Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Forgotten Smiles

Forgotten Smiles

10 mins

Aabhat and Aadalarasi were close playmates and classmates since their childhood. Their forefathers dwelt in the village Alampundi,not far from Gingee fort. They were two neighbours though not equal in wealth and wisdom.

    Adalarasi was the bewitching Tamil allegiance in her village, whereas Aabhat was swarthy. Colour, creed and cadre couldn't clinch their movements. The two hearts never ever cared the circumstances and created cosmic love between them. Any form of disdain couldn't smite the paramour.

   After schooling they were drifted unwillingly to change the course of life. Aaladarasi persisted in a government plus two college in humanity at Tiruchirap ,there with consummated graduation and Post graduation

with flying colours from Bharathi University,Tiruchir. As suggested by her parents she went to N. T. C. Namacal Tnopso Centre to fortify I . P. S.

  Quite the opposite, Aabhat joined in his family business of fire cracking set up back long in Villupuram . There the employees worked in shift basis . Thence fire crackers were of great demand. In every occasion like marriage ceremonies, winning a cricket match against Pakistan, after a politician won from a particular seat in absolute votes, during marriage ceremonies and anniversary . People don't hesitate to squander for unnecessary items rather than noble causes. His fore fathers amassed only cash.   They were mercenary . But Aabhat was anti mercenary and interested donating money for the poor, cladded   the orphans , afforded open handedly for the welfare of the homeless or to the society involved in determining the haven'ts wellbeing. For his, humanistic approach he was berated by his father and pudgy grand father. He loved Aaladaris more for her philanthropy than for her beauty. Once she said," I would like to empty my wallet to satisfy an appetizing man but not consuming luscious dish in a multy starred hotel. "

  The two penchant hearts couldn't spare time  to eloquent for pressure of work at their level. Nevertheless, during the Pongal they get together for four days. The Thai Pongal is considered an auspicious occasion . It's propitious for in this day people decorate cows,their horns,ritual bathing and procession . They offer prayers in home and temples,decorate rice-powder- based kalam art works get together with family and friends.

   It was  not only an amusement for Aabhat and Aadalarasi but a lot many things . As if during the time they visited many moons ,whispered to each other . Aabhat splattered , danced , sang with Aadalarasi's . Their euphoria knew no bounds. They chuckled,giggled , guffawed_ caring not the red eyes of the cynical people.

    Time always not supports the happier people ,but stands as an ebony to take away the happy things . The call of time spearheads away the two penchant hearts . It is a mystery why time behaves like this.

   Aabhat's family wanted Aabhat's marriage in time before he is engaged to a girl below their rank. His mother,Aahana raised the proposal to Aadalarasi and sent him the spinsters photos to his cellphone. Aabhat had a bird's eye view at them and deleted in notime. No second girl can replace Aadalarasi . She had all the qualities which he wanted.

   He squized out his willingness to them . He got to everyone's knowledge that he was not ready for marriage . He knew if the bride's parents chose him it was not for his piquant but for his ponderous.

   Unlike the sweet hearts he rarely made a call to his lovers frequently. He perceived that she was not practicing crack makers work but much more valuable than that for which he is proud of. If ever he called her he didn't talk saccharinely but just her academic progress .

When. ever he thinks of her he beams. He knows one day people will honour him after getting the hands of Aadalarasi . When she would have bunglow, receptors salute , luxury cars and other amenities, his relatives will be awesome not for his hefty sum in the cracking units but wedding an I. P. S.

   Aadalarasi had no docility for her beloved because he was a crack maker and a less educated youngster. She respected him for his broad mind and open heart . She could not question his love to her . What she wanted more from her life partner ! 

    But an unexpected thing happened. Deliberately and in oligopoly, her parents plumped 

 a collector for her nuptial .  

   She scoffed, "Oh, I'm so percipitous to you ? It may be due to your ageing you can't determine a decision. I do request you please stop worrying for me. In adequate time I will plump for it. "

   The cell phone dashed down noisely.

   But these people didn't stop. They coerced her .

    They said, " The youngster is at this time the collector in Coimbatore. He is ready to wait for you as long as you accomplish your objective. "

    It's for the first time Aadalarasi was perturbed . Her head swayed ; Studded with a strange agony. She imagined the silhouette of the strange personality . She thought he might be a collector,may not possess the characteristics of a human being: loyality,love,honesty, magnimonousness and a true friend to her. She has to take care . She has to know the nomenclature of the collector. Who will help her to get ahead with her enquiry; Aabhat yes Aabhat is the right person. ? But he is so sensitive that she can't crack jokes with her. Cleanliness of their relationship is still the mantra for a strong bond between them . Would she hurt him? But it is a kind of renewing love.

    In her leisurely time at 10. P. M. Aadalarasi made a call to Aabhat.

   He picked the cellphone and said, " You are the eighth wonder ! Is it true I receive your phone ! There might be something serious you want to rapport with. ?"

   " My marriage has been settled" . It sent Aabhat to oblivion.

   " I'm not prepared now. "

  "Not with you"

" I will kill him ".

" Whom?"

" The youngster you want to marry"

   Aadalarasi beamed and said , Why are you so serious , darling. I have not warded you to marry?" 

    "Don't talk to me. "

 " You are so emotional!"

