Anu Tudu

Comedy Drama Romance


Anu Tudu

Comedy Drama Romance

It's Not The End

It's Not The End

6 mins

(Phone rings)

"Hello...Roy (crying), I don't feel good pls come over..."

"Sorry... I guess it's wrong no."

"isn't this Roy ?"

"Nope, it's Chloe."

(hung up)

I don't know who he was but it seemed he was really messed up. So, I thought I should give him a call.

" Hey... Its Chloe the wrong number. "

" But... I apologized"

"yeah... It is not that.... I guess you need someone to talk you seem miserable."

"yeah... Kind of..."

"you can talk to me if you want to... I'm a good listener."(smiling) 

"Are u sure.."


"I don't feel good, it seems I lost everything, I don't find any reason for this life. I'm too depressed, I can't think properly I just wanted to talk to someone about this."

"don't give up hope, if you have lost something you will gain it again.. But if you lose a life. No one can buy you another one. I know it may be hard for you, but trust me ending life is not an option."

"I know, but the pain is unbeatable...."

"it's not if you want to. So don't give up... Wait for the best day when you will be standing with your achievements in your hand and thanking yourself that you didn't give up hope. And of course, also thanking me.

" (smiled) maybe. Okay, I would think about it." (hung up)

That whole night I was tensed, thinking about him of not doing any stupidity

The next night it was 9 past 10, my phone rang it was the same person.


"wow... You are alive"

"(smiling) thanks to you, I thought about whatever you said."

" told you... Quitting life is not the option"


 "by the way, I didn't know your name."

"it's Noah" 

"Hello Noah it's Chloe" 


And this is how we started to share our days, nights by talking. We came close, I never thought that deep inside he is such a fun person. No clue how he ended like that. And, also he never mentioned it. But, there was not a single day when we didn't talk. We didn't realize that it was 6 months from the day we started talking. Then the night came when we both decided to meet. 

"I think we should meet now, what you say about it." 

"Noah, I wanted to ask you the same." 

"Leave it to me, I want it to be special, coz... You have become a special part of my life now." 

" you too..." 

"I'll text you the address, the only thing you have to do is, you have to come to Sikkim." 

"I will..." (blushed) 

There was silence, but we both knew what that silence meant. We both were in love. 

 Next, I was in Sikkim, I was excited to meet him, I couldn't call him as my battery was dead, so I checked in and got freshen up, charged my cell phone and left to meet Noah. But, sometimes thing doesn't go as we plan. There was traffic... People were fighting for something and suddenly there was gun firing, the next I could remember, I was driving fast to escape those firing but unfortunately my car fell down.


When I woke up, I saw myself in a small room or it was a hut. I could barely speak anything. A lady was standing beside me to get up. I asked her where am I? What she told me, I couldn't even believe. I was unconscious for 2 months. She told me that I hurt my head badly and due to this, I was unconscious for this long. 


Suddenly, I remembered that I was going to meet Noah, I wanted to call him to tell why I couldn't make it to him. But, I lost my cellphone, I was impatient I just wanted to hug him. It took me 2 weeks to get better. And, the first thing I did was to find Noah. 

I found him, I didn't know that he belonged to such a prestigious family. I went to his house, but the guard didn't let me go inside, he called someone. I saw one lady approaching towards us, she was Noah's mother. I told her who I am, she seemed surprised, but I didn't care, I just wanted to see Noah, so I asked for him. Instead of taking me to Noah, she told me to leave because Noah is engaged with someone now. He thinks you did it on purpose and that's why he never wants to see you again. I told her what happened, but she told me not to tell Noah about this because he is happy now and the girl he is going to marry is his childhood friend. She will understand him better than anyone and she also belongs to our level. 

Her words were like sharp knife piercing every inch of my body. Out of nowhere, Noah entered the room, he was shocked and at the same time heartbroken. I could see a stream of questions in his eyes. I wanted to hug him and never to leave. But, his mother's word came rushing to my head and I stopped myself where I was. There was silence for a minute, then Noah asked me

"Chloe, what you doing here?" 

"I heard you are getting married." 

"yes. I am... Mom may I talk to her private." 

His mom left

"(grabbing shoulder) Chloe... Why are you here? Why didn't you showed up? I was waiting for you like an idiot." 

"I... I.. (heavy breathing) 

I wanted to tell him everything but I knew his mom was right, I don't deserve to be the part of his life. We both are different people. So I just replied 

"I'm sorry... "

And, I left his place crying. It was so hard to leave him I was fighting to breathe, my heart was so heavy I couldn't even cry. 

I remembered the place where we both planned to meet. I thought to go there for the last time and never to come here ever again. It was beautiful, I could feel his presence here. But, it is too late I lost him. I remembered the day, how we meet. 


As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard Noah's voice. He was standing behind me. I saw his wet eyes and relief to find me. 


He hugged me, 

" Why didn't you tell me, what happened. Thank God you are safe. I can't even imagine, I almost lost you. I searched everywhere, but then I thought you never loved me. "

" (crying) Noah. I always loved you. I can't even imagine my life without you."

"mom told me everything that happened to you."

"But..she told me not to tell you anything." 

"When I told her how I met you, she realized her fault." 

"I missed you, Noah." 

"I missed you too Chloe, you can't even imagine how hard it was for me to imagine my life without you. I love you Chloe." 

"I love you, Noah." 

We kissed..... We were so close and I never want this love to end. 

    3 years later


Today is a big day for Noah. All are busy with his business success party. But, I also have planned a surprise for him. Only waiting for him to come. 

" Chloe... How much time you will take to get ready." 

"I'm all done... But can you please look at that envelope, it's. For you I guess." 

"fine........ (reading)..... 

" what is it say?"

"(shocking) Chloe...... Are you serious!"

" (smiling) yes. I'm. "

" (hugging) Chloe..... I'm going to be a dad. "

" (crying) yes, we are going to be parents. "

"I love you, Chloe... This is the best gift you could ever have. (kissing)...... Thanking you Chloe for calling me back that day... Otherwise, I would have lost this happy moment of my life. "

" I love you, baby....." 

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