Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati

Drama Romance


Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati

Drama Romance

We meet

We meet

1 min

Have you ever thought.....

What happened to me

With these past years.

I am sorry. The situation compelled me to do so.........

Why Subankar why you left me

Hi this is SUMAN & this is SUBHANKAR 

We both are lovers & beloved.

But he left me alone 

We both are talking but suddenly a phone call came and he left me .

I have tried to make contact to him but I hot nothing...

Su:- why you left me ??have you ever thought about me

Sb:- I am sorry but the situation

Su:-what situation, is that is more important than me???

Sb:-yes that day,.....

A phone call from dad ...I got to know that he was been transferred to Mumbai. There my mother died..& After that, he had sent me abroad for studies but I still love you. After completing my studies, I came to search for you. I still love you

Su:-(Hugging) I love you Subhankar but.......

Sb:-but what baby.....

Su:-but it is too late .my parents had taken the decision to marry me with someone else...I love you, I can't live without you

Sb:- I will talk to your parents 

Su:-no they will not talk to you

Sb:- I will try my level best to convince them ........


Will they agree???

Will our love will be successful????

Will we will meet???

Will they will agree about our relation????

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