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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

umme salma



umme salma


Lockdown Day 2

Lockdown Day 2

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Dear diary,

Today is day-2 of quarantine. Mrs.bhat met me in the afternoon 2 pm at the balcony. I asked her did she had lunch? She said," yes. I had with my kids and Atul is having alone in the guest house. He has isolated himself."

With a voice blended with pain and loneliness she narrated me what happened yesterday.

"Tamanna, Once the police went, Bunty started unwrapping Pinky's gifts. Bunty was surprised to see so many gifts & eatables."

Bunty: Pinky come here, look police uncle has brought your favourite little hearts for you.

(Pinky runs to the living room and grabs little heart packet from her brother)

Mr Bhat: Ananya please make some ginger tea, I need it badly. I will have it after the shower.

Mrs.Bhat: Ok.

Ananya makes ginger tea and calls her husband but he doesn't reply. She searches him everywhere, in the living room, dining, bathroom. But she couldn't find him. She calls him, the ring goes unanswered. In a tense voice she enquiries her son

Mrs.Bhat: Bunty where is your dad? Did you see him?

Bunty: Mom I saw him going to the guest room.

Taking a sigh of relief, she takes the cup of tea to the guest room on the third floor.

Mrs Bhat: Your tea is ready honey. Why did you come here?

Mr.Bhat: Stay back sweetheart. And keep the tea on the table n go.

Mrs.Bhat: But why?

Mr.Bhat: I just washed my clothes in hot water. I still need to clean this room and take a hot shower. Till then U please don't come inside. U see I was treating a lady who is suspected to be covid19 positive. I hope she is not. So please maintain a distance from me. And also don't allow Pinky to come near to me.

Mrs.Bhat: But you might have worn the mask, gloves, and apron right? Then what's the issue?

Mr Bhat: Yes I did. I even wore the safety suit, sanitized my hands after the treatment but still, I don't want to take any type of risk with my family.

See to it that my plate, cup, spoon n all culinary items are kept separate n not used by anyone.

I will wash all the items by myself.

Mrs Bhat: Oh Atul. What is this? Why did you go to the hospital? You are gynaecologist, not a physician. You need to be part of this.

Mr Bhat: Anu, I am a doctor I can't sit at home when my country needs me. Even though I am a gynec, We have also been taught of general treatment in my medical College. India is short of doctors, if all the other experts sit at the home, then there will be not enough doctors to treat the patient.

I can understand your concern. But think about the other families in need of doctors. Is it humane to be at home and forget the oath which I have taken while receiving the doctor's degree?

If I follow social distancing I can keep my family safe. Be strong it is just a matter of 20 more days.

With eyes filled with tears, Ananya keeps the teacup on the table n leaves the place without uttering a single word.

She comes to the kitchen, takes out glassware for her husband, with tears rolling over her cheeks she washes the taken utensils. Thinking about the next 20 days her heart comes to her mouth. The glass cup slips from her hand cutting her finger.

(Hearing to the sound bunty rushes to the kitchen )

Bunty: Mom what happened, what's the sound? Why are you crying oh my god you have cut your finger. Blood is oozing mom. Let me give you 1st aid.

(Giving her the 1st aid bunty says)

Bunty: Mom I will call dad.

Mrs.Bhat: No bunty. Your dad is in self-quarantine. He won't mingle with us.

(Little Pinky comes with 2 little hearts biscuits in her hand one for her mom and one for her super doc dad. Listening to their conversation she enquires)

Pinky: What is quackquantine? Why is dad in quackquantine?

Bunty: It is not quackquantine. It is QUARANTINE. Which means maintaining social distancing from everyone.

Pinky: No. It's only outside the home. Not inside. I want to go to my dad.

(Runs to her father screaming Daddy Daddy)

Pinky jumps upstairs skipping alternative steps. Brother n mother run after her. She knocks the glass door which was locked from inside. Dr Bhat comes out of the bathroom after taking a hot bath. He sees her little doctor screaming his name n calling him out. Dr Bhat realised the heat of the moment, he opened the windows and started talking to little Pinky.

Dr Bhat: Pinky loves to play in the guest room with her cute doll, she doesn't want to break the glass door does she?

(Pinky stops beating the door)

Pinky: Dad bro is telling that you are under self quackquantine and mom said you won't come outside. Is it true? Won't you play with Pinky and her doll? What is this quackquantine dad? Why have you locked inside the room? Cried Pinky.

Mr Bhat: it is not quackquantine it is QUA-RAN-TINE. It means not touching anyone. Yes, I m under self-quarantine so that corona monster doesn't attack Pinky.

Bunty: But Dad corona infects majority the elderly persons know dad?

Mr Bhat: No bunty, anyone can be infected by Corona, there are no age criteria. However elderly people are more prone to it because they have less immunity.

Looking at his curious daughter he continues, "Pinky do you know this monster can attack when any infected person by sneezes, coughs or touches other people. This monster can stay in the air up to 2 hrs and can run up to 6mts when one sneezes it is very dangerous. And Daddy doesn't want to take the risk with Pinky and her doll.

Pinky: But you are a doctor, not patient dad. You are a superhero who fights with corona.

Dr Bhat: yes Sweety. I fight with Corona. But this Corona is very bad it wants to frighten Pinky's doll, as papa had been in the hospital for more than 3 days treating many people, the monster might have come with dad in disguise, so dad wants to find out the hidden monster and kill it.

Pinky: How will you kill it, dad?

Dr Bhat: By locking it in this room for 24 hours & staying away from all of you. It can hide in any of my things, in my clothes, my stethoscope, my shoes, my pen, my body anywhere. I took a hot bath with Dettol so it can't be there on my body but if I stay away from you and if you all don't touch any of my things, the monster will die because of starvation.

Pinky: Then after 24 hours you are ready to play with me know dad?

Dr Bhat: Yes. If you promise me one thing. You won't touch dad and dad's things for any reasons? Promise?

(Happy Pinky promises her dad with her sweet and innocent smile)

Pinky: Promise Omni promise.

Pinky gets down smilingly holding his brother's hand. While Mrs. & Mr.Bhat stare at each other.

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