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Nancy Gupta

Fantasy Inspirational


Nancy Gupta

Fantasy Inspirational

Aspect Only One Or Many?

Aspect Only One Or Many?

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The darkness of night,

Tempts and simultaneously induce fear,

Its depthness carries a much deeper inertia,

The blend of how many colours un-seen,

The seen-black blows one's heart away!


We all have only two-eyes gifted by lord supreme,

We all are bestowed with

Powers same and simultaneously unique,

While only some could see within the darker rays,

While others just see its darkness hard!


All kinds of mis-deeds dwell within the realm of darkness too,

The obvious time for most robberies,

The most obvious for any more heinous crime too,

Well, some may be busy

Enjoying the pleasures of the susceptible body,

Others might be in search of the invincible soul!


The realm of nature,

Carry innumerous meanings and designs,

It teaches and also is a sight of pleasure supreme,

It could sooth your aching eyes,

Only a single sight,

It could make you feel miracles wide!

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