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My heart melted everyday talking to you, Daily there was a new thing I got addicted read more

2     2.6K    320    11

Looking through the window, I realized life is mysterious, After all, it fluctuated read more

1     20.8K    232    19

I Wish You Were A Poem
© Naman Karn

Classics Fantasy +1

Immortalizing you forever, defying the transient read more

1     14.8K    133    23

When I find the meaning of life in her, When I can call her to be all read more

1     14.6K    268    63

"“But who was he…?“ The world asked in awe, Cause this was the kind of love that read more

1     16.0K    215    71

O my beloved!! My love for you is so read more

1     958    77    92

© Ria Mukherjee

Fantasy Inspirational +1

In an atmosphere of nostalgia and stillness like a few frozen drops of wisdom and read more

1     15.2K    68    100

A lot is left unsaid, For I Never said, I know I read more

2     283    64    105

Don't just call her an artist for her Mighty canvas, Mrs.Complex does a lot more read more

1     13.9K    191    118

Sometimes I just choose not to write, Giving myself tears for another read more

1     261    65    119

Endless Love
© Anushila Jana

Abstract Romance

The stars play with arrows of fire, The waves play with the rock’s read more

1     409    54    141

And finally he left, with a hopeful heart, With magical memories, and a saccharine read more

2     14.7K    81    148

© Rashee Gupta

Drama Romance

I wished, While forcing the paints on my brush, To the walls in a rush, For read more

1     473    9    169

I missed the way how our lips used to seal. I missed the way, we used to make love read more

1     15.6K    93    172

2     315    28    188

I lost you somewhere between her fingers. I left you on the altar for someone read more

2     247    54    207

© Kshitij Kumar

Romance Tragedy

Darkened skies, rain-scented air I sit at the window and reminisce the read more

1     10.3K    52    249

© Shilpa Sanghamitra

Drama Romance

But my love would be enough to cure your pain when read more

1     212    50    252

I hear the Universe say, A day would come... For both of read more

1     390    57    267

Cause that's what it is, a tingling feeling, butterflies in the stomach all and read more

2     1.8K    45    273

To him, she was like… A full moon shining, Dominantly in the night read more

1     7.1K    35    285

© Ranya Prasad

Drama Romance

I can scream out my lungs for help, But I know there is no one, Beyond the read more

2     590    62    296

Somehow darkness occupies poetry, brighter than read more

1     14.1K    53    302

In summer time the fire of love burns. the stream of youth flows. never the read more

2     408    51    303

It was magical how they haven't changed over read more

2     214    39    308

© Muppidi Atchyutha

Romance Abstract

The poem shows the pain of a lover of heartbreak and shows that she can't live read more

1     392    14    310

Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, shun the locks and let read more

1     634    86    315

This poem shows the eternal read more

1     393    59    321

On that lonely night You left me along Shivering in the cold Thinking that it made read more

1     5.6K    55    323

(Adult content) Love happens with no reason, After five years she is with me, On read more

3     521    34    366