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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Ayushmati Sharma

Tragedy Fantasy Inspirational


Ayushmati Sharma

Tragedy Fantasy Inspirational

The Real Corona Battlers

The Real Corona Battlers

3 mins 35.7K 3 mins 35.7K

Will this road ever end?

Oh ! I can see forward

Countless miles and unexpected bends.

Coronavirus has put the globe to a halt,

But what is our fault?

Why would we walk over hundreds of kilometers?

We are not marathon runners,

We only ran for food and family,

To wipe their poor lips clammily,

What if it all will end so happily,

Will it happen really?

House owners evacuated,

It made us so constipated,

A hundred days outside

We all were acclimated.

We made our walk towards our hometown,

We all were already tumbled down,

We had no transportation,

No food or accommodation.

The rulers in developing countries

Like our nation

Left many like us alone in such situation,

Without any collaboration,

But we hope we'll soon found our own salvation.

The walk was so long,

But we kept our minds strong,

Unfortunately, hunger came along.

Hunger put us to faint,

The public watched us like a saint,

We were treated as quaint.

Hunger was bleeding,

Hunger was pleading,

Hunger was the only no one was needing.

The whole country stood silently

To witness our suffering,

But no one gave a helping hand for offering,

No option left with us without surrendering,

The whole world was slumbering,

And no one listened to our cries of suffering.

Many of us could not

Battle their hunger and thirst,

Our emotions too started to burst,

I thought to myself

Are we the only to live this life so-called worst?

The journey got tough,

Our foot became rough,

We felt the tiring walk was enough.

Tears poured in our heart,

The pandemic ripped the whole world apart,

People started ignoring us

Becoming selfish and smart.

The whole of mankind has slept,

We remained helpless and wept,

Nothing was left,

Everything swept,

But our hope was still well kept.

Fishes in the sea cry,

The wicked eaters put it to fry,

But our cries of hunger was buried,

Our face looked worried,

Towards our home, we were hurried.

Hunger tested us during this corona quake,

Unlike the whole world, we were still awake,

And struggling for our worthy sake,

Because we got the worst life we could make.

Corona turned a manhunt tiger,

Killed many of us with its the sharp tooth of hunger,

Our heart was filled with anger,

Hunger kept disturbing us longer,

But as always our ambition was stronger.

Media framed our deaths as suicide,

We had no place to reside,

No longer the hunger we could abide,

Railway track becomes our new home inside.

Our hunger and pains remained unheard,

Our tears and demands remained ignored,

Every single thought is broken by a tender word,

Are we really so absurd?

Still, we were running on an endless road,

Paid every penny still we were owed,

Feet are still burning,

Too carrying a lot of loads,

Living on hope,

Believing this will lead us to the end of the road.

One day their hunger stories will 

Create great leaders,

Unlike the rulers filled our society

With backstabbers,

To all living beings, they will feed someday,

To our future generations, it will

Become a seed someday.

This poem will raise voice 

For the voiceless in the globe,

For me, it's strong hope.

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