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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati

Drama Romance


Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati

Drama Romance

After 20 Years

After 20 Years

2 mins

After so many days we all are together on the school campus......

We all are  happy, we are enjoying our school, we are spending our times in our classroom starting from L.K.G to 10

We are enjoying but suddenly raj started crying in the classroom no 10 ..

Raj one of my friends who was working in the office of WIPRO. He was an intelligent and obedient student. He used to score good marks in every test. 

When I ask what happed raj why are you crying???

A answer from him astonished me 

He told that he used to love a girl from our class named Ruhi .

Ruhi she is also one of my friends. She is quite pretty . 

I told Raj hey you have not told it before.

Raj:- I have decided to told all of you but I have not told you. She told me that she will love me if I will be successful in my life. At last, I am successful in my life but she was not with me.

Suddenly a call came to Raj.


Yes Mr Raj Agarwal speaking 

Raj:-yes who is this?

Phne:- Hi sir this is Ruhi speaking from WIPRO, Mumbai . Here, sir, I have an urgent meeting with you is it fine to you. To meet you for the meeting.

Raj:-Ok but I am in my school. We all friends are all together in school .

Ruhi:- ok sir where is your school.

Raj:- powder chawk.

Ruhi:- what in powder chawk mean SIM ENG MEDIUM SCHOOL.

RAJ:-Yes but.. how do you know

Ruhi:- I was also studying there.

Raj:-oo which batch you are???

Ruhi:- two thousand.

Raj:-what????are you Ruhi Srivastab

Ruhi:-yes sir but how could you know me???

Raj:-Yar am Raj, Raj chasmis


Raj:- where are you 

Ruhi:-am in the office

Raj:-ok wait am coming


Raj:-Am coming friends plz wait

Hey raj where are you going ?????

Raj:-am coming just wait.

He moved to Ruhi's office. He was senior overall there. They meet and they came to school ...

We all are happy to see them both .....

They were happy.

Ok wait .........

The story is not completed yet ....



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