 It's really I wanted to joke with you. But there is something to fear . My parents want me to marry a collector having knowing nothing of him except he is Collector. Would you help me know his ubiquitous?"

    Aabhat relaxed. He drank a water glass. It was not which he thought.

    " Oh, darling for God's sake, don't make my mind bitter any moment. I love you so much. I will die . . . .

   "Every lover says this but they do not die . Leave it , come to the point. I want to kill my curiosity. Go to Coimbatore for a first-hand knowledge about him, can't you?Please. "

  Soon after he picked down the cellular phone he heard a voice . " Who is that?"

    " Me_ I'm inside you. Aadalaris will marry the collector not you, fool"

   "No she can't tie the sacred knot of marriage to anyone . "

  He was chocked down . He looked into his heart timidly. His heart became quiet . Is he unsuitable for her? Yes, not ninety nine but hundred percent? He can't do , how worthless ! Aadalarasi said . Sorry, worthful. Now or at any time if he sees the collector he will kill him.

   He will beseach . He will collect all essentials about him and give her the minutiae. He will also say he is very fine,marry him. He shuddered .

   In side Maybach ,he was shivering, uttering," Har Har Mahadev" incessantly . What boon he wanted from Him? All the negatives; the collector's absence, breakdown of the car, a mild accident, a demonstration by a political party demanding narrow-gauge to high-gauge.

 King Kailash listened to his prayer. When the road became solitary,the crooks approached, surrounded the car and demanded a large sum for their local festival. There was a tag of argument among Aabhat and the dum dum. They threatened to make the luxury car to pieces. Consequently, the dispute came to an end when Aabhat handed them ten thousand in cash. He thought it was unwrang to move ahead.

    In the succeeding night he told her, he failed in his pursuits . Aadalarasi hoped so. He can't see another man in her life. He also can not change what's pre written.

     Some time passed when Aadalarasi hit her goal. She was best among the bests . Then to Dehradun the police training college. Things changed quickly. Her first posting was in Coimbatore . She thought wheather Karthikeyan was the collector whom her family proposed for. Her eagerness for him had dried out. But she was leaf in a gale carried away aversely. Her parents planned for their get together. Who won't agree to a highly qualified girl ,an I. P. S. ?

    Her life browsed like the clouds flipped by storm. When she eroded the  torn pages of a book; illegible to read. She had no courage to face Aabhat. Her fingers wanted to touch the numbers on the phone but reluctantly gave up.

  Aadalarasi wanted to extend the time of marriage so that she would search Karthikeyan as a person.  

  She wanted to know Aabhat's response in this regard. Nosooner did he hear it, he was pandemonium. He botched and rabbled and knocked down his cellphone. Thence forward he turned into a separate being. He forgot smiles . He reacted rudely for a small thing. His brain ceased except to one thing he would be a suicide bomber to end the life of the collector. Sweetness was taken by bitterness.  

   Karthikeyan was anxious to talk with Aadalarasi during the off hours.

  But she steered and cleared that he shouldn't try to have a close talk with her before marriage.

   Apparently , her subordinates submitted her the real Karthikeyan. People say he has affairs with tons of spinsters. To each he promised to marry but in the last moment he hoaxed them_ threatned to kill if they disclosed. She thought some of them may be rumor but where there's smoke there's fire. ln official extent he was not corroborated.

   With these points in hand she requested her parents not to advance forward for a final settlement of marriage. She said 'look before you leap. ' Her conservative parents didn't move an inch. She talked to infuriated Aabhat to come to her rescue.

   He said," I will kill him . It is the easiest way. "

   She said ,"No, it's a foolish step. we wiio marry in the judicial court . "

   Aabhat was on his way to  Coimbatore . When Karthikeyan's trustworthy men had a hawk's eye on Aabhat  ,he couldn't advance . They checked his movement . He was carried of to a hermitage. Delaying in his arrival added Aadalarasi's suspiciousness. She thought  there is something abnormal. She spied what was the matter behind it. very soon he tracked it. She spied and everything was crystal clear to her . Karthikeyan's secret agents monitored Aabhat's activities and on the way to Aadalarasi they kidnapped him. . He was sent to a concealment with all the facilities available.

  Karthikeyan did everything to facilitate marriage as Aadalarasi 's parents were in favour of it 

   Aadalarasi couldn't do anything but to surrender.   She tried her best to renovate his plan. But it was too late. Before she chalked out the ultimate  her parents cropped up . She puffed dejectedly and returned home with her parents to participate in the nuptial system to advance.

   Aabhat in the cloister knew the plotmaker is Karthikeyan. He was not such a fool to be easily subdued. His emotional role hacked the securities and he fled away. But it was hustled.  The marriage was in progress. Withot delay he put on the suicide bomber out fit and sheltered under e tree in the guise of a beggar. He didn't have to wait long when the procession neared him. He squealed,when he noticed Aadalarasi in bride's outfit. He unbuttoned the bomber jacket and pounced upon the decorated cab In a lightening -quick, the bomb blasted .   People only heard the clash. The next moment who were in sense contemplated the blazing . How much time is needed for a destruction than construction! The people near by the road side settlement helped in extinguishing the fire. Aabhat and Aadalarasi died on the way to hospital . Karthikeyan survived maim and amnesia.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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