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A Letter To Future Generation

A Letter To Future Generation

4 mins

Dear future generations,

Just wanted to come along,

And tell you a story,

Look it may appear to be a fiction,

But I assure you it's a real story.

I do hope you can spare a few minutes of your life?

Because people in my time,

Were always busy,

Running all the time,

Day and night,

But, as you can see, we reached nowhere.

Please do listen to this one story,

Or else you will never know,

What it was like to call this Planet- "Home".

Once there was this beautiful blue planet called Earth,

Peaceful, majestic and full of glory,

The green trees streched far and wide,

Like the white snow and deep blue seas.

There were little creatures called birds,

Of all colours and sizes,

They flew high in the sky,

And every morning woke us up,

Singing beautiful songs.

This Planet was a gift to us,

It was just a divine beauty,

The air around us was not poisonous,

And every thing was in perfect harmony.

The elephants, giraffes, and all these animals,

They used to tread down the hills so peacefully,

And under the water there was this magical world,

And all it's creatures,

Were just heavenly.

I wish I could have made you see,

The billions of stars shinning in the night sky,

We used to sit on our terrace with our family,

And made wishes as shooting stars passed us by.

I wish I could have made you see the mountains,

So greatly high and out of our reach,

I wish you could've jumped into the flowing blue rivers,

And as it ran over your skin,

Believe artificial water could ever give you that bliss.

In mornings there used be a sunrise,

The rays penetrating through the cotton clouds,

As an orange glowing sun,

Softly kissed our skin,

The air that blew was cool and thin,

The rain that fell down,

Oh... we used to dance beneath,

And after the rain,

There was a rainbow...

But... wait.. you must have seen that too,

In that big television of yours,

And you must have heard the song of the forest,

In that big home theatre,

You must have felt cool wind on your skin,

And breathed in pure air too,

Through that air conditioning and purifier installed in your home.

Do they have a device to replicate auroras as well?

Dear future generations,

Look I am sorry,

But you've gotta deal with your environment yourself,

Because we are humans and we are selfish,

You know,

First there was my land and your land,

Then my area and your area,

Then my house and your house,

My religion and your religion,

My God and your God,

Then it slowly grew into us,

It's my family they are your family,

And now we've become just you and me,

So, You're the next generation,

You have to face it not me

Walls, walls and walls we love to make walls!

The chirps of the little birds,

Is quietly fading away,

Into never ending darkness,

Greenery is now like the beautiful dream,

That one longs to have,

But soon will be wiped out of the earth's face.

My son and daughter,

If you ever do get born,

Never ask me why we never tried to protect our planet,

Because there were more important things than life,

Like death, war and killings,

Oh we loved blood shed,

Especially if it was a child,

We were too busy to fight over religion at that time,

I waited for a day,

When people would learn,

To love every religion,

And let humanity make them one,

But in my time,

People loved to get offended.

In simple words my dear,

We never cared about you,

Because we were getting enough supplies,

And by the time the earth destroys,

We will be dead.

But we will soon realize how wrong we were,

Because the end is so near,

And we won't care until it reaches for us,

And then we will pray to God for mercy.

If you ever do write history,

Please refer to us as murderers.

We used to kill so many animals just to prove our power,

I don't know if you have any animals around you now,

Because in my time,

We were getting fascinated by the robot generation,

And we had so much money to look for a new planet to live in,

But nobody thought about protecting our earth,

Because we love to use things,

Until they go extinct.

We were doomed and so were you.

Our youth today is too busy to find the perfect selfie,

No one knows now what it's like to love,

Because now we search for love in online,

And use the other person just for fun.

We don't go out to restaurants anymore,

We have online food delivery,

We don't take a morning walk now,

and wish each other good morning,

We wake up inside our dark four walls,

And send wishes through our phones.

Children don't play in the park no more,

They have the virtual reality,

And as we sleep in this dream of technology,

They are extracting life out of earth with every passing second.

My son and daughter,

I am never giving you birth,

In this darkness of end.

Dear future generations,

The birds don't sing songs for us now,

They dread us,

The animals,

Fear our company,

The forests hate us,

And God regret us.

But even in this void,

There are men who have beating hearts,

Men who revive dead rivers and forests,

On barren pieces of lands,

But you don't know about them, do you?

I don't understand the depth of sleep in which you're sleeping,

Why can't you see the reality,

I don't know what your minds have been fed,

But you're the one who is falling into the end.

And if you still don't wake up now,

Tomorrow there will be bomb blasts waking you up,

Instead of the innocent chirping of the beautiful birds.

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