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True Love

True Love

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Every incident which takes place in our life changes our view of analyzing things. It often changes the opinion which we have cultivated for a long time. Such a thing is the pure mother's love. Irrespective of whatever race, all the living beings who experience motherhood always try to protect their children and provide the best to them.

From my childhood, I have heard and even saw how selfless a mother loves her child. But many situations which I had witnessed proved me that even the animals and birds try their best to save their children. A fine morning I got up even before the sun rises with sleepy eyes to prepare for the last exam. After lazing around for some time at last I finally took my book to read. Time went on and the fine morning sun rays hit me through the window of the room, unconsciously my gaze went through the window towards the morning sun with some excitement and anxiousness caused by the exams but to my surprise, I saw a minute swing like thing made of dust hanging on the window.

The first thing which came into my mind is that it might be some dust caused by the wind overnight. I even thought of cleaning it due to my obsession with cleanliness. When I was lost in my thoughts I suddenly heard the chirping of a bird which is the size of my thumb whose body is in the color of half yellow and half black. To my surprise, it was holding some dry grass in its beak and adding them to dust on the window. Then I realized the so-called dust which I thought of cleaning up is nothing but the tremendous effort of a small bird to build its nest. I am glad that I realized this fact soon before executing my planning of removing it.

The little bird kept on bringing the grass and started building its nest. I was so excited that I woke my sister who is sleeping soundly and my mom who is preparing food to share my excitement. When we were observing how the bird was building its nest, my alarm rang which reminded me its the time to get ready for the exam. Reluctantly I moved my sight from the bird and went for attending my last exam with a good mood. While going, I reminded my mom and sister not to disturb the bird. After finishing my exam and returning home I found that the bird almost completed building its nest.

Out of curiosity, I went near the nest and immediately after seeing the nest it resembled a minute baby stroller with no wheels. The inside layout was very soft and the hook of the nest to the window is also very thick. My and I sister thought of giving a name to the bird. After so much thought we decided to name it as "Sclary". The next day Sclary started living in the nest. It was the summer vacation so the most important work for us every day is to observe Sclary. It used to come to nest very rarely during the daytime and to sleep at nights. But, suddenly one day it stopped going out of the nest. Except for the time to fetch food it almost remained rooted in the nest.

We felt something was wrong and one day we took the decision to find the reason behind it. My sister and I waited for a long time and after Sclary left the nest went towards it. The next thing we saw was two eggs in the size of the marbles in marble solitaire game. When we were immersed in excitement we heard the bird chirping. We turned around to find it was Sclary who was afraid of us. We came back to the room happily.

For the next few days, Sclary didn't leave the nest. Suddenly one night there was heavy rain with strong wind. Even though the nest won't get drenched due to rain but I was afraid whether it will fall due to the strong wind. The first thing I did after waking up next morning is to go towards Sclary's home with the hope that everything will be fine and my anxious heart settled when I saw the nest hanging tight on the window. One day I saw it bringing some food to the nest and putting it inside the nest with its beak. Suddenly I saw a small beak popping out of the nest. I was happy beyond words when I realized that two small birds are born. Taking the time when Sclary was not around we went near the nest and saw there were two babies which are even smaller than Sclary. Everyday Sclary brought food and fed the babies through its beak. The two baby birds used to quarrel among themselves for food. This went on for some time.

One day while I was immersed in watching my favorite drama I heard Sclary shouting very loudly and there was also the sound of a crow. I went out immediately and was successful to drive the crow away. From that day on-wards sclary was less vigilant of me may be due to gratitude. Then one day one of the baby bird fell from its nest. I thought of picking it up and went towards but to my surprise Sclary saw the baby bird instead of helping the baby it started teaching the baby to fly on its own. The whole process was very beautiful to see. At last, Sclary taught the babies to fly. One fine morning the babies flew from the nest.

To my surprise not only the birds even Sclary also left the nest. I waited for the next few days for Sclary but to my despair, she didn't return.

Whenever I sit in the room my gaze will unconsciously move towards the nest hanging on the window. Without realizing it sclary has become a part of my daily life. After some days the Sclary's home fell down due to wind. Even though the house and its owner are no longer there but the memories are very wonderful to reminisce. Because of Sclary in my life I came to One realization that every living being tries to protect and love their children with all they have and the most important part is If loving a person truly means expecting nothing in return and finding our happiness in their happiness then: The true love a living being experiences is the mother's love which is unconditional, selfless and never expects anything in return.

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