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Drama Romance


umme salma

Drama Romance



6 mins

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you a short love story which was knitted during the lockdown, accepted when closed and cherished forever.


When states announced sudden lockdown, all were forced to stay back in their last positions. Manpreet aka Mannie got lost in Bollywood Town a famous place in states where all Hind speaking Indians reside. And the specialty of this place is none of the residents speak English. They know only hindi. Our Lucky Mandy loves to learn Hindi so every Sunday he visits BTown to learn live Hindi from his best friend Ishmeet. As usual he visited to Ishmeet but Ishmeet the medical officer at galaxy wasn't there. Ishmeet called Mannie and said" Buddy I am quarantined in factory. Myself and my shiftmates have been informed to stay in the factory for next 15 days as they needed the malarial drug and sanitizers to be produced in bulk. Brunzee is with house number 6 granny, my house key is also with her. You stay safe. The entire state is locked. Take care. See ya."

But when he went to house number 6 he saw Brunzee the Golden Shepered tied to the gate and a notepad left near the door, with a pen over it in hindi. " Ishmeet puttara, Soni bhabhi ko delivery k liye hospital lejana hai, Brunzee Ko uska khaana khiladiya. Main shamtak aajvenge. Thodi si thand paale puttara." He sent the image to Ishmeet and he translated to him that the neigho at house number 6 have taken their daughter in law for delivery and aunty will be back by evening. Brunzee has been given his food. He also texted "By next 2 hrs social media will be blocked all ATMs will be closed you order some pizzas and burgers and some fruits. "

Mannie: Ok. Par main to yahan struck Gaya puttara.

Ishmeet: Struck Gaya nahi, phas Gaya. 🙂😁 Koi nahi rab Rakha. God is there.

All the best. 

Mannie went to his car, opened his tool box and tried all possible ways to open the door lock. But attempts were in vain. He felt if he had got a hairpin it would be of great help. But how to ask he doesn't know Hindi and people over there hardly speak English. Then his eyes went over the pen and notepad. He wrote a letter in English and it's a translation in his broken Hindi.

" I am house 7 friend. I need help. I don't have housekey can you please give a hairpin so that I can get in..."

Main aapke Saath ka dost. Mainu tera haath chahiyy. Raat ghar pe guzar ni hai, ek pinna dengi...

By the time he was about to knock the 1st house (house no.8) police van came announcing. All the residents are informed to stay inside the house and maintain social distancing. People if found outside will be charged $1000 and will be sentenced to jail.

Every body went inside and locked their houses.

With no other option left he rolled the paper and tied to brunzees neck with his earphones.

Mannie: Brunzee ja beta jakar kahise help lekar aa.

Brunzee went to 1st house, the owner saw Brunzee gave her some biscuits and shut the door. Brunzee had the biscuits and went next door. The next 2 house people didn't open the door. The lady of 11th house read the message tied to Brunzee after reading the hindi message she started scolding him in hindi whose English translation is as follows " You scoundrel, you ask me to sleep with you, I will kill you, I will call the police, I will put you in jail. I will cut your dick. Listening to her all people came out, her neighbour atbhoise 12 also supported her she  tried police but luckily it didn't connect. Poor Mannie frightened hided himself behind the Brunzees kennel. Then a young and beautiful girl came outside her garden asked what's the matter? She was Manpreet teacher at the army school. The lady at 11 explained all the matter. "Pass me the letter" said Manpreet.

She read the letter and started laughing. Lady next door, "Are you made, our blood is boiling here and you are laughing?"

Lady of house 11: " Sister you call the police. This type of romeos should be taught nice lesson."

Manpreet trying to control her laughter continues "Oh! Beheno (sisters) wait. He is not Romeo. He is English medium pass, Hindi medium fail candidate. He just want a hairpin to open the door. He doesn't have key with him. He has written correctly in English that he want hairpin. But I think his Hindi is poor thus this missunderrstanding happened.

" Yes my sister-in-laws, I just want Bob pin. (Han Ji bhabhi ji Hair pin, hair pin ji bobby walie.)" Shouted Mannie by showing his filed hands. 

The entire street burst with laughter.

Manpreet kept some hairpins of different shapes and sizes along with few safety pins

tied in a kerchief and kept in Brunzee's mouth.

With a reply correcting the hindi message and a note in English mentioning " Here are some pins for you hope the door will open.


House. No 13"

Brunzee comes running to Mannie. Mannie tries with Bob pin and in the first attempt itself the door got opened. He screame thankyou tera(13) and rushed inside. He went to the lu and unloaded himself. Some1 knocked the doorbell. It was delivery boy. He brought 6 pizzas and fruit boxes.

 Mannie requested the delivery boy, " Can you plz handover 1 burger to house no.13. " He wrote big thank you on the box with a smilie.

The delivery boy handover the Paneer burger to Manpreet and leaves. Next day with the help of Brunzee Mannie sends one more pizza box along with letter "last pizza left so want to share half with you.


House no. 7" to Manpreet.

Manpreet opens the pizza box it was her favorite garden fresh thin crust pizza. She sent a thank-you note along with a dairy milk chocolate with Brunzee. The letter had her fingerprints imprinted with masala.

This exchange of letters and gifts continued till 20 days. On the 21st day Mannie send a letter written in red ink but this time in Hindi, not broken but correct Hindi mentioning her name for the first time. The letter was something like this "Manpreet, how these 21 days lockdown passed I don't know. I still remember the first day when you helped me with hairpin, second day I shared half thin crust pizza and you shared your half chocolate. Third day my Apple your orange. Fourth day my frooty your lassi. Fifth day my single remained fruit (Crown date) and you sent me chooley bature. And from 6th day till 20th day I used to send only tic-tac that was the only thing I had with me. And you used to send me food every day. On thud 21st day of lockdown I would like to give you something special. Will you accept it? I want to gift you myself. Will you like to share my life with you as you shared your chocolate and food. I am looking forward to have my 3 times meals served by you. Will you be my Annapurneshwari

Waiting for 713


Manpreet replies, " I gave you my heart when you shared half of thin crust pizza and the last piece of date. I love to spend my whole sharing all my things with you. I am with you.

Main hoon 137


The lockdown ended with the beginning of a love story and the immediate next day Manmeet and Manpreet had a court marriage. One year later they had a son and they named him PreM and with love they called him Brunzee. Because it was Brunzee who played a vital role in uniting them.

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