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Jeffin Johnson



Jeffin Johnson


Mummaa...!! Why........?

Mummaa...!! Why........?

2 mins

The sun stood sparkling over the head;

But he had just risen from his bed;

Saying "Good morning mom" as always he said;

Being happy of seeing omelets along with bread.

He had one more holiday, from his nursery to enjoy;

And in his plea to accompany his mom outdoors, he succeeded to decoy.

He started to jump with overwhelming happiness and joy;

But his mother said, "Only if you behave like an obedient good boy."

Through the pavement they began their walk;

And about his nursery friends, he began to talk.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a group of people sleeping by the road;

"Mumma!, why don't these people sleep in their place of abode?..."

"Sweetheart, move on, I will answer you later."

A few men nearby were cutting his favorite apple tree;

"Mumma...!!, Why are they cutting that beautiful tree, when it gives those delicious fruits for free?!!.."

"Sweetheart, move on, I will answer you later."

They approached a hut which looked very peculiar;

A drunken man was scolding his wife holding a bottle of beer.

"Mumma....!!! Why is that uncle shouting at that aunty standing in fear?"

"Sweetheart, move on, I will answer you later."

They walked past a group of teenagers who were stoning and teasing a puppy;

"Mummaaaa...!! Why are they stoning my poor little Grumpy?!!"

"Sweetheart, move on, I will answer you later."

They decided to halt at a hotel nearby,

Where the site of a small kid cleaning his table made him petrify,

"Mummaaaa...!!! Why is he cleaning the table instead of wearing a school tie?"

"Sweetheart, I will answer you later."

He bent down to take a look of his aching toe,

And saw something which he desperately wanted to know,

"Mumma! Why is not that uncle giving the money from above the table but from below?"

"Sweetheart, finish your food, I will answer you later."

The sun was setting and the moon was taking over.

They reached home and the mosquitoes had begun to hover.

Tired of all the hustles of the day;

He ran toward his bed straightaway.

His mother came near him and said,

"Sweetheart, it's time to go to bed,

But before that erase all that you saw today from your head.

You won't understand anything about what you saw today,

But wherever you are, whether it be night or day,

Always aspire to help others in every way."

Nodding at his mother with an innocent smile;

He kissed his mom and heartily entered his dreamland exile.

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