearing a sound of a horse running. She slowly stepped out of the pooja room and went in search for her husband. In the back yard she saw a figureless smoke all over her husband who was lying in the pool of blood. That smoke suddenly took a figure of a man and took a smoke like body out of her husband and took it with him and got on a chariot which and two horses which was made of same smoke like that person,and it ran off. Seeing this she fell unconcious.

The moment she woke up she was in the hospital. The doctors came and checked her and later the policemen came and enquired about her husband's death. She said it was a ghost which killed her husband, but the police man said, " we'll come back after few days take rest". She realised that they didn't believe her. Then her son Vinay entered, she put on the same face like her husband did. But Vinay was crying his heart out at her feet. Her heart melted, she knew she was next. Vinay asked her "what happened, how did dad die?". With a big sigh. She decided to tell the story to her son then only he will believe me. She started saying, " you are the reason for your father's death", hearing this Vinay was asking himself "why everything is blamed on me ?".

His mother continued," we never ever wanted you after reading your jaadagam (jaadagam is something that is made based on the birth time and day and star on which the child is born, every hindu child has a jaadagam written for him predicting his future life, accuracy is a doubt maybe accurate for some and not for other, but it is something firmly believed by many all over India) you were cursed and that curse had an effect on everyone around you, we too didn't believe at it intially, but as things started to happen as predicted, we were in fear,so we decided to find a solution for it.  Swamy ji at the temple said that it was better to keep you away from us for our lifespan and your sister's too, but we refused to do because of that your sister fell ill mentally and I started seeing abnormal things around us. So we kept you away from us, but it was inevitable our death is because of your curse, your curse of whoever you love dies painfully". " Yor father was taken away by a soul in a chariot". Hearing all this Vinay got furious and said," everyone here are fools, still being driven by these superstitions, why the hell everyone died earlier..why now..?, You guys are insane ".and he left the room.

That day night as he was sleeping on the bench of the hospital corridor, he had a dream where he had a vessel with him and talking to someone scary faces kept on coming and going and he heard a voice "your times up".he suddenly woke up to find nurses running to his mother's room. He also rushed into to find out his mother dead with blood oozing out of her whole body. Seeing that Vinay fell unconcious, he saw himself killing people. As he woke up he was in pain and agony loosing his parents and his sister mentally ill. Above all this that scary story that his mom told about him. That's when he thought about Aakshara, if what mom said is true, he paused and searched for his phone. He took it and was looking at the call history, he never had got a call from Aakshara after she left. He called her, but couldn't reach her. That's the moment the had this thought," is everything mom told true?" Vinay was someone who never feared horror stories and horror scenes, but these paranormal activities happend around him made it fear even a small unusual sound.

He got discharged by afternoon. He tried calling her again and again but no use. His line won't get connected. Even though he had car,he was in no condition to drive to Bangalore. So he took a bus evening to Bangalore as the bus was on its way to Bangalore, he started seeing weird things like a guy in a chariot all made of smoke running on the road, he suddenly everted his eyes into the bus where he saw the whole bus had people make of smoke looking at him something paranormal. He started sweating the guy near him started to talk, because of fear he pushed him away and started running towards the exit the driver reduced the speed of the bus looking at his flustered face in the mirror and he jumped off the bus. He heard screams of people in his ears and some whisper "why didn't you save me?" "Why did you kill me?". He couldn't bear it and kept on running and running. He fell unconscious in front of an old temple. 

The moment he woke up he was in the temple and a Swamy ji looking at him. He offered him water to drink and said, "you have come here as expected".

to be continued...

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