Vikram Bourne

Abstract Drama Horror


Vikram Bourne

Abstract Drama Horror

Girl Under The Blanket

Girl Under The Blanket

6 mins

As darkness captured the sky the stars shone like warriors of light and full moon as their Queen fighting against the army of darkness. Her eyes in the light of the moon were glistening with love, her lips were covered by red lipstick which made it look like red rose petals. As he was enjoying her beauty as she was talking sitting on the balcony in their newly brought house. Lustful thoughts made him uneasy and she noticed it. She invited him into the bedroom and he followed slowly closing the curtains of the balcony. She passionately kissed his lips and ran her arms all over his body and he started striping her clothes off kissing her. Suddenly she got wild and started biting his lips and neck as he was too into it he never minded that slight pain but in a moment blood was oozing out of his neck and her eyes turned red and her nails grew big and she started screaming "you're mine ". Things around him started falling glasses started shattering into pieces. One star in the sky faded away slowly. 

"This is the opening scene of the movie" sir, said Aakshara. Aakshara is a writer who loves to write horror stories, she had already written a dozen stories. Her dream is to see her stories become a movie and watch it in a theatre. As she ended saying the opening scene, the director laughed hearing her and said, "there are lot of horror movies like this try something different like Comedy horror that's what people love to watch nowadays, nobody wants a horror story with cliche ghosts". As Aakshara was bit short tempered she bit her teeths hard and she said, "thank you sir for listening" and stood up and left the room. The director was confused and was thinking what's with this girl and he called his assistant to let the next guy in. 

Aakshara raced past the corridor where many were sitting waiting for their opportunity to tell their story. She took her scooty from the parking and drove rashly through the streets. She was fuming with anger that the director laughed at her script. As she was driving she kept on murmuring what an ass hole, how the fuck is this guy a director who doesn't even listen to my full story and just laugh at my script. As she reached her home,slammed the door and lied down on her bed.

Aakshara was living alone in a rented house near her company. She was working in an IT firm.

Empowering lady on her own she had been surviving alone in the city for the past 4 years. Her room was messy clothes lying here and there books kept open and a laptop on the reading desk. Her phone had 12 missed calls from her team leader and her mom. She dozed off in the bed.

As she woke up the sun was slowly setting and darkness creeping up the sky. As she woke up and went into the kitchen she saw the refrigerator door open. She murmured, now the electricity bill gonna raise and took an apple and packet of bread and closed the refrigerator door. As she was toasting her bread the sun had completely gone down. She turned the kitchen lights on.Her house was like a spooky house cause she never cleaned her house for about one month. 

Suddenly she heard a cry, for a second she stood still looked at either sides of the room. The TV starting playing in the hall. She was thinking has the scary ghost really come to my home, she was excited at the same time had fear chilling her spine. She slowly moved into the hall and found a cat sitting over the TV remote. She was like " aww.. man I really wanted to see the ghost ", but she was bit happy seeing the cat there.she shushed away the cat and closed the window. As she entered the kitchen she saw blood stains on the floor. Her heart rate got intensified seeing it and she walked backwards into the hall and stepped on something and slipped. As the light from the kitchen slowly flickered. She felt hot air beeing blown into her ear. She immediately stood up and ran into her room searching for her mobile phone.

As she found her mobile phone she took it and was planning to run outside. She didn't notice the stain of blood in her left hand as she was running outside of her room she fell again, she felt a pain in her leg. As she looked at her leg her Achilles tendon was cut off and blood was oozing out. In pain she started screaming. It was now she noticed blood on her left hand and she was terrified seeing it. Slowly she was crawling with one leg on the floor towards the front door. She heard footsteps in the hall. She started screaming again. As the foot step got nearer and nearer she closed her eyes, the sound stopped. She slowly opened her eyes and saw nothing but darkness she quickly started crawling towards the front door. Like in the paranormal activity movie she felt someone was pulling her leg. The tv started playing again. Her phone started ringing, she immediately attended the call and screamed help. No response came from the other end.

 It was one of her colleague Harish, would had a crush on her and he was bit worried about her angry attitude and how he's gonna introduce her to his parents and handle her in the future. It was sunday and he had just made up a doubt as an excuse to talk to her and called her. He found it wierd the line got connected but couldn't hear a word from her. He tried again but couldn't connect. He became anxious and started thinking,whether she got into some problem and he was a worrywart. So he decided to go to her house to make sure she's okay and was happy that he could see her even on holidays. So he took his bike and swiftly reached her house. He saw her scooty parked inside her house, so he walked towards the front door and rang the door bell. But no one answered he tried to open the door. The door was not locked but something was in the way that the door wouldn't open.

As he muscled the door it opened and found a doll's head torn off. He was like oh my god I tore the dolls head apart, she's gonna hate me for this. The house looked like a haunted house, it seemed like none lived here. He called out,"Aakshara are you there?" No response came he switched on the lights in the hall and moved into the bedroom where he saw her sleeping covering herself with a blanket. He just smiled and said, dumb girl keeping the door open and sleeping. He walked out and closed the door of the bedroom and waited for her to wake up in the hall. As he was the dumb one who never knew the girl under the blanket was dead.

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