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Nancy Gupta

Action Fantasy Inspirational

The Dichotomy!

The Dichotomy!

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A body was given to humans by the divine,

Instore within which is a heart supreme,

Each day we fight with our mind and the core,

Emotions are deep-rooted, fills your heart pure,

The mind on the other hand strategies each part,

For the reason is with which the world rotates really hard.

But the heart too shall be given its say!

For the feelings, vibes can never come to you in vain,

They themselves carry importance far unique and great.

Well sometimes, standing at the crossroads, 

You might have pondered,

That at the end it's always the winner of the reason,

But still, there is a ray of hope shining within our selves alone,

What might this time the heart might shine greater?

What might a change be just another step closer?

It might take your test hard,

Maybe it would also break you apart,

You might feel torn up to your core,

But think, what if you might be just one inch far?

Who knows what actually awaits the future,

But it's your decision which tells what you are!

This dichotomy of heart versus brain,

May never leave you in your way,

It might taunt you really hard,

But trust me it's just a matter of your one step towards,

Just penetrate deep into your self,

Into your own self might you get your answers concrete,

For these dichotomies,

Are just a part of newer discoveries!

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