Venkatesh R

Horror Thriller


Venkatesh R

Horror Thriller

The Blockbuster

The Blockbuster

6 mins

Back in 1975

A newly married couple, Shyam, and Ritu enter their home, There is a fear in Ritu’s face.

Shyam: "Don’t worry Ritu, nothing will happen, my mom will accept you she is not a demon".

Ritu: "No Shyam, I am not worried, about it, we don’t belong to the same caste, my father will be angry with us,

and he can do anything, by this time he would have got known, about our wedding. I feel we have got married in haste."

As they press the bell, Shyam’s mother Shakunthala open’s the door.

She was shocked by seeing Shyam and Ritu.

Initially, she screams at Shyam, then Shyam convinces his mother.

Shakunthala was a Single parent a mom of two.

She was happy for Shyam, but was afraid of the society, as she had to get her daughter married.

Then the couple starts living their life, as part of the Joint family.


Vivian an Engineering student, with an aspiration of becoming a film director. Vivian is from a middle-class family, she pursues her passion, with the help of other Viscom students.

Vivian has a zeal for direction and photography, her eyes are like lenses, with her nerves capturing like the camera.

She says one doesn’t need a camera to become a photographer, Eyes and passion alone are required.

She does what she says.

As she was helping his Viscom friends with cameraworks, they got an offer for a competition.

It was a Sunday afternoon Sandhya, Nafeesa and Vivian got together, they decide to shoot a film.

They order the pizza as they were discussing.

They decided to shoot a Horror film with a low budget.

As the budget, was less they decided to shoot the movie in an overlooked location, with Sandhya and Nafeesa as the actors.

While they browsed the internet, they found most of the locations, were away, and the rent was not within their budgets.

Sandhya: "Nothing seems like happening, let's drop it"

Nafeesa: "let's focus on the Fashion show, for now, let's make some money and then we can think about short films."

Sandhya and Nafeesa leave the place.

The pizza gets delivered after they leave. The pizza guy talks about the house near the graveyard on the phone with his friend.

Vivian happens to listen to that conversation and asks him about that.

Vivian: "Bhaiya, can you tell me about that place. We are planning for a movie. I have been looking for such a location."

Varun: "Mam, there is a house near the graveyard, we delivery boys use to take the shortcut as the longer route takes time.

We ourself got encountered with unusual activities two of my friends met with an accident in that area.

Mam will take you to that place, provided you give me a role in the film. I have been acting for a long time, been a delivery boy as a part-timer."

Vivian: "Fine Bhaiya, will check with my friends about it and will inform you."

Vivian informed about this to Sandhya,

Sandhya: "let me check about Varun if what he says is the truth. Then we can decide it."

The girls got convinced; they gathered information about Varun as well. Whatever he said was true.

They decided to shoot the film on the very same house, where Ritu lived now it looks spooky what has happened to them?

In 1976

It’s been a year, Ritu has got conceived they lived a happy life. Shakunthala was waiting for becoming granny.

The scent of happiness was all around the house.

It was Monday, Shyam leaves to office in his lamby scooter. With Ritu watching him from the balcony.

After an hour, the phone rings there was a message that the Shyam met with an accident, and he died on the spot.

The police were waiting for the formalities, to be completed but no one came to receive his dead body.

The police officer sends a constable to their house to check what has happened.


Vivian started preparing for the shoot. She assembled her gadgets.

Nafeesa being the director, and Sandhya took decided to be an actress.

Nafeesa explained the story to Varun and Sandhya.

The story was about the stay in the haunted house, with Varun being the investigative journalist and Sandhya being the ghost they did all the shooting. Vivian used the perfect lighting to capture the scene, where the Ghost looks to drive him off, by driving him mad with supernatural forces.

As they were shooting the film, the light goes off. Some shadows run across with some howling sounds.

Vivian: screams, what is it?

Nafeesa: "Nothing dear, it's just a power cut, Don't worry we are there its just a cat."

Vivian: "I” ll complete the editing, will share the copy by tomorrow, and she leaves the place. "

Sandhya, Varun, and Nafeesa as well as left the place.

In 1976

The constable knocks the door no one opens it.

He breaks the door, and he sees a massacre event in the house.

Shakunthala, Shyam’s sister were lying dead, and Ritu was struggling for her life.

The constable takes her to the hospital she delivers the baby.

She tries to say something, but she dies out of the pain.

The prime suspect was Ritu’s father.

The police try to arrest him as his fingerprints were present at the murder location.

They couldn’t arrest him, after two days they find his body in the same house in the septic tank.


Vivian was in search of Sandhya and Nafeesa they were not to be found anywhere on the campus.

Vivian was concerned about them she enquires about them, all around the campus.

After two days, Sandhya and Nafeesa come to their college.

Vivian: "Hey girls, I have submitted the film, as I couldn't contact you guys".

Sandhya and Nafeesa: "what are you talking about which short film?"

We were not in the town; we have been to a fashion show.

For the past two weeks, we were not in the town.

Vivian: "stop joking, last week only we shot the film".

Sandhya: "Vivian we are serious, check these photos, it has the event date as well."

Vivian runs to her home and plays the movie.

She murmurs to herself this is not the movie, I have shot, what’s going on?

The movie was terrifying Shakunthala, Varun, Shyam's Sister, Ritu, Ritu’s father were in the film.

When the team's credit got displayed, there was a message saying, where ever you go we will follow you.

Back in the competition, Vivian's team won the event unanimously.

What is the reality? Shyam and Ritu

Vivian’s work? Is it Vivian’s Dream?

Is the Sandhya, Nafeesa lying?

Why Varun alone there in the Video?

Are Shyam and Varun are same?

Vivian is an aspiring student she got a breakthrough from the film.

Who killed Ritu’s, family is still unknown.

In spite of being a ghost, they helped Vivian, to get a breakthrough in her life.

At times forgiveness is better than taking revenge, especially the mistakes done without any intention.

Forgive to liberate yourself from the pain of recurring thoughts, be it a soul or a person.

Vivian has become one of the leading cinematographers in the industry. She has decided to try acting.

It is an unusual character, where she had to shave her hair, for the film for the role of a cancer patient.

The beautician shaves her hair, she smiles.

Beautician: "Mam, nice Tatto, usually people like Tattoos to be shown. Why do you have it on your head, and it's an unusual one with the same number repeated three times."

Vivian: What tattoo?

The secret got revealed, she finds her origin in the Bible.

Nature finds a way to exist this time Vivian is the chosen one.

Shyam was an adopted child, in the records his name was Nero Cesar.


Preterist theologians typically support the numerical interpretation that 666 is the equivalent of the name and title Nero Caesar (Roman Emperor 54–68 AD). ... Also "Nero Caesar" in the Hebrew alphabet is נרון קסר‎ NRON QSR, which when used as numbers represent 50 200 6 50 100 60 200, which add to 666. The number for beast.

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