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Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Tragedy Others


Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Tragedy Others

Corona Impact

Corona Impact

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Excited to welcome the arrival of the twin year 2020

With a new joy, new hope,

New vigor and new expectation


But it all turned topsy turvy 

With the outbreak of ‘ Coronavirus’

With the scary cry of

 ‘Pandemic’ ‘Pandemic’ ‘Pandemic’

Making everyone panic and melancholic

Leaving the world in a state of tragic and titanic 

Started in China in the month of December 

And slowly spreading the deadly virus worldwide 

Increasing the feeling of fear in every mind

Shaking the whole of mankind 

Before the onset of the dawn 

 As the cock clucks and the cat mews 

In T.V channels and medias 

The coverage of COVID-19 cases

 Statewise and countrywide 

Were the ‘Breaking news’

Day by day death toll got multiplied

With the increased spread of the disease 

And accelerated its pace in different countries 

Bringing the state of the world economy to cease 

With the upsurge of this deadly virus 

The functioning of all offices and

All educational institutions became online 

And all business establishments offline 

All IT companies started the concept ‘WFH’

Whereas all police and health officials 

Became 24x7 key workers 

Gradually coronavirus turned into 

A war between virus and men

Fought not on the battlefield but at home

A war fought by the police, health officials

And social workers not by soldiers 

A war fought with handwash

 And sanitizers not with guns 

Covid-19 gave rise to an explosion 

Of new words and phrases

And broadened the 

The horizon of lexical innovation 

Corona brought a sea change in human ideas

By converting some schools stadiums and train compartments 

Overnight into COVID wards 

As ‘Lockdown’, ‘Quarantine’ ‘ Mask’ ‘ Handwash’

 ‘Sanitizers’ ‘Self –isolation’’ Social- distancing’ 

Were found as mostly used words 

Its advent connected people digitally more 

Than socially and personally 

It makes all parks, malls, roads 

Cinema halls restaurants tourist places 

Look dull and dreary 

And increased people’s misery


Oh! Lord 

When this pandemic will end?

Everywhere prayers are going on 

And everyone trying to become 

More spiritual than materialistic 

As you wish 

Please put an end to this corona pandemic 

And establish world peace ;

Bring sparkling smiles in all living beings

And make life as usual enthusiastic and fantastic

Make me that soothing ointment ;

Where there is an injury 

Make me that flame of hope; 

Where there is despair 

Make me that spark of light; 

Where there is darkness 

Make me that substitute of joy 

Where there is sadness.

Let's salute our police, health officials 

And other social workers as corona warriors 

And join with them in corona eradication 

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