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The Solitary Tree
© Deekshitha Alladi

Tragedy Inspirational

My leaves fall in vain, under this glassy sky; My body is inflicted with pain, The read more

1     896    44    8

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.6K    228    14

The flame of justice, For Nirbhaya was burned, In the passage of read more

1     803    125    15

Distressed Call To The Mother!
© Diksha Razdan

Children Stories Drama +1

She hugged him, kissed his read more

1     932    86    17

Dark Scenes Behind Success
© Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational +1

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a read more

3     7.7K    85    20

To My Guardian Angels..
© Readastic by Rozmeen

Children Stories Drama +1

Maa and Paa you're now away, I still love you and miss you each read more

2     1.9K    101    28

Never they realise there’s only one read more

2     1.1K    84    32

A city so torn, Swept up in scorn, Hatred spreading as wild fire, Engulfing read more

1     355    12    34

How Visible Are We ?
© Sheetal Singh

Inspirational Tragedy

The journey – where 'mistake' was a spitted word on her freedom, The journey – where read more

3     18.3K    343    35

Without her, her favourite sweet home looks like a piece of read more

1     6.5K    109    46

The Light
© Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational +1

1 second ago i saw the light, however no one was by my side, its fine, i'm read more

1     16.7K    146    55

Can't Leave My House
© Abhay Prashar

Drama Inspirational +1

Truly my heart was made of tin... As i threw all the memories in the bin, (an read more

1     20.9K    463    59

The women was old and left uncared And bent with chill of winter read more

1     1.3K    154    61

Mom I Loved You
© Navjot Rai

Crime Tragedy

It's late as I can feel my Mommy crawling into bed. I wonder why she's crying, as I read more

3     1.7K    101    63

When I am dead your tears will flow through emojis, But I won’t know. Cry with me read more

1     3.0K    84    67

Its a tribute to dog, a man's best read more

3     16.1K    361    73

She had Tears in her eyes, And held a Galaxy within her. She looks back to the dead read more

1     10.5K    155    74

Whether it’s day or night, hot or cold, summer or winter We have to guard their read more

1     2.2K    74    87

Living in this country has become one of the biggest fears, Men rolling down read more

1     828    46    92

These cruel pervert minds, Not a woman they read more

1     14.7K    121    94

© Albin Joy

Crime Tragedy

Gun was a toy, for this young teenage read more

1     519    70    96

Jobs many can be got, But the lost moments can never be read more

1     5.3K    80    104

Her only mistake was she was a girl, Who left her house in those sweet read more

2     282    41    121

© Aadya Shanker

Drama Tragedy

The poor lass thinks nothing and runs for her life For the curse behind, may even read more

3     320    53    138

© Nishtha Ganesh

Abstract Tragedy

I am an 80 year old woman,I am a 4 year old read more

1     736    16    142

They were tasting every bit of her read more

2     924    66    152

© Aradhya Sharma

Drama Tragedy

I pluck out Roses and I Keep them next To your gravestone, Hoping you come And read more

1     71    7    171

Story of an unborn read more

2     14.2K    54    174

Walking along the busy dusty lane, Through the yellow-headed leveled plane, read more

2     228    26    177

© nitin puri


Wrinkles telling the story of age Time stood still, from the last meal Tic- toc read more

1     16.1K    171    179