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Shruti Singh

Abstract Comedy Others


Shruti Singh

Abstract Comedy Others

My Superhero

My Superhero

5 mins

It was a peaceful evening. Me, mom, a cup of tea, and the sunset, we both were sitting on the terrace enjoying God's beautiful painting in the sky. Here, let me just tell you that gossiping with mom is a different level of mental therapy. From politics to COVID-19, we discussed almost everything, but the most beautiful topic discussed that day was about the Superhero of my life - ' My brother'.

People say that there is always a woman behind every successful man, well adding some words to this saying I will say that there is a man behind my success, who is older than me but always behave like the younger, he is my brother. The one who never expresses his love for me but can spend his life caring and loving me.

So if my life is a story, he is the director, producer and the actor, this story started eighteen years back, when I was born, it was a chilled winter morning of November 24, 2001, my brother was at home with my grandparents and mom called him in the hospital, he came and looked at me twice with those small, round, shiny and innocent eyes.

" She is your sister!", Mom said with a wide smile

"My sister?", With curiosity

"Yes, Now you have to take care of her because she is your younger sister", mom tried to solve the mystery to him.

Months passed and we both grow older, now mom has to do all the household, but than how she will take care of me?

Well, the answer to this question is again my brother.

So my brother found a very innovative way to protect me from any injury, I lay down on the bed and my brother surrounded me with pillows,

Yes! You heard right, pillows, pillows on my Left, right, pillows above my head, pillows below my legs.

"Why pillows?" When I asked mom, she told me that my not so older brother thought that pillows will prevent me from falling down.

So now, if I have to go anywhere with anyone my brother was found with me holding a pillow and protecting me from everyone.

So when I asked my mom about the first Rakshabandhan we had together it was a chapter full of happiness, love, and laughter.

Imagine a seven years old boy having his first Rakshabandhan, Yes! What you felt, my brother felt the same that day, he Rome around in the society saying " Now, I will also celebrate Rakshabandhan with my sister, now I will play with her, we both will have so much fun."

Two kids dressed up in a pretty Indian attire, celebrating each other's presence but the only sad part about that day was that I don't remember it now, because I was just a nine-month-old kid.

From that Raksha Bandhan to this Raksha Bandhan, things have changed, he is not a boy but a man now, I now remember every Raksha Bandhan but the only thing that remained unchanged is the love he has for me.

The most lovely moment I remember with him is of November 2019, it was more than three days and the fever on my head was constant, I was having huge body pain and I was unable to walk without support, Doctor prescribed Dengue test and we both went for the test, reports were at 4:00 pm and I was sleeping, my mom was waiting and suddenly she heard the voice of my brother's bike, he came in and didn't say a word, went to his bedroom. Now my mom knew what it is, they both approached me and said " It is nothing, very small dengue infection." For me it was nothing but for my family, it was a huge thunderstorm.

" Two weeks are left for my exam, what I will do?",

'Eww, are you seriously worried about your exams, don't even think anything, don't worry, we are here' was what I felt in his eyes every time he put his hand on my head to check the fever.

For the first time in my life, I saw my brother cooking all by himself in the night at twelve because I was hungry.

As they say, time doesn't stay for anyone, so time passed, and today what all I can say is that from my childhood to my college life, from gifting me chocolate to gifting me scooty, everything changed but he remained constant.

I'm still a kid in my house, roaming here and there shouting and screaming and my brother is always there to make me realize that I'm safe even if I remain a kid for my whole life.

Whenever I'm in a Problem he understands it without me explaining it to him, no matter how hard the situation gets my brother is the most chilled person and he will always find a solution to my problem.

He is a great footballer and every time I look him in the white jersey I'm the proudest person, no one can predict the future but believe me, I'm looking forward to a handsome boy turning to be the great footballer of the world. 

We don't have many pictures together but that is the proof of how strong our bond is,

Every time I fall, I look into his eyes and find him saying," don't worry, I'm here always."

In this hard world, I can still look up to my brother asking him to protect me with those pillows.

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