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Dear Diary,

Today's short story is a story of the love of fellow beings, the story of compassion, the story of humanity and the story of duty.

Her name was Daya Malik, as her name she indeed was compassionate. Daya visited Bhrumbai after 10years. She went to the US when she had just entered her teenage. Now she is a successful lady who recently won Successful business women of the year award. She runs the business of designer bags. She visited Avnivii to greet the team behind her success, her workers at Avnivi. She wanted to arrange a gratitude party for them. But due to lockdown, all plans flopped. It was the 10th day of lockdown when 1st instance of COVID 19 was reported. Then the next day it doubled and today on the 20th day of the lockdown the count reached 60. "Look at the count Anand, it's increasing day by day and government is least worried about them. Why? In cities they are taking so many measures, then why not here? Why because it is a slum? We should do something." Said Daya to her manager and family friend.

"But, what can we do? Donate money, we have already contributed to PradhaniFund. If you say I will donate some more to Mukhyamantri Fund. Apart from donating money, we can't do anything else." Said Anand.

"No, I don't believe in it now. I don't think it will reach them. I have a plan." She whispered something secretly in his ears.

" But it's wrong, if we are caught it will be a great problem." Said Anand hesitantly.

"Nothing will happen. You do as I say." Said confident Daya.

Meanwhile, she took out all the cash available in her house. She called her to cook to make khichdi for 1000 people. She called her maid Raheeman Bi to bring the fruits from the market. As many as possible. She called some 1 to meet her after 2 hrs sharp at 1pm at her house.

Within an hour khichdi and fruit packets were ready and kept in her Goods transport van. Borrowed by Uncle Stephen a fruit merchant.

"Raheeman bi you go" (Daya winked at her maid)

(She ran to the circle and started calling help, help, somebody plz help. 

2 constables who were there at patrolling ran to her and enquired)

"What happened why did you come outside, & why are you screaming?"

Raheeman: My mem sab she is pregnant, she needs to go to the hospital immediately, if not she will die, plz take us to hospital. Said Raheeman screaming n crying.

"Call an ambulance," said one constable.

We called, they are saying no ambulance is available if you don't agree to see I will dial in front of you. She dialed 1098 and gave it to the constable.

The rude voice on other said, " How many times I should say there is no ambulance available. You come here in your own vehicle."

(He hangs up the call) it was actually Anand on the other side. Raheeman bi saved Anand's number as 1098.

Constable 1: What to do now? We don't have a police Jeep. Our inspector just went for patrolling in it.

Constable 2: if they have their own vehicle then we will give them the pass.

" Does your madam has her own vehicle?" Asked the head constable.

"Yes, we have our old transport van." Said Raheeman softly.

" Ok then take this pass and go and get your mem to sab immediately to the hospital."

Thanking the constables, Raheeman runs towards the house, the Constable tell her to stop.

" A girl, what's your owner name, give me the address and vehicle number."

(Raheeman gets tensed and in a hurry gives all the correct information and runs.)

She runs to Daya and handovers the pass to her. Daya disguised as a pregnant woman along with Anand, Raheeman Bi and her personal Gunman dressed as a police constable who came exactly at 1 pm as per her order boarded the van. All four head towards Avnivii. Anand drives the car.

On the way to Avnivi, traffic police stop them and questions,

"Where are you going?"

" We are going to Avnivi, we are coming from the hospital, this is my wife, she is pregnant. She had sudden pain. We went to the hospital. We have to pass with us. If you want U can confirm with the constable. We have permission. If you want you can ask him." Said Anand.

Looking at the Constable seating in the front and the original in the hands of the driver,

He says, " Ok, ok. Go."

Exactly at 1.50 pm, they reach Avnivi. After reaching Avnivi. The Gunman turned constable announces in mic, " This is Avnivi police, we are here to help you. Now I want all of you to listen carefully, I will call the house no one person from that house should come and collect, food and fruits. I have made 3 circles for collecting the same. Each representative should stand in each of the circles and collect the respective packets. If more than one person comes then. We will go back. Don't rush. We will distribute the food packets to all 100 houses. I repeat. Don't come outside until I call you. If you come outside we will make lathi-charge.

He called the house numbers one by one representative from each house came and collected the food, fruits, and money from circles 1,2 and 3 respectively. Until one enters the house, the other wouldn't step out and won't step into the circle until the house number was called.

Exactly at 7 pm media came, it was their regular visiting time, to report the ongoings of Avnivii. The entire media was shocked to see police distributing food items and money.

Out of curiosity one of the Reporters from a famous news channel questioned the Constable who was next to her, " Constable sir, can you please tell me why police are distributing the items, we see food, fruit and money getting distributed. Can you shed some light on this?"

Constable: I m just following the orders, please don't disturb.

She goes to Anand who was wearing a mask. while maintaining safe distance she asks, Sir, I think you are in civil dress, at least can you say something on this noble deed. He said " No comments."

The adamant reporter with the intention of knowing the truth points the mic to Daya and Raheeman and says to the entire world, " Look Bharat, have a deep look on these ladies, I think they are lady police. See how they are doing their duty?

Madam, can you please say something.

Raheeman who has covered the entire face with her vale, coincidentally in brown plain saree, most likely to be mistaken as lady constable side downs the mic. While Daya who has covered her face with the N95 mask strictly says, " Please don't disturb, we have a lot of work to do. We are just doing our duty."

Constable called 99th house number. The representative from that house an old lady of 60+ years came to collect the items. Police wearing mask was watching her. She stood in the first circle, Anand gave her Khichdi packet. She stood in the second circle Lata gave her fruits. She went to the third circle Daya gave her 1000rs and said please take it Ameeran bi."

The old lady with her eyes rolling with tears replied "Thank you Daya. I know betijaan it's you. What did you think, if you hide behind mask, I can't identify you? I can identify you from your smile, from the smell, and from your soul. May Allah bless you. May all the bounties of this world and hereafter be with you. Allah blesses you." Daya and all other stood shocked meanwhile in a hurry before the old woman reached her house the Constable announced the last house number.

" Maaji how do you feel, police have come to help you in this difficult situation?"

The old lady in a trembling but strict voice replied, "Police, who police, it is not the police who is helping us, it is our Dayaa madam. She is an angel sent by God from the sky. From the US."

The reporter who came to know that it's Daya Malik from states she rushed to her. " Daya ma'am, Daya ma'am please tell us why did you do this? U and your team dressed as police, hiding from media but still doing the charity. ?"

With a humble tone, Daya replied, I just did my duty. And this is not charity, this is humanity. Through your news channel, I want to request the government to please take care of Avnivii they also belong to this country. I apologize for coming here in disguise. But I need to come. Dear PM and CM if I can reach them with my small team, you can too. Please reach them. At least make the basic things reach them. If you still feel I have violated the rules intentionally, I will appear to court after the lockdown. Folding her hands she apologizes and bids goodbye.

The next day in the newspaper the entire media stands by her and praises her effort, and fires on the government actions.

Next day CM and PM thank her on Twitter and immediately a troop of volunteers reaches Avnivii to donate the necessary items.

Anand at his house says proudly to Daya, " Daya finally you did it."

Daya smiling at him said, "It's just doing my duty."

